Many thanks to gethsemane342 for pointing out my misspelling of Zacharias.

"Oh come on. You don't honestly believe that there's anything we can do against You-Know-Who, do you? We'd never win." Zacharias Smith said loudly.

Fred and George observed Zacharias thoughtfully. "Well, Zacky, you know, all You-Know-Who really needs is a really big hug."

Zacharias looked at them sceptically.

"It's true! How did you think Harry got past him all these years? Hugs!!"

Harry made an irritated noise in the back of his throat. "Jeez, guys, you weren't supposed to spread that around. We can't have everyone knowing how to defeat him."

The twins hung their heads in mock shame. "Sorry mate. It just sort of… slipped out, you know?"

Zacharias wasn't sure whether to believe all this or not.

"Could you elaborate?" he asked.

Fred and George struggled to keep straight faces.

"Well," Harry began, "It helps if you call him by his favourite nickname."

"Which is..?"

"DON'T INTERRUPT!! As I was saying, it helps if you call him by his favourite nickname. Just hold out your arms and say 'Voldie, dahling!' Then envelope him with your body."

Zacharias' eyes were wide and his eyebrows were raised; the look, in all honesty, wasn't a very appealing one. He looked somewhat like a startled owl.

"Really?" he said.

The twins had to bite the inside of their mouths to keep from laughing. "Oh yeah." Said Harry. "Of course. But don't go spreading it around…"

Zacharias nodded.

A month later, Hogwarts students were eating their dinner when Voldemort strolled casually in. This was very odd, and unexpected; it was seemingly spontaneous…

Voldemort smiled, and was just about to inform the feasting teenagers that they were surrounded, when out of nowhere a tall Hufflepuff bellowed "Voldie!" and came hurtling towards him.

Before Voldemort could say "Avada Kedavra" he found himself enveloped in a warm embrace.

Harry smacked his head with his fist. Stupid, stupid, stupid. he thought.

I should have known better than to play with his gullibility! Now thanks to a joke, he's going to die!

Though at the moment, Voldemort did not look particularly murderous. When the shock finally wore off, he became aware of the fact that he was getting his

Something inside of him shifted; he felt strange. Much to his horror, a tear rolled down his cheek. Noticing this, Zacharias pulled away, Voldemort's wand in his clutches. "Aw, Voldie, you old sentimentalist!" he said, as several teachers sent stunners at Voldemort, now that they could be sure they wouldn't hit Zacharias.

Zacharias turned to face the astonished Harry Potter. "Wow, Harry!" he said, "You, Fred and George were right!"

Moments later, the Ministry had arrived. The death eaters surrounding the school had been taken by surprise, and the dementors had taken care of them within seconds.

They didn't want to take the risk of Voldemort somehow regaining his soul from the dementors' clutches; it was just the type of thing he would do.

So instead, they beheaded him. No magic, no curses. They doubted he could come back without a head.

Seemingly oblivious to everyone's stares, Zacharias dusted himself off and sat down in his seat.

No sooner had he picked up his cutlery, than the cheering began.

Zacharias noted, with some well-deserved pleasure that they were cheering for him, Zacharias Smith, saviour of the wizarding world.