Title: Stalker 1/1

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika & NiRi, all the remain mistakes are mine.

Rate: K+

Disclaimer: Well, let's see… did you see my name as a author of LOTR books? Raising eyebrows

Warning: Angst, paranoia.

Summary: Aragorn believes that there is someone watching every move that he makes… is he right?

A/N: Write for OAA Prompts: Prompt #77: Watch


Aragorn could sense it in every movement that he made. Someone or something was following him like a shadow.


He turned around, but saw nothing.

Aragorn walked near the tree line, hoping to who was stalking him. He could feel the wind on his face; he wiped sweat off his forehead, and tried to follow the noises… the crack of broken branches, footsteps. But he saw no one.

His heart started to race, and for a moment he believed that the one who followed him could hear the sound of his heart beating and knew he was afraid for his life.

He was alone; and it took all the ranger skills he had learned not to let the fear take control.

"Aragorn..." he thought he could hear a challenge in the voice. "Estel..."

Aragorn managed to keep his voice level despite his uneasiness, "Who is it?"

He heard the reply, but could hardly believe his ears. "Your destiny..."

"W... what do you seek from me?" Aragorn asked, fearing the worst.

"Your soul, your crown…" the voice called, watching the man as he leaned against a tree trunk.