Harry Potter A Squib

Chapter 21

It starts and finishes

"Trolls, Giants and Dementor's get stopped first, they are the biggest threat," said Harry as he took a deep breath.

"Just let's get this over with, I'm tired and want to get home," sighed Samuel.

Harry smirked, the good thing about being a vampire, they were fast and practically indestructible. The only thing they had to fear was the Dementor's but if Harry had anything to say about it. Another thing though, they were easily bored, Harry wasn't but he hadn't been a vampire for as long as them. Nowhere near as long as them come to that.

"Good idea," said Harry before everyone around the Great Hall spilled out onto the grounds. The teachers couldn't see a single vampire, they were moving so fast. Harry though could see every move they were making. Wincing slightly at the smell of troll guts being spilled.

"What do we do?" asked Filius standing there looking like a spare end.

"The Dementor's need taken care off," said Harry standing beside them.

"What Dementors?" asked Filius.

Then the screaming started.

"They Dementors." stated Filius shaking his head slightly raising his wand he shouted the only spell that would get rid of them.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" yelled various different voices.

A great big bat leaped from Harry's wand, Filius' was a raven, and a few other odd assortments of creatures joined them. Thankfully it was enough to make the Dementor's flee in fear.

He's coming

"That's my cue Voldemort's here," said Harry walking away from everyone towards the very gates of Hogwarts. Of course Voldemort had sent his Death Eaters in first, to cause ciaos well; he was in for a pretty big surprise.

Harry got the pleasure of seeing the fury on Voldemort's face first hand.

"Who the hell are you?" snarled Voldemort.

"Harry Potter nice to meet you," laughed Harry amused. His first glimpse of Voldemort, and he wasn't all that scary at all. "I'm afraid your men are otherwise occupied." he added seeing Voldemort looking around for what? Help.

Voldemort hissed his red demonic eyes flashing angrily. He tried to apparate out, only to find familiar magic blocking it.

A look of surprise replaced the anger.

"You won't be apparating anywhere tonight," said Severus "Incarcerous."

"Now that has to hurt Sev, being betrayed and bound, helpless in the face of death," said Harry moving forward.

"He can get out of it given time, I suggest you do not play around, I want to enjoy tonight." smirked Severus walking around Voldemort's bound form and curling himself around Harry's form.

"Pity, I really did want to get to know him better," said Harry mockingly. "Cause him the same pain he's brought me." his voice ended laced with fury.

"Good idea," said Axel coming up beside them "They are all out for the count."

"Bye Voldemort, you know I'd never have touched you if you hadn't killed my parents or touched Severus," said Harry cocking his head to the side, he said the two words that ended Voldemort's existence "Avada Kedavra."

The green glow surrounded Voldemort, one second he was standing the next he dropped down dead. The war was over, and it had been a bunch of vampires, with a vampire Harry Potter to end the war.

"Well no need to ask if you were a Squib," said Filius from behind them.

Harry snorted "I'd have you carted to St. Mungo's if you did,"

"Indeed," said Severus smirking wickedly.

"So what do we do now?" asked Harry.

"I am taking you home," said Severus nipping Harry on the neck playfully.

"Mmm good idea," murmured Harry quietly.

"Go home, the teachers can handle it from here," said Severus the vampires disappeared within seconds. Axel had taken Black with him; he was supposed to be dead after all.

"I think we will stay," said Fred and George together.

"We all will I think," said Remus speaking for Tonks, and Shacklebolt too.

"Well we leave you to it," said Harry "Thanks for all your help; I'm sure we will catch up at some point."

Severus apparated on the spot not even waiting on them replying.

They barely stopped apparating, before stripping one another of their clothes. As they backed up onto the bed, a sexual frenzy overtook them. They had gone too long without it, as everyone knew vampires were indeed very sexual creatures.

"We did it," said Harry kissing Severus passionately and hotly as he could.

"There wasn't ever any doubt you could do it," said Severus in-between kissing Harry. Placing himself on top of his mate, he ran his strong calloused Hand's down his lover's muscular form, kissing his claiming bite knowing very well just how much it aroused his lover. As predicted Harry began squirming against him, rubbing their erections together.

Hissing in pleasure, Severus continued his assault, laving his tongue up, down and swirling around his nipples. Grinning triumphantly as he squirmed even more, he loved the feel of Harry. He didn't think he could ever get enough; he had been stupid to wait so long.

Gasping in surprise when Harry began fondling him, be bit into Harry's shoulder. Burying his nose in Harry's throat, he moaned again. For a novice Harry was a fast learner, he knew every single weak spot Severus had. Although you couldn't stay a novice with sex around vampires, it was just an impossibility.

"I can't take any more, turn over," growled Severus he needed to be inside his mate.

"Nah, I think I want to play some more," laughed Harry breathlessly.

"Oh no you don't," said Severus flipping him over, and wandlessly preparing his lover not wanting him hurt. Harry's laugh turned into half a squeak and then a long pleasure filled moan as Severus entered him. "I've missed this." stated Severus huskily.

"Oh yes," moaned Harry.

If you were in Snape castle that night, that that exact time, all that could be heard was moaning. As both men lost themselves in the pleasure, they were giving one another. Coming together in perfect harmony, before both succumbed to their exhaustion having not slept well the past few weeks. Having been learning everything they could, or rather Severus teaching Harry and Harry learning everything he could.

Nine Months Later

"I can't believe they actually really…placed me as Minister…when I'm done people will be lining up with dead bodies saying I've killed a dark Wizard make me Minister." said Harry laughing in bitter amusement.

"He does have a point," said Axel, he was beside his very pregnant mate Luna Lovegood. Sirius Black had been released during the battle; it's only when Axel had demanded him to do something that he realized he wasn't bonded to Black anymore. So he had returned to Hogwarts, and wooed his mate, and now they were about to have a baby together. Luna wanted to be the same age as him before being turned, if all went well with the pregnancy then that's what would happen.

Black had gone back to being an Auror, but was kept under close scrutiny by the vampires.

"I doubt it will happen," said Neville, who was beside his own partner rolling his eyes.

"No, probably not," said Draco, who was seated beside Daphne Greengrass.

"I think they are happy with your choice as undersecretary, does he still want to run for Minister?" asked Samuel, who was currently pining for his own mate, one that turned out to be Hermione Granger to the shock of them all. Severus hated the woman with a passion but he, kept it zipped for Samuels sake. Though thankfully, the man had stopped her being so damn irritating all the time.

"I don't know Shacklebolt has been rushed of his feet for the past few weeks." laughed Harry but as quickly as he started laughing he stopped.

Two pain filled gasps filled the silent room, Severus and Axel both turned to their mates. Trying to make sure they were alright, the old vampires' eyes widened in shock. Harry and Luna's waters had just broken - they were in labour.

Ten Hours Later

"How are you feeling now?" asked Poppy.

"I'm fine," said Severus wincing slightly it was a good thing vampires healed quickly. Harry had shattered every bone in his hand, with his tight grip. Harry had almost shattered his eardrums as well. Screaming at his top of his lungs that he would never drink a potion from him again. As if Severus had forced him to drink the potion, Harry if he remembered correctly had been excited at the prospect.

He had enjoyed his pregnancy until now that was. Thank Merlin it was over with, was all Severus to think.

"I'm so sorry Sev," said Harry once again.

"It's alright love," said Severus watching his mate and his newborn daughter with love. He had never imagined he could have a family, after all the years of being alone and hurt. Never imagined he would have a mate never mind a child of his own. He wondered silently if this was how Axel was feeling right now. He felt slightly irritated that he couldn't hold his daughter though. Not until his crushed hand healed a little more, he was strong but he needed both hands to tend to his new born child.

"She doesn't have any grandparents," said Harry sadly, staring down at his newborn baby.

"No but she has enough aunts and uncles to make sure she gets away with murder," smiled Severus supportively. Wincing in pain as the last of his bones mended in his hand, finally he was fit enough to hold his little girl. Instead of taking her, he went to the bed and lifted her, and curled them both to him. Feeling very blessed at that very moment, and if he could go back - he'd change nary a thing.

"True," said Harry snuggling into Severus unaware that he fell asleep. Unaware that Severus pulled the covers up closer and held him there all night.


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