It was easy enough to get revenge Ginger decided. B was naive and trusted her sister to a fault. Not to mention the little bitch thought she was dead.

Ginger smiled grimly at the thought and remembered those few brief moments when even she had thought she was a goner. Down in that bedroom with her blood seeping out of her chest and Brigitte crying like a goddamn fool. You stabbed me, Ginger silently fumed. What the fuck did you think was going to happen? It turned out a knife to the hear didn't stop a werewolf. She had healed (almost), crawled out of that goddamn house, and had spent the last few months trying to avoid the cops and track down Brigitte.

She had even managed to track B down to some run down hotel but it didn't amount to much since B had disappeared from there without a hint of even being there. Except for one. A young man was in the hospital, suffering from an attack. A wild animal the newspapers had claimed. Yeah right. Way to go B, that's some cure of yours, Ginger thought bitterly. Ginger automatically assumed it was Brigitte who was the attacker and she wasn't surprised. Of course the monkshood didn't work, it had been Sam's suggestion. He got what he had coming, Ginger smirked as she thought of Sam's blood soaked corpse. No one got in between Ginger and her sister. Back to business, the red head told herself as she walked up to the front of the hospital.

As much as she thought revenge would be easy, it was proving to be quite the opposite. She had to find B if she was ever gonna repay the favor by driving a knife into her. It was this new boy and supposed 'animal' attack that brought Ginger to the hospital. Rumor had it he had survived and Ginger was right, he'd know all too well about Brigitte.

The young teenager walked up to the entrance desk of the hospital with a bright, almost mad, grin on her young face. "Hi there, I'm looking for Jeremy Finn's room please?" An older, heavy set woman gave Ginger a bored look and replied, "705 west" in a droning voice. It was probably the night shift that had this woman so sullen but Ginger's eyes narrowed as the teenager thought of all the horrible things she could do this woman right now. But you don't need that sort of attention, her common sense reminded her. Her hazel eyes swept down and took note of the woman's name (Gertude Heist) and noticed a pair of car keys on the desk with a parking permit tag on them. Out loud she simply replied, "Thanks", before heading to the elevator.

It wasn't a hard room to find but Ginger had to wait on the out-skirts of the hallway for Finn's crying mother to leave the room. Once the bitch stepped out for coffee or a cigarette, or whatever, Ginger slipped into the hospital room.

"Wow, you look like shit with a capital S".

Finn was awake which was surprising but worked great for Ginger's plan as she strolled up to the bed. He stared at her with brilliant blue eyes, a colour that was emphasized by his pale skin. Bandages were wrapped around his throat but apparently he could talk because his mouth started moving and a hoarse whisper came from his cracked lips.

"Who are you?"

Ginger dropped down on the edge of his bed, looking with fascination at the tubes going in and out of Jeremy's body. "Ginger Fitzgerald and man, you are way more messed then I was. I'm surprised you even survived. Brigitte must have wimped out".

"Brigitte...?" he croaked, showing recognition in his eyes.

So he knows her name, Ginger thought. Maybe this isn't a waste of time. She opened her mouth but Jeremy cut her off in strained whispers.

"Is she okay? The cops didn't believe me, said there wasn't another person attacked but she was there. Did it get her too?" He was trying to sit up now and was showing more strength in his body then his voice. Was this guy infected now, like Ginger?

Has to be, you don't get that many wounds without getting it, Ginger mused but she sat back now, looking thoughtful. She had assumed it was Brigitte who attacked this gonad but from what he was saying it sounded like there was another creature doing the attacking. Not Brigitte? But then who...oh fuck. No way. "I don't know", Ginger said honestly. "That's what I'm trying to find", she added the lie. Ginger hadn't exactly been interested in Brigitte's well being when she first came to the hospital. Pricks at guilt flared up at that realization but Ginger squashed them down. She left me! She betrayed me! Who gives a fuck if she's okay?

Ginger did but she'd never admit it.

Jeremy was staring at her, a look of serious concentration crossing his face. Did he see it?, Ginger suddenly wondered. Could he see the beast beneath the surface of this teenage girl, the beast that tore it's way out of her slender body once a month?

"Are you related to Brigitte?"

Ginger's eyebrows shot up. She hadn't expected him to make that connection since few people did. Aside from sharing the same colour eyes, there was very little physical signs that showed the sisters as being related. Ginger was tall, red-haired and wild. Brigitte was short, brunette and withdrawn. Total opposites in so many ways, yet their bonds went so deep.

"Maybe." Ginger scowled at the boy now. Just how well did he know Brigitte? It was one thing when Ginger thought he was B's victim but a sudden dirty crossed her mind. "Are you fucking her?" Ginger blurted out in a disgusted tone. Are you like Sam? Trying to get into my sister's pant? Oh god, you're all the same, aren't you? Thoughts of Jason and Sam came to mind, as did memories of what Ginger had done, or had tried to do, with each boy. Half of her disgust was for herself more then Brigitte and this loser.

Sounds outside the door distracted Ginger, her red hair slipping into her face as she tilted her head toward the door. There was no need to panic yet but Jeremy's family would be back soon and then how would Ginger continue her questioning? And what if the doctors discovered what Jeremy was? What Jeremy told them about her? Or Brigitte?

Kill him, the beast ordered but Ginger hesitated. The footsteps were coming closer. What do I do? Shit, shit... Ginger growled. She couldn't let him live...could she?