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A/N: Okay I got this idea after reading my friend Bjanik's One Stroke (Which I recommend highly). How many ways can you kill a creepy mad scientist? Let's start with as many as we can. Hopefully this will end up having 100 when I'm through. So ladies, gentlemen, red flame tailed wolves, animatronics cats on mogs, and anyone else I forgot let's get Hojo killing!

Professor Hojo was working in the lab; he smirked at his latest test subject. A young dark haired Turk lay strapped down to the table with his shirt removed, blood dripping gently out of the new cuts on his chest. "Well Valentine this is what you get for interfering in my work." The madman cackled walking over to some equipment to prepare another mako injection.

Vincent's eyes opened through a red haze, he could feel one of the demons howling in the back of his head. Let me rip! Let me kill! Let me taste blood!

No… I won't… Vincent forced the thought. His head had been hurting ever since this entity had come into being. And its demands had gotten more forceful as the days dragged on in his privet hell.

The demon smirked. You can't resist me forever Valentine!

Vincent shuddered as another needle, the tenth or twelfth one of the day (he'd lost count after the ninth), entered at the wound on his stomach. He strained to keep his eyes open but he was losing both the struggle to stay conscious and the struggle to keep the demon contained.

The demon smirked as it felt the wall keeping it from taking over Vincent's body came crashing down. It let out a roar of triumph as he came into complete control of his new host. The human muscles started throbbing and swelling while sprouting bluish purplish fur, the skull contorting into a muzzle lined with razor sharp fangs matched by equally sharp claws growing from every finger and toe. Two long horns sprouted from his temples while a long white mane of fur replaced the midnight raven hair. The restraints couldn't handle the change and came flying off along with the medical equipment.

The Galian Beast rolled off the table, eyes focused on Hojo, who'd taken shelter behind a computer. It smirked, this was the man who'd imprisoned him inside of a mortal body, charging with surprising speed he charged the terrified man and latched onto his arm with those long once white fangs. Hojo yelped in pain as he felt the demon sinking his fangs in further. Galian Beast watched Hojo's reaction to being attacked mildly amused; it wanted to play with its food before it ate. And deranged psychopathic scientist sounded like a good meal after several hundred years.

The scientist in question had grabbed the IV stand and started trying to use it to get the wolfish creature off. It raised one hand and grabbed the IV before snapping the metal like a twig, sending the mako from the drip everywhere. Hojo let out a shriek as some splashed him on the forehead dripping into his eyes, Galian Beast took advantage of the sound and decided that despite normally liking to hear his prey scream and writhe, this sound was a nuisance. Letting go of the mangled arm it lunged at the thin neck, biting with just enough pressure to puncture the scrawny muscles but not snap the neck.

Hojo was still screaming noiselessly, as his vocal chords had all been severed, eyes wide with fear and horror that this was happening. Galian Beast snorted slightly as he felt Vincent starting to regain consciousness. Playtime was over, it was lunchtime now, it withdrew its fangs slightly before biting down with over 1000 pounds per square inch of force. The seven vertebra that made up the madman's neck all crunched into little shards while his caroted arteries were sliced open. Galian Beast gave his head a few rough shakes like a purple puppy with a new toy ripping the head clean off.

That's enough… Vincent pleaded from the back of the demon's mind, now aware of what had just happened. Please stop before Lucrecia comes.

Shut up Valentine, I did you a favor, I'll finish off the corpse then you get the chick. Works out for both of us, Galian Beast reminded before starting to eat the corpse formerly known as Hojo.

But what if she's mad about this… The Turk wondered dismally.

Just tell her you got no memory of it, she'll forgive you. She's that kinda chick, not shut up and let me eat. The demon snarled before returning to its meal.