When Rose and Hugo recovered from the flash of light and noticed their cousins missing, they knew they were in serious trouble. Because you can seriously not notice that there were five people in a room, and now there are two. The silings looked at each other with wide eyes.

"Rose, it's bad when people go away and you don't see it, right?" Hugo, the younger of the two asked his sister.

"Hugo, I think this is really, really, horribly bad. What if we never find them? What if they never come backwhatiftheychangesomething-" However at this point her ranting was cut off by the sounds of heavy heels clunking up the stairs leading to the office.

Hugo smiled, "Mum can fix this. Mum can fix anyfing!"

"No, Hue, Mum can't know about this. Da can't know. Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny can't know." She gulped. "Especially Auntie and Uncle can't know." He looked confused. "We just lost their children in the space-time continuum, Hugo!"

"Well, thanks for clearing that up, Rose, that's a very clever explanation as to your cousins' whereabouts. But really, where are they?" The two children looked up to see their Auntie and Mum had snuck into the room without them seeing. The former, the speaker, seemed amused, but the latter seemed annoyed and tired. The children remained silent.

"Well," said Auntie loudly, "Looks like Al and Jim and Lily will have to go to bed in the continu-whatsit without their dessert," clearly expecting the three to answer her.

"They're not here," murmured Rose.

"Well, then, tell them to get out soon. I have a raging headache, your father's talking about Quidditch, and we both have to go to work in the morning. You'll see your cousins tomorrow at your Grandma Weasley's, so just go get them, and let's get downstairs. We're leaving in a half-hour, at the latest!" Mum grumbled as she walked out the door, rubbing her temples with one hand.

Auntie got down on the kid's level. "I know you two know where they are. Tell them when they get done exploring space that I'm serious about their dessert." She winked and got up to leave. "Oh, and you two know you aren't supposed to be in your Uncle's office. I let you off this time, but don't test me." She yelled, meaning to be heard by her own children, "Just ask Jimmy!" She smiled one last time before all that was left her was the sound of heels clumping down the stairs once more.

After a moment of silent, Rose exhaled shakily and muttered, "We're doomed."

"No," replied Hugo, "They're doomed when they get back.