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Warnings/Notes: Slightly darker fic, eventual Toonshipping (PegKai) Pegasus's character has traits of both the dub and sub version character in this story as I have seen both series. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. OOC!

He lifted the glass to his lips to down the bitter liquid, the putrid scent of strawberry swirled with whatever type of wood was burning in the fireplace filled his nostrils as he did so. He heaved a heavy sigh, this wasn't going to kill the pain, it no longer did so much as take away the ache, now it was a hallow addiction. His eyes fixed on the cerulean ones of her portrait hanging about his study, the pigment was fading but it didn't bother him much. Her eyes were forever emblazoned in his mind; he guessed that was why she caused him so much heartache.

He bitterly reflected on his lonely and pathetic years spent mourning her, trying to bring her back when he knew it was useless. He clenched a fist with his left hand, while his right hand trembled as he tightened his grasp on the wineglass he still hadn't put down. He chuckled half-fondly. If only…. He thought to himself If only it hadn't been for that Yugi-boy I'd have her with me right now… He continued his thoughts, …but then again I suppose it is my own weakness that keeps me bound to her, I really mustn't blame him. He chuckled again at this and scowled as the sound escaped his lips, it was an empty sound, a dead robotic sounds the likes of, which made his stomach lurch. What had he become…?

He threw the last of the crimson liquid into the roaring flames and listen to the crackling as they died and came back to life with a new fury and liveliness about them. He cleared his throat and set the glass down on the end table in between the two recliners, he was seated in the one to the right. His hands then fell inert in his lap and he sat deep in thoughts of fond memories slowly slipping away. It didn't seem fair, it wasn't fair, none of it was. He cursed it all as he rose to his feet with an angry air about him and calmed himself before making his way out onto the grounds of his castle.

The night was warm and though the inadequate sky held no stars or moon that he could see. He smirked at this, it didn't matter, he knew the landscape well enough to be out without any lighting. The cool September breeze found its way through his clothes as he took a seat on the glider out in the front lawn. From his pocket he pulled a small knife and gingerly fingered the silver blade. It was tempting…he had wanted for so long to start painting again but he couldn't face the canvas and so he searched for a new one. His finding was wonderful, sure the paint was a bit more runny than usual but the canvas of his body was just as white and fair as any canvas. Needless to say he found these new works of art to be more…permanent.

He grimaced as another soothing breeze blew by, blowing locks of his silver hair into his face, the soft caressing was like that of her fingertips and he abruptly jerked away. He clung tighter to the knife now as he casually began to roll up the sleeves of his long dress shirt, it was warm outside, he felt cooler this way anyway. He debated whether or not he should resort to this again, he'd only done it once or twice before, and even then it was right after he'd made it back from the hospital with his millenium eye gone…. What if someone were to notice…? They'd think he was crazy, he tensioned at the very thought, half of his staff already thought him insane, he was sure of it….

His frustration grew and boiled over within him until his whole body shook violently, never had he felt this way before, it was frightening to feel so angry, so resentful and in the midst of it all the blade became more alluring. He set it beside him and swung his legs up to lay down on the glider with his back leaned up against the side, still wondering whether to pocket the weapon or use it. The internal struggle raged on and part of him learned to disregard it as he tried to find peace but the bigger part of him became infuriated by the situation at hand.

"Mr. Pegasus sir." Crocketts voice pulled him out of his hell in a hand basket. Thank the gods. He thought to himself as he swung his legs back down to the ground and stood up, turning to face his head of security. "You have a call sir." He called to him as he walked towards him with a portable phone. Handing it to Pegasus he spoke up again, "I turned the outside lights on for you sir, must've gotten hard to see."

Pegasus's only response was to nod, "Who's calling me at this hour?" He asked the man as he moved the phone up to his ear, "Hello?" He spoke his normal tones long since having returned to him. Crocketts looked at him questioningly and he waved him off.

"Pegasus." The voice was one he knew well.

"Kaiba-boy!" Pegasus blurted out in pleasant surprise.

"Stop right there, I called to have a serious conversation with you and you damn well better believe we're going to have one." The CEO growled.

"Take it easy Kaiba there's no need to bite so early on in this little talk of ours." Pegasus replied, smirking at how short Kaiba already was "Now this must be of dire importance, care to explain?" He asked.

"No I thought I'd just sit here on the phone with you and not say anything!" Kaiba shot back impatiently.

"I'm waiting on you so anytime you'd like to fill me in…" Pegasus replied.

"For some reason my incompetent team of doctors can't find anything wrong with Mokuba but he's not himself. He won't eat and he has trouble sleeping, he's constantly running a fever and doesn't bother to-"

"Slow down, what sorts of things did your medical team check him for?" Pegasus asked.

"Everything!" Kaiba exclaimed in his own exasperation, "They've run all sorts of tests, some of which I can't even remember and nothing ever comes back wrong because the damn morons can't do their job correctly!" He snapped.

Pegasus subconsciously raised an eyebrow, "What do you propose I do about this problem, I can assure you Kaiba-boy that your own well-paid staff is not lying to you, there's no mutiny to speak of and I can't imagine my team of doctors could outmatch any of yours. I'm not a miracle worker you know, surely you're not telling me everything." He replied.

"Believe me Pegasus I have no desire to prolong my time associating with you but you are the only one left I can come to for answers!" Kaiba snarled into the phone receiver, "Can you do anything to help me or not, it's a simple question." He put in wasting no time.

"The only thought I can leave you with my dearest Kaiba boy is the theory that maybe your little Mokuba is not physically ill. You are a busy man Kaiba boy and one your brother treasures above anyone else, you barely have time for him-"

"That's absurd!" Kaiba immediately defended.

"Think what you will Kaiba boy but the child wouldn't have been part of so many mishaps had you been paying more careful attention to him if you catch my drift." Pegasus shot back, his tone slightly shorter than usual.

"I didn't call you to be criticized you borderline psychotic fool!" Kaiba snapped.

"Temper, temper." Pegasus warned, "All I was getting at is that the boy may just be going through a depression, it's common at his age, what is he now, thirteen, fourteen at most?" He inquired.

"Fourteen." Kaiba provided.

"As I was saying he's going through a lot of changes right now, and I'm sure you know what I mean. He needs you to be there for him more than you are right now, if you have want to have any hope of his condition improved you have to accept that." He explained.

"I have a company to run Pegasus you seem to be forgetting that due to that fact I'm doing the best that I can right now." Kaiba snapped.

"Listen to me. I am not saying you're doing a bad job with him I can empathize with you running a multi-million dollar company, it's time consuming I'm sure but you have to find a balance between work and family." Pegasus informed him honestly, "Otherwise you could lose him." He added.

Kaiba swallowed hard, "Can't you just have one or your happy-go-lucky moments and snap him out of this?" He asked bitterly.

"I'm afraid not Kaiba boy, if it were that simple this would be easier for the three of us. It's you he needs the comfort from, you he needs the recognition from and you he needs to realize that he's not ok." Pegasus replied his tones stern.

There was a tentative pause in which Kaiba drew a sharp breath further exposing his anger and exasperation, "I don't know how to do that…" He admitted, it was the first time Pegasus had ever heard Kaiba, who was usually so proud, mumble.

Well who'd have thought, for once your words aren't the gospel. Pegasus thought to himself shaking his head, "Again, what do you want me to do for you?" He asked as he made his way inside and back to his study.

"I don't know yet-how sure are you that this is what's even causing his change in behavior?" Kaiba asked obviously overwhelmed.

"I'm not 100 percent positive but that's the only thing I can think of that would be wrong and you have to agree it makes sense or you wouldn't have argued with him for twenty minutes over the whole topic." Pegasus once again tried to reason.

For a long while, neither of them said anything and Pegasus was beginning to wonder if Kaiba had just hung up as the man was never at a loss for words. He sighed and blew stray locks of his hair out from in front of his eye, he laughed inwardly, if he wasn't wallowing in self-pity he was listening to someone else wallow in self-pity.

"Kaiba." He at last spoke up. The CEO grunted softly in response, Pegasus could tell now he was deep in thought, "I'm confused as to why I'm still on the phone." He added with a small bout of his usual cheery laughter.

Kaiba groaned audibly and slapped a hand to his forehead, "So am I." He admitted.

Pegasus gave the man a few more seconds to add anything he might have felt necessary, when he didn't; Pegasus took his turn to speak up. "If you're looking for someone to show you how to be more like a father to Mokuba than a brother I'm afraid I can't help you. We'd be learning that together and knowing you it would only add to the problem." He replied.

Kaiba rolled his eyes, "That's a ridiculous thought I can't just drop everything and come out there with you to do god knows what!" He blurted out.

Pegasus chuckled into the phone, "That wasn't at all what I was proposing you do so I'm guessing you had that in mind. As far as not being able to drop everything, you'd be doing it for Mokuba, you can do it when he's in danger, and let me tell you Kaiba boy…" He began to explain before trailing off to reflect bitterly on very recent personal experiences. "If you don't get a handle on this; it could be." He added.

"What are you implying?" Kaiba asked now obviously more interested in what the older man had to say.

"Surely you've heard of how high the teen suicide rate is," Was all Pegasus cared to say.

He could sense Kaiba becoming nervous, "I'll fly out first thing in the morning." He declared.

"Now wait a minute, what ever for?" Pegasus asked in shock.

"Obviously you know more about what you're talking about than you're letting on and I don't want any harm coming to my brother, besides, they invented laptops for a reason." He replied.

His eyes still wide from shock narrowed to the ground as Kaiba hung up the phone, clearing his throat he did the same, "Crocketts, Mr. Kaiba is dropping in tomorrow." And with that he went to his bedroom where he would stay for the rest of the night.