Chapter 1

His family had never seen him use magic, and his aunt, knowing a bit about magic from Lily's early years, thought he might be a squib. However, when Harry Potter turned 11, a representative from Hogwarts still came to collect him. Instead of Hagrid being sent as was normal; this time it was McGonagall, and she had been delighted at being allowed to go and get him.

Having never seen him do anything abnormal, his aunt and uncle didn't have any reason to fear him; they didn't start abusing him like they had planned, and he never remembered being in the cupboard under the stairs for half a year. That was where they had kept him, however, his aunt had told his uncle her suspicions and they took him out, gave him the second bedroom, and took care of him. It didn't matter that his parents were freaks, Harry wasn't and that was good enough for them.

"Ah Harry, let's go and get your school things" said McGonagall a rare smile lighting her face.

"Are you professor McGonagall?" Asked Harry curiously.

"Yes, now tell your relatives you are going and we will be off" said McGonagall.

"Ok, Aunt Petunia I'm going now" shouted Harry.

"Ok, don't stay out too late" she yelled.

"I won't. I'll be home for supper" he yelled back as the Professor tried to lead him out the door.

"Lets be going then, we will be apparating to the Leaky Cauldron, and we will start from there" said McGonagall simply.

"Yes Professor" said Harry, following her.

"Hold tight" said McGonagall holding out her hand.

Taking it he found himself in the Leaky Cauldron, they made their way by, and out into a dark shady blocked off area. McGonagall took out her wand, tapping the bricks, Harry found himself in a strange place.

"Welcome Harry, to Diagon Ally," she said.

"Wow," said Harry looking at everything in awe.


"We are here to take some money from Harry Potter's vault please" said McGonagall crisply to the Goblin.

"And do you have Mr. Potter's key?" asked the goblin sneering at them.

She handed the key over, and before they knew it they were one the roller-coaster cart, flying down the track heading deep underground until they finally screeched to a stop at the correct vault.

Gathering enough money, they left Gringotts and started getting his things, including books robes and new treats. Eventually it came time to get his wand. McGonagall led him into yet another shop. "Ollivander's shop wand maker shop" an old sign hanging beside the door read as Harry went in.

"I have been expecting you Mr. Potter, it seems only yesterday your mother and father was buying their first wands" said Ollivander.

"Now which is your writing hand?" He then asked.

"My right," said Harry, then measurements was taken.

This was when everything seemed to go down hill, Harry tried wands, but not even sparks came out of his wand. They must have tried every wand in the shop, Harry was disappointed he would not be getting a wand, but he could do magic without it so he was not too bothered.

"I need to call Albus" said McGonagall looking distressed.

"Very well go ahead" said Ollivander.

"Albus Dumbledore" shouted McGonagall.

"Yes Minerva is Harry ok?" Dumbledore asked sounding concerned.

"No, you need to come right away" said McGonagall, Severus was in a meeting with the headmaster when she had called.

"Come Severus" said Dumbledore thinking they would need his help.


"What seems to be the problem?" Asked Dumbledore.

"I think Harry is a squib" said McGonagall.

"Don't be stupid Minerva, how could Harry be a squib?" Asked Dumbledore, he knew of the Prophecy.

"None of the wands work for him, nothing is coming out, it only happens to squibs" said McGonagall.

"Excuse us" said Dumbledore going into the other room, he didn't know Harry had snuck in and hid to listen to them. Erecting a silencing spell, he then began speaking. Severus however had heard Harry creeping in, and knew where he was he didn't tell the headmaster.

Severus smelled in the air, with a jolt he realized with a choking feeling he had just found his mate. And be damned it was Harry Potter of all people; their souls had met as one, right there and then. He also knew Harry was not a squib, he could feel the inner magic pulsing.

"If he is a squib we are fucked" said Dumbledore worried now.

"What do you mean?" Asked McGonagall.

"It was predicted that Harry would bring the down fall of Lord Voldemort" said Dumbledore.

"With no magic that's impossible, what are we going to tell the world? They can't find out there would be ciaos" said McGonagall.

"I know, we will need keep it a secret, tell everyone he has gone to a private magic school to train" said Dumbledore looking years older all his plans were ruined. He might as well give the stone back to Nicolas.

"Then what? He can't stay there forever" said McGonagall.

"We need to oblivate the boy, so he doesn't remember anything, we can't have him coming into the Wizarding world and exposing the secret. We will tell them in seven years time if I have not defeated Voldemort that he died, if Voldemort is dead, and then I will tell them he defeated Voldemort, with my help" said Dumbledore.

"Is that wise headmaster? He is from a Wizarding family, he should not be obliviated" said Severus sticking to his mates defense.

"He will be, I will deal with Ollivander you Severus get Potter home, Minerva you go tell the Ministry that Harry is going to a private magical school, and you don't know which one." Said Dumbledore.

Severus closed his eyes in weariness; he didn't want to do this to his mate, should he tell Dumbledore? No he knew what the man was planning, using his mate like a little lamb. He would protect him with his life, and only go and get his mate when he is old enough. He could not be with his mate until he was sixteen anyway.

Harry snuck back out, only then did Severus move, sighing. At least Harry knew what sort of man Dumbledore was. He was probably already deadly confused, being brought into a world then told he was to be obliviated having no idea he should not be able to remember it.

"Mr. Potter, Please come with me, and hold on tight" said Severus, holding his arm out.

Harry blinked, he wrapped himself around the arm, knowing he was going to be apparated. He then blinked and found himself back in the Muggle world, Severus then took him aside and had one more thing to say.

"I will be back for you some day Harry," to Severus' surprise he then kissed his mate before closing his eyes and stunning him.

He was then taken back to Privet Drive, his memories locked, he could not talk about it but knew what had happened. That's when he realized that was what Dumbledore had wanted done to him, his memories locked away.

The only thing that kept him going again was the fact that the man would be back for him one day.

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