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(A.N: This is basically based on something that happened on the first day back in school. Oh how good form-time is for inspiring these random, daft fics of mine XD)

Blue Piranhas
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"Hey Yomi, what noise do piranha fish make?" Tomo's question caught Yomi completely off-guard. She supposed she should have been expecting the hyperactive girl to say something stupid (it came more naturally to Tomo than breathing did, apparently), but really…

"'What noise to piranha fish make'?" Yomi intoned, giving Tomo a look of complete exasperation. "Why on Earth are you interested in knowing that?"

"Because," Tomo grinned, then began rummaging around in her schoolbag. Yomi had and extremely hard time fighting the urge to roll her eyes.

"Next thing I know you're going to be telling me that there's a piranha in your schoolbag," Yomi sighed. She sat up sharply and stared at Tomo, worried. "You haven't gone and bought yourself a pet piranha, have you?"

Tomo wasn't listening, as usual. She simply continued looking through her bag, depositing its contents on her desk. As far as Yomi could see, Tomo had taken her obsession with manga to such a level that she was now taking about five of the things into school with her every day, but there was nothing there that was at all connected to piranhas.

Suddenly Tomo cried out. "Ah-HAH! I've found it!" She then started to wave something in front of Yomi's face, but it was moving so quickly that Yomi couldn't make out what on Earth it was. Then Tomo slowed down slightly, and Yomi had to use all her willpower not to fall backwards off her chair. Tomo was, for some odd reason, holding what looked like a small, blue, plastic toy in the shape of a fish in her hand. On closer inspection Yomi noticed that the fish had been made in such a way that it looked as though it had very sharp teeth.

"Tomo, why do you have a blue, plastic fish in your bag?" Yomi asked, sighing.

"It's my new pencil sharpener," Tomo replied, grinned. "Isn't it cool? I mean a pencil sharpener in the shape of a piranha!"

Yomi groaned; she should have expected something as stupid as this from Tomo, but even she couldn't have predicted what would happen next.

"Hey Yomiiiiiii!"

"What now?" Yomi groaned.

"What'd happen if you dyed piranhas blue?"

"Excuse me?" Yomi said, blinking, not entirely sure whether Tomo had just said what she thought she had.

"What would happen if you dyed piranhas blue?" Tomo repeated, very slowly and infuriatingly, as though Yomi was the stupid one and not her.

"Why in the name of all things Lupin-related would you need to know that?" Yomi groaned.

"Well you don't get naturally blue piranhas, do you?" Tomo replied. "And this thing's blue, so what'd happen if you tried to dye actual piranha fish blue?"

"Are you really as stupid as you're making yourself look right now?" Yomi drawled.

"Don't answer my questions with more questions!" Tomo whined. "Hey, do you reckon you'd get eaten if you went up to a bunch of piranhas and tried to dye them blue?"

"Tomo," Yomi sighed. "Shut up now or I'll shove that toy of yours down your throat."

"It's a pencil sharpener, not a toy," Tomo replied.

There was silence for a few minutes, and Yomi was beginning to hope that she might actually have some peace for a while that morning, then…

"So what noise do piranhas make?"