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A/N As I sit here and write the last of this saga I'm forced to look back at everything that has come before it. The laughter of Reno shouting, "hey look it's Jenova's head!" for the first time, the heartbreak of not being able to upload. The wonderful double life of Genesis Rhapsodos as a rock star beating the guy with the powers of Rock and Roll. The zany antics of Sephiroth and Zack as they pulled Cloud into a nefarious scheme. All of the moments we've shared, the friends we've made, the Hojo's we've killed, I've enjoyed every single moment.

A lot has changed since I started this story, when I began on a sunny afternoon in mid September I came up with the idea on a whim in class. I was on my free block when I started writing Galian's Chew Toy, huddled up in my familiar corner of the library. I had too much Earl Gray tea and was over at one of the websites I frequent complaining about Hojo at their hate club for him. I sat there for about fifteen minutes writing the first episode of the series in a mad frenzy of inspiration. After that it just went from one to the next in rapid succession until I'd reached the third death.

I swear time flew after that; my free time was spent coming up with new and innovative ways of eradicating the menace. I almost forgot that by November I would have to go into overdrive of NaNoWriMo, which went over like something that doesn't fly. My plot died and I had no real connection between the scenes I had, I was out of it. Then December 1 rolled around and I was sitting in Bjanik's house making onigiri and posting a new death. It was almost something of a relief when that happened.

My life felt normal again, heck I bet you by the time I post I'll be sitting here for about ten minutes contemplating this. Normally I'm not one to do any sort of success thing without some sort of major setback. I cop out pretty earlier on when I try and accomplish something. I was over the moon when I got my first review for this and it's going to be kind of sad not getting on my email daily to see you people writing a review. Ah well… all good things must come to an end I suppose, like that sad feeling you get when you finish an ice cream or a chocolate bar.

Someone asked me if I would add on more or do a sequel, my answer is I might do a sequel to 99 because I'm curious if we ever got home, but otherwise no after today this story is done. I set out to do 100 and I've done 100. But this won't be my final writing story; I'm an inquisitive scoundrel by nature so you may seem me here and there.

As the First Doctor of Doctor Who once said: "One day I shall come back. Yes I shall come back. But until then there must be no tears no regrets no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."

… … … … … … …

Oh wait, you didn't come here to hear me rant did you… you were expecting an actual Hojo death. (Sweat drop) Um… crap… well… there was something I've been saving for a rainy day. (Looks out window) Yep it's raining chocobos and Tonberries so here:

Hojo walks into a bar, Reno and Rude duck.

I've been waiting to do that since day one.


Oh wait… you want me to actually kill him? All right well how can I refuse your last request?

Rude grunted, "ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred," he let go of the bar and landed on the ground. He wiped his face off with a towel and sighed, the training room was being remodeled so he was forced to practice with a bar in the hallway.

"Oy Rude whacha doin?" Reno asked appearing in the hall with a smirk.

"Pull ups," Rude replied.

Reno grinned and jumped at the bar, "way to easy." He missed grabbing it and glared up at it. He leaped again once again his fingers just brushing it. On the third try Rude grabbed him and helped him up to grab the bar. He pulled up but ended up swinging in the air. He tried again with similar results; on the third try he managed to get his chin up over the bar. He let go glaring at the bar, "what the hell is up with this thing?"

"Reno… you may be good looking but you have no muscle in there," Rude muttered. He moved the bar down to just below Reno's head. "Now try it."

"Okay yo…" Reno bent down and started balancing on one foot before trying a few, "hey this ain't so bad!" He stood up after doing about twenty. "I feel pretty good! But man I smell like a chocobo stable."

Rude sighed, "Well I'm no bed of flowers either."

"Come on, let's go get a shower," Reno grinned as they walked away ducking under the pull up bar.

A few minutes later Hojo came walking by poring over some paper work, he didn't see the bar in front of him and was flung around several times through the air. The bar had crunched his nose in and shoved it into his brain. He fell to the ground with a thud.

A few minutes later the Turks came back, Reno laughed, "ooh man down people."

Well ladies and gentlemen it's been real but it's time for me to ride into the sunset. (Climbs onto chocobo) Hi ho chocobo away! (Rides in wrong direction) Sayonara!

Fade out music: Electric de Chocobo