Written for ComputerFreak101's contest. PuzzleShipping, in a vague, twisted sort of way.

It's PuzzleShipping that doesn't know it's PuzzleShipping. ;D

He has to love me, he has no choice, we're a part of the same soul. We're Black and White, Night and Day, Good and Bad. We have to be together. We don't go well with anyone else. Good and Night don't fit, so he can't have another. We're like puzzle pieces, they only go with the right one.

And I'm the one he fits into.

So why doesn't he love me? I know he doesn't, I can see it when he won't look at me. He thinks he can love another, that he can force the pieces of a puzzle to fit with the wrong ones. We'll see. I'll show him.

I'll make him see that we belong. That I'm the only one for him.


I think Yugi's paranoid. Except that Yuugi is Yuugi, and Yuugi never gets paranoid. So he must be hiding something.

And he's very good at keeping secrets.

I wonder what he's hiding? He has mad eyes lately, even worse than in the beginning of this madness. I don't like to look at them. So I just don't look at him. I hope he isn't angry about that. I can't tell him why I won't look at him, it'd hurt his feelings. He has enough problems as it is.

But as long as he knows I love him, I think he'll be okay.

And the clock on the white wall ticked on...