A/N: this is a HPDM fic inspired directly by the song Anywhere by Evanescence. I was listening to it on the computer one day and the idea for this fic just...hit me like a bag of acorns...wait, what? let's get on with the disclaimer. I don't own Harry Potter...or any associated characters...despite the fact I desperately wish I did. Well maybe not all characters...just Draco...MINE!'s the story...and the lyrics...just so you can see why I had to write this fic.

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free
I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you
And at sweet night, you are my own
Take my hand

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the morning light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

I have dreamt of a place for you and I
No one knows who we are there
All I want is to give my life only to you
I've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymore
Let's run away, I'll take you there

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the mornings light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where no one needs a reason

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you now



Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

[Fades out

It was a rather large, albeit dimly lit, bedroom and a rather interesting scene was playing out within. Draco Malfoy stood backed against a wall, Harry Potter pinning him there while placing passionate and lustful kisses on his lips and down his neck.

"Oh, god. What are we doing?" moaned Draco as Harry began sucking affectionately on his collarbone.

"What do you mean, love?" Harry asked, pausing his actions for a moment. He was worried by the tone of Draco's voice.

"This, us, the lies, the secrecy, everything!"

"We're living life the way we want to live it, instead of how others think we should live it! What's so wrong with that?" He bent down to kiss Draco again, only to be pushed away.

"We're supposed to be mortal enemies, hating each other to the end. I just…I can't do this anymore. I can't lead this double life. I can't pretend to hate your very existence by day, when I want nothing more that to scream out how much I love you!" Draco lifted Harry's chin so their faces were mere centimeters apart. "I love you, Harry James Potter. I love you more than life itself. And I want the world to know how much you mean to me." Draco closed the distance between them again, kissing Harry as if he wanted to convey all his feelings towards him in that one kiss. When their lips parted, they were both breathless.

"I love you too, Draco Malfoy," Harry replied softly. His expression hardened. "But if anyone found out about us it would be catastrophic. The reporters alone would eat us alive! You'd be disowned by every pureblood in existence. I'd probably be disowned by everyone left in the Order. It's a miracle you haven't been arrested yet because of who your father is! You think that luck would hold out if they know about us? The Ministry would take you down in a minute if they thought you meant anywhere near as much to me as you do. They're paranoid that I'm going to become the next Voldemort and what do you think is going to happen when they hear I'm with the son of a Death Eater?" Harry's tone had risen and he took a moment to calm himself.

"I'm sorry," Harry sighed. "I didn't mean to snap at you. I just don't want to…I don't want to lose you."

"So we'll run away!"

"Where!? Where could we run? There's nowhere for us to go!"

"Somewhere! Anywhere! Does it really matter? As long as we're together, does it really matter? We can run away! Come back when this is all over!" Draco caressed Harry's cheek and Harry leaned in slightly to the touch.

"We shouldn't have to run! We should just be able to be who we are," replied Harry.

"I know we shouldn't have to, but we do. I've been thinking about it. There's a wonderful little town in muggle America. Not a wizard around for miles and miles. We'd be safe."

Harry kissed Draco gently. "Do you really think so? Do you think we could ever be safe in this world? Especially…together?"

"I don't know about you, but I feel safe whenever I'm with you."

"And I feel safe when I'm with you."

They leaned in and melted into another passionate kiss. When they broke apart, Harry looked directly into Draco's eyes.

"Do you trust me, Drake?"

"Of course I do."

"Then I say we leave everything behind. Run away, like you said. Get away from here…"