Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto characters. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

"I wonder what's on?" a young man asked himself as he turned on the TV to Animal Planet.

TV- "We now join our correspondent out in the field. She has arrived at her destination. Cheyenne, are you there?"

"Yes Tom. I'm here in the foreign land of fire, exploring the mysterious village of Konohagakure. I've seen some very interesting creatures already. Roll the footage. As you can see here, an older male is trying to woo the younger women, but with no luck. The poor animal must have lost his libido years ago. And another example is…wait! Over there, quickly! It looks like he's hungry. He was just handed a bowl of ramen. Wow, look at him go! This mammal just won't stop eating! That's amazing! Oh, turn the camera! That creature is eating the same food as his dog. Now that's friendship and trust."

"What are you doing?"

"Who-oh my god! Get a close up! Folks, you are witnessing history here! This is the first time one of them has gotten this close. Young creature, what's your name?"

"Hmph. Sasuke."

"Sasuke? Well, do you have any relation to the common chicken?"

"No! Stop mocking my hair! It's a birth defect!"

"Oh, I see. Hold on a sec. I know that sound. It's a stampede!"

"Oh hell no. Not the fangirls!"

Rumbling, then silence.

"Cheyenne, are you okay?"

"Yes. Sorry we lost visual."

"What happened?"

"Tom, it seems like he was attacked. There is a trail of blood going in there direction. He might be dead. Oh well. That's the circle of life. Though, I don't see anymore creatures. They were scared off. If only… whoa, lucky me! There's one over there!"

Can you talk to it?"

I'll try. Holy… Tom!"


"I don't know what to say. It seems like a once in a lifetime scene. A caveman type creature is fighting what must be a boar. The hunter is carrying a sharp object. I must take this chance to interview them."

"Just be careful."

"Don't worry. Hey, you two!"

"What is it?"

"Come here. I'd like to talk to you."

"She has a camera! This is great! We're on TV!"

"Looks like they're coming over. May I have your names?"

"I'm Sakura."

"And I'm the beautiful Ino."

"You're not beautiful, Ino-pig."

"Shut up, Billboard Brow."

"Yikes, I'd better get out of here. Hmmm, over there. Two similar species are hugging, and another two are in a tree. Let's talk to them. Oh, one just looked at us."

"Great. I won't talk to you. You're too troublesome."

"I have nothing better to do. I'll speak."

"Thank you. What's your name?"

"Kakashi Hatake."

"I see you like reading. What book is that?"

"Icha Icha Paradise."

"Tell us about it."

"Well, it's about a woman and man who love each other very much, and at the end, they start to-"

"Whoa, hold on. We do have younger viewers out there. But our time is up. Thanks to all of you who watched today. Back to you, Tom."

"Thanks Cheyenne. That's all for today people. And remember, next week is and hour long special where Cheyenne will be studying the nature and habitat of those called the Akatsuki. Until next time…"