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Chapter 1 - Chocolate

"Reno, for the love of… will you please stop it?" Elena said huffily.

"Stop what?" Reno replied, smirking.

"You know exactly what, you're tapping on the table, and it's annoying."

"I don't know what you're talkin' about…" Reno said happily, and went back to drumming on the desk in front of him.

"Why am I even sharing an office with you anyway? Is yours quarantined or something?"

"No… roof repairs."

"Roof repairs?"

"Well, I didn't know I could throw the EMR that high…"

"Right… well can you at least do some work?"


"Work, Reno."

"What's that?"

"Reno…?" Elena growled under her breath.

"Who?" Reno grinned.


Their argument was interrupted by Tseng sharply opening the office door. He looked livid and Reno quickly wiped the grin off his face.

"What is going on in here?" Tseng asked in a slightly defeated voice.

"Nothing…" Reno and Elena said simultaneously.

"Well, you two sort yourselves out, or one of you will go work with Rufus, and I don't care which one it is."

At that, he stepped out and closed the door, slightly too hard behind him.

"Your fault." Reno said bluntly reaching into his desk draw for something.

"Whatever Reno."
"Aww, I'm sorry 'Laney. Here, I got chocolate, you want some?"

Elena stared at Reno briefly, and then her gaze turned to the chocolate in Reno's hand.

"I'm alright, but thank you anyway." She said politely.

"Aww, why?" Reno asked stuffing a piece of chocolate in his mouth. "Are you on one of them diets again?"

"Why do you ask?" Elena said raising her eyebrows.

Reno swallowed his chocolate, "Well, you usually take some."
"Well… ok. Yes I am, as a matter of I am."

"Oh… you sure you don't want a little bit?"


"Is that a no you're not sure, or a no you don't want any?"
"Reno!" Elena said angrily.

"Sorry… is it the diet that makes you this stressy, or is that just PMS?"

"Reno…" Elena rolled her eyes.

"Sorry 'Lena. But seriously…"

"Dieting is hard, Reno." Elena said in a defeated voice.

"But how can it be? Especially as you don't go on diets, it's more like a healthy eating rampage." Reno rolled his eyes, these 'healthy eating rampages' usually spread through the whole of Shinra Inc.

"I'd like to see you try it, Reno. You wouldn't last one day."

"You wanna bet?" Reno said cockily.

"Yeah, I do…"

"How much…?"

"Ok, let's work this out properly, you eat nothing but health food for 2 weeks. If you cave in before that time is up, you have to… do all your paperwork, and mine for a month."


"And if you do it…"

"You have to come on a date with me." Reno said, smirking.

"Fine. You're on." Elena smiled to herself. Reno without junk food was like a fish without water… unthinkable.