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Notes by Nerf-or-Nothing: The idea was started in a forum when I asked for help making a Sokka and Toph story.

Eternal Silence sparked the beginning of the plot for me and I changed it a bit and from there we continued to add ideas and were going to co-author it. ES is sadly, too busy so I am going to make it with all we managed to brain storm. Give her credit because without her this wouldn't have been possible.

This basically has a few elements from the 3rd season previews but not much. I changed the Fire Nation clothes for some scenes! All their fire nation outfits will be written in but they will all get some new threads as well.

Story Notes: This should be about twenty chapters total. It features a lot of the Avatar characters and is a great plot. I planned out each chapter and made the chapters by summaries for each to help me develop the plot ...and so I have less trouble continuing.

Main pairings are Toph and Aang, Sokka and Toph, and Katara and Aang. Other pairings consist of Ty Lee and Mai, Jet and Azula, and as an idea request of Eternal Silence, Smellerbee and Zuko.

Few other couples appear too and definitely more characters make appearances.

Story Summary- They died in the battle, but mysteriously disappeared. They left people who loved them but those people found comfort in each other and married... now what are they to do when those thought dead, return and are alive? Do they honor thy marriage or do they give into their true love?

Love and Marriage

Chapter One

It was extremely hot, but that was to be expected of the Fire Nation country. The sun beamed down and spread a dry heat across the land. For such a hateful group of people, their land was very beautiful. Short but strong gusts of wind would blow across the land and through pink blossomed trees. The ground was mainly sand and dirt, the color a dull but intriguing red.

"Aang..." Katara whispered as she opened the door to the fallen Avatar's room.

Aang sat up and frowned deeply, the deep red coated blankets falling and scrunching across his legs.

Katara gave him a small, sad smile and set down a bowl by the side of his bed before looking at the banner on the wall with distaste. It held the fire nation emblem. "Turn around."

Aang turned so his back faced her and hunched over, slightly sore.

Katara bit her lips as she eyed the deep burns and scarred flesh of his back. A few tears escaped her blue eyes before she breathed deeply and slowly began to move her arms in a soft swaying motion. Back and forth, back and forth. Slowly the water in the bowl moved into Aang's back. Aang didn't cry out or move, the only signs of pain were in the way his back tensed.

Pushing her arms straight in front of her gently, Katara began to move her wrists up and down and while she gently moved her arms up, back and down before repeating the process. Slowly, the water left his back, leaving more of Aang's back healed of pain... but the scar was one thing that could not be cured.

- - - - - - - - -

In the main room of their new home,Toph sat on the stone floor and bowed her head.

Sokka sat across from her on scattered pillows with scrolls strewn in front of him. He had been growing out his hair fully to help blend in better. Currently it was up in a messy ponytail.

"What are you looking at?" Toph asked quietly, all passion and spunk gone from her voice and figure.

It still startled Sokka when Toph would speak softly even though it's all she's done since Aang and Katara left the cave, one fatally wounded and the other crippled with grief and tears. "Some maps. When we went and got our new outfits, I got some maps."

Toph let out a small scuff and fingered her new dress with distaste. She could tell the outline was very stylish and it was comfortable but the fact the colors were based on Fire Nation, it left her feeling bitter.

Sokka watched her pull at the cloth with a scowl. He too wore Fire Nation clothes. Turning his head, he looked at himself in a mirror across the room.

He wore a dark red, short sleeved shirt that left his arms entirely bare. The neck was high and stopped midway, outlined in the color black. A black line continued down the middle of the shirt from the top to the bottom. It fit snuggly to his torso and ended where his hips began.

Loose black slacks covered his legs, ending right at his ankles. Ending the look were black slipper styled shoes outlined in red. Lastly gold rings were around his forearms, where his muscles began.

He had to admit, the styles were very nice and comfortable, even if Fire Nation. Turning to Toph he couldn't help but smile. She looked pretty cute in her new wardrobe. ...More girlish.

Her hair was in a single braid, hanging low at the base of her neck and ending just below her shoulder blades. Her bangs were held back by a thin golden headband, with two tendrils of raven hair hanging by the sides of her face and curled inwards to her chin.

Her dress was a deep, blood red color and in a shiny, silk material. The sleeves ended at her elbows and fit snugly, outlined in black. Two slits were cut into the skirt, starting from the tip of the hip and ending at the knees. The dress fit Toph snugly around the waist, with a single gold and black sash, with a small bow on the base of her back.

Black leggings covered her legs, slightly snug and ending at her mid shin. When she would walk in the city, she was forced to wear a pair of plain black, slipper styled shoes. To finish the look, she wore two gold wrist bands and two thin gold anklets or as some called them, bangels.

"It looks nice." Sokka stated casually, smirking when a small blush covered the girls pale cheeks.

"Feh." Toph scuffed nonchalantly and leaned back on her hands, acting more like herself but still lacking her usual earth shaking personality.

The door opened and Katara stepped out.

Katara had found clothes that followed the color scheme of one of Azula's friends, Ty Lee. It consisted mainly of pinks but also had bits of burgundy here and there.

She wore a long sleeved dress, the sleeves fitting loosely to her arms, where black ribbons wrapped around her wrist to her elbows tightly. The dress hugged her chest and torso tightly, and showed off her maturing body as it continued till if fell to her ankles in a dark cherry color. The dress had slits up to the tip of her hips. Underneath the dress were tight black shorts that ended just before her knees. A deep burgundy sash wrapped around her waist and tied loosely in the front where if fell into a V style where the tails continued and swished when she walked.

She wore the same black flats as the rest of them and wore thick, tight pink anklets.

She no longer had hair loops or a braid. The majority of her hair was down. The rest was placed into a loose top-knot. As if to replace the loops she used to have in her hair, she had tied off tendrils of her hair with thick red bands by her ears and at the ends by her face.

It bothered her that she no longer could wear her family's traditional hairstyle and that she wore fire nation clothes. She also hated to admit they were very pretty and even quite comfortable. So she chose to ignore it completely, and avoided her reflection while in the styles as much as she possible could when she worked with natures natural mirror. Water.

"Since Aang is doing better, we have to find him a fire bending teacher."

"We'll go tomorrow and scout a bit and see if we can find a school." Sokka replied and nodded his head.

Katara frowned, not liking the idea of Aang going to a school where she and the others couldn't follow but nodded back. They had to do this, there was no other choice.

Sokka stood up and grabbed the hilt of a sleek, finely crafted Katana. A sword his father gave him before they arrived in the fire nation. "I actually found a master myself."

Katara stopped for a second, worry flashing through her watery blue eyes before they narrowed into an icy glare. "What?" Katara started with a hiss. "Are you insane! We have to keep a low profile!"

Sokka glared back. "I'm still new to swords. I know I'm great and all," Sokka turned to scowl at Toph when she gave a quick snort before crossing his arms. "But I can still learn and master it better then I have now. Besides, I'm a bit rusty is all."

Katara shook her head and sighed, rubbing her face with exasperation. "Uh-huh. Well, I'll allow it on one condition."

"What do you mean you'll allow it. I'm the older sibling!" Sokka shouted with a hint of a disbelieving whine as only he could manage.

Katara tapped her foot and crossed her arms. "It doesn't matter your older, since I apparently have more common sense right now."

Sokka let out an annoyed shout and scowled.

"Toph has to go with you."

Toph looked up and tilted her head with an eyebrow raised in a you've got to be kidding look.

Sokka smacked his forehead. "That won't work. In order for her to come, she has to attend classes."

Toph scowled, not liking his condescending tone. "Do you think I can't handle it?" Standing she nodded at Katara. "Don't worry sweetness, I'll gladly babysit Snoozles for ya."


Katara smirked and crossed her arms smugly.

Sokka frowned and grumbled to himself about being the oldest among other things.

Momo flew to his shoulder and started chattering in his ear while patting his head. Sokka merely scowled even more.

- - - - - -

Aang frowned, his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched. Heaving a breath, taking comfort from the air, he sighed, a bit calmer.

Moving towards the door he stopped and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He also wore fire nation clothes. But they didn't bother him because they were fire nation. Clothes were clothes and material possessions didn't much matter to him.

...He didn't hate the fire nation, he hated the war.

He wore a pair of black, baggy sacks, much like his airbending pants. Knee high black boots hugged his chins tightly and were outlined in red.

A black, long sleeved shirt covered his torso, the sleeves slightly loose from his shoulders to his elbows before tightening around his forearms and ending at a point over the tops of his hands, effectively hiding his tattoos. His shirt ended four different points at his hips, one in the back, one in the front and one on each sides. A dark red sash wrapped tightly around his waist, scrunching his shirt above the sash. Red outlined every each of the shirt. The top of the shirt covered his neck to his ebony colored hairline.

On his forehead was a black band of ribbon with dark red flames circling the entire peace of cloth where it tied in the back with the tails hanging at his neck.

On his neck was a long, silver chain and on that chain was the bison whistle. The chain wrapped around the outside of the shirts tall neckline and slipped through the opening of the shirt where the whistle hung in the folds of his shirt.

After stepping out of his room and glancing at everyone he turned and nodded to Katara.

Momo flew to his head. Appa was not with them, he was hidden in the mountains by the ocean shore, not far from their home for safe keeping. Hakudo and Bato along with some of the other tribesmen were there to keep Appa safe and to give him company. For added company, the Earth King and Bosco also joined them.

"Let's go Katara."

Katara's eyes softened and nodded, catching his arm and holding onto it tightly but comfortingly.

Aang blushed slightly when she touched him and blushed a deeper red when he heard Sokka and Toph snicker.

Katara only beamed at him, happy to see him show emotion other then sadness and anger.

Sokka grabbed Toph's shoulder and pushed her forward.

Toph didn't expect the sudden move and was able to be pushed, but when Sokka moved to stand next to her, she made sure to hit his arm extra hard in return.

"Ow!" Sokka scowled, rubbing his sore shoulder. "Since you guys are gonna scout for a firebending school I guess me and Toph will go to our first lessons."

Toph grabbed a big, deep red shoulder bag and opened the loose flap, where Momo happily jumped in.

They didn't want to leave Momo by himself when they all left, and Momo hated being alone so they had a bag where Momo would hang out of sight while out in Fire Nation public.

They all stepped outside and closed the door, Toph and Sokka going in one direction, and Katara and Aang in the other.

End Chapter

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