Why did Jeremy leave his comfortable hospital room for this? He could have fought against Ginger, enough to get the staff's attention at least but nooo, Jeremy had to be his usual agreeable, spineless self and meekly follow the crazy redhead's orders. It wasn't just that, he thought as he climbed into the car, once more following Ginger's command. There was something about the girl that made it hard for Jeremy not to listen even though this whole escape went against his natural, logical instincts. Why had he been so ready to follow a complete stranger who was obviously insane?

It was partly the infection that had spread through Jeremy's blood that could be blamed for this loss of reason. The infection that would soon turn him into a beast come the full moon was already altering the way he thought and the way Jeremy reacted. Though Ginger was a stranger there was unconscious part of Jeremy that recognized her as being the same as him and had made an immediate connection to the redhead. They were bond together in their shared curse, regardless if either of them acknowledged it.

Werewolves, like normal wolves were pack animals it seemed.

None of this occurred to Jeremy though. Instead he chalked his loss of common sense up to being in a hospital for too long. He had been restless and eager to get out. In a impulsive moment he decided Ginger was the best option. As the young man looked at the car's side mirror at the nurse crumpled on the ground, he was starting to regret this decision.

Ginger was demanding to know about her sister. Jeremy shook his head in disbelief. "You couldn't have asked me this back at the hospital?" That only caused more angry words to spill from Ginger's mouth.

"What are you, a fucking moron? What part of 'you're a werewolf' did you have trouble understanding back there?" Ginger was already speeding away from the hospital. "The doctors were going to find out what you are and then what? You'd be come some sort a freak show....if you didn't turn and kill the whole works of them first", she added. Not that any of this had really mattered to Ginger. It had crossed her mind but her motivations for taking Jeremy had been purely selfish. "Now, where did you last see Brigitte?"

"The motel", he answered bluntly. Jeremy still couldn't wrap his mind around this werewolf bullshit Ginger kept spouting off. "Look, I think you might need some help. Werewolves don't exist. What attacked me was....an overly large wolf. Maybe it was even a bear. I didn't really get a good look", he finished.

Ginger snorted, "It wasn't a fucking bear". A bear! That was the same shit Brigitte had said when Ginger had been attacked. Still, werewolf hadn't occurred to Ginger either at that time and it wasn't a thought she had eagerly embraced. In fact, Ginger had been pretty skeptical until she killed Norman and started growing her own tail. In that light it was bit easier for her to understand Jeremy's skepticism. "The motel huh? She wasn't there when I stopped by". Inwardly Ginger was cursing. So far Jeremy hadn't told her anything new. She glanced at the boy in the passenger seat. "So why the fuck were you at the motel anyway? Looking to get lucky?"

"No", Jeremy partially lied. It hadn't been the main reason but it had been in Jeremy's mind at the time. "I was bringing her the library books she wanted".

That made Ginger chuckle as she turned right. "Brigitte's got you well trained I see, bringing her books home and everything. Her last boyfriend wasn't so obedient."

"I wasn't bringing her books home, I–" Well, he kinda was Jeremy realized mid-sentence but he continued on anyway. "I was trying to help her out. She wanted the books but had too many fines. I decided to bend the rules".

"You daredevil, you", The redhead muttered sarcastically. "You do that for all the people who come to the library or just the ones you want to fuck?"

Jeremy said nothing, glaring out the window. After the moment he spoke. "She has a boyfriend?"

"Had", Ginger corrected. "He's dead". Of course Jeremy had to ask how and Ginger, holding nothing back, told him. "I killed him". A simple statement but a loaded one that made the atmosphere in the car even more tense. Jeremy knew he should have kept his mouth shut as Ginger was positively certifiable. Knowing this didn't stop him from asking his next question though.


"Because he was perv, because he came between Brigitte and me, because I wanted to, because I was hungry", Ginger rapidly listed off the reasons as she was talking an everyday, normal occurrence. "When you're like this shit like that kinda just happens. You'll get use to it".

"Like...this? You mean like, being a werewolf?" he said skeptically.

Ginger let out a frustrated groan. "Look, I get that you don't believe. Fuck, I didn't believe it when it happened to me but why would I lie about this? What could I possibly have to gain from telling you this?"

"Maybe you're just crazy", Jeremy said without thinking. It was never a good idea to call crazy people crazy but it had just slipped out.

"Even if I was, that doesn't change what you saw", she replied flatly as she took another turn. "Enough of this bullshit! You're going to find out the hard way that I'm telling the truth. Tell me more about you and Brigitte. What happened that night?"

Jeremy shifted uncomfortably in the seat. The events of that night had played out a number of times in his head. From the moment he found Brigitte shooting up in her room to the moment when he felt the beast sink its teeth into his neck. "I went to her room, she was getting high when I got there. I think she overdosed because she looked out of it so I tried to take her to the hospital and then that...thing...attacked me. That's all I remember".

Ginger listened silently as she navigated the road, putting distance between them and the hospital. Finally, she spoke. "Brigitte was getting high? Sam was a worse influence than I thought". Ginger knew it monkshood her sister had been putting into her veins. "She didn't try to save you?" Jeremy mutely shook his head side to side. "She must have ran the other way and must have gotten away. If B had gotten hurt she probably would have been at the same hospital as you. Since she wasn't though that means she got away and that she could be anywhere. Great, just fucking great".

Was she talking to Jeremy or just talking to herself? Jeremy suspected the later but he found himself responding to Ginger. "Maybe not. That doesn't really make sense, I mean, she could have gotten hurt. There are other hospitals around here you know. The one I was at was the biggest but there's the smaller hospital on the other side of town and the clinic outside of town. That's for palliative care, long term patients and–" Jeremy's eyes widened as the realization hit him. "And drug addicts", he finished. "If she got picked up she might have gone there".

"She's not a drug addict", Ginger said absentmindedly as she thought over what Jeremy had just said.

"She looked like one when I saw her", was his reply. Ginger glanced at him again. It had been a while since she had seen Brigitte, could her younger sister have really changed that much? No one would have ever called B a drug addict back in Bailey Downs. A freak, an outcast and a weirdo? Yes but a drug addict?

"Did she really look that bad?" Ginger asked, a trace of concern showing in her voice.

"Yeah, she really did".

"And you still wanted to fuck her?" Jeremy didn't answer so Ginger continued. "So how do I get to this clinic?"

"If I tell you, will you let me go?"

"Let you go? You could have jumped out of the car at any moment and I couldn't have stopped you. Why didn't you do that?"

"Um..." Jeremy gave her a look of disbelief. "Because I'm not insane and I'm not a huge fan of being in traction".

"What will you do when I let you go? Go back to the hospital or go back home to your mother until the full moon comes along and you rip into the first person that crosses your path?" Ginger shrugged and flipped the signal as she started to pull off to the side. "Well, if that's what you want. Happy hunting". She stopped the car and waited for Jeremy to get out.

He didn't move.

Jeremy didn't want to believe it, he really didn't want to but the fear that Ginger was right made him more inclined to believe. If she was telling him the truth and he turned into the same monster that attacked him, Jeremy would never forgive himself. So what do I do? he silently asked himself. Go with Ginger? It almost seemed like she wanted him to go with her or was Jeremy just imagining that? The best way to find out was to ask. "Why do you want me to come with you?"

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