Title: A Gentleman's Weakness

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing: Urahara/Yoruichi

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 314

Summary/Description: Even in the face of naked princesses, Urahara is, above all else, a gentleman.

Warning/Spoilers: No warnings, 'cept some suggestiveness. No spoilers, 'cept a few teensy things from Urahara and Yoruichi's past.

A/N: These two are such fun to write. :) Written for Char.

Disclaimer: Maybe the Anime Santa will be give me Bleach for Christmas this year. I doubt it though. Maybe I can knock out an incisor, and try my luck with the Anime Tooth Fairy.

The first time Yoruichi lost her clothes in front of him in a private setting, Urahara wasn't quite sure what to do.

That was mostly due to the fact that (childhood friends notwithstanding) he was still the Captain of the Twelfth Division, and Yoruichi was still a princess, and they were having a meeting to decide how her personal guard could implement the new technologies that he'd developed, and he was quite sure that it was not proper protocol for the princess to suddenly decide to take off her clothes in such a situation, no matter how hot she said it was.

After blinking politely for a few seconds, doing the man thing and appreciating the long curves of her dark body, high breasts and slim thighs, Urahara did the gentleman thing and turned away. Even though he knew Yoruichi did not care much for her reputation, it would be unseemly if say, a servant were to find them like this.

"Maybe you should put your clothes back on, Yoruichi-sama," he suggested mildly as he faced the opposite wall, and flicked open his fan.

He heard the noble snort.

"Maybe you should learn some etiquette, Kisuke," she drawled.

His expression was one of simultaneous amusement and bemusement.

"Whatever do you mean, Yoruichi-sama?" he queried, raising his brows.

"A true gentleman never turns his back on a lady," she informed him. "And quit it with the honorifics."

Behind the fan, a smile curved up like a scythe.

"Accept my apologies," he said as her turned back, closing the fan with a snap. "Yoruichi."

She grinned and stretched languidly, body rolling and undulating like a cat's. Urahara's eyes followed each movement carefully.

"Good," she said fluidly, sitting up. "Now, I want you to come over here," she added, and pulled her knees up to her chest.

Urahara did the gentlemanly thing, and obeyed his lady's orders.

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