A/N: haynette. you have to love 'em. just have to. in case you were wondering, the quotes in italics are hayner's words to pence.



Pence can't lie.

He's tried and failed many times before, so it wasn't long until he stopped trying all together.

But this… this isn't a good situation.

He is in a very uncomfortable position, and he has two options: lie, or avoid the subject completely.

If he avoids the subject, she'll catch on before long, anyway. ("Have you ever noticed how observant she is?")

If he lies, she won't find out.

And Hayner won't kill him, but the plan could backfire. ("It has to go perfectly.")

Neither option is looking too pleasant for Pence, so he does what he does best.

He tells her the truth.

He tells her exactly why a certain blonde-haired, brown-eyed boy is skipping after-school tutorials. He tells her why that same boy is currently pacing around the hangout with a bouquet of yellow flowers ("because she reminds me of the sun") clenched tightly in his hand.

He tells her in three words.

"He loves you."

And as Pence walks away from Olette's stunned face ("she looks so cute when she blushes"), he smiles.

Because he hears the excited pitter-patter of the girl's running feet, headed in the opposite direction. He envisions red cheeks, embarrassed grins, and a very surprised Hayner, as Olette gives him a gift instead, the sunflowers falling gracefully to the dirt floor (as the pair goes tumbling after).

Pence smiles, and he laughs.

No, Pence can't lie.

But he makes a wonderful cupid.