Set of Wings

Summary: Some call him man. Some call him angel. But no matter which one he is, Van Helsing will have to face his darkest dreams when he returns to Transylvania when he finds that they have been awakened…

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A/N: Hey! This is my first "Van Helsing" fic, so no flames please. I am a supporter of the Van Helsing being an angel theory, so there will be a lot of reference to that. This story is set three years after the movie ended. Enjoy!

Prologue: Dracula's Lair- 1891

Dracula's lair, home of the Valerious. The place had been abandoned for three years, ever since the hands of the legendary Van Helsing had killed Dracula. But the laboratory inside of his lair was not so abandoned.

"So close… I'm so close!" the young scientist by the name of Ivan Frank muttered to himself as he added another chemical to his potion. Ever since his father had passed away five years before, he had been determined to find a sort of grand elixir of life so that no one he loved would die again. He was too close to make any mistakes now.

The midnight hour was drawing near, and though he had been there the entire day, he was starting to grow wary as the nightmarish hour approached. This was not his ideal location to complete the work that lay ahead of him, but he didn't have any other choice if he wanted to save the woman he cared about most in the world. But now, there was something about the castle that frightened him, as though the dark legacy of the creature that had once dwelled there still lingered in the very air he breathed.

Ivan lifted the small glass vial to his eyes to inspect it more clearly as he added the final chemical. It was complete. Now, he could leave this damned place and return home to use the elixir to save his ailing wife and give his two sons back their mother.

Suddenly, the loud sound of a clock somewhere in the castle chiming the first stroke of midnight echoed around him. Ivan jumped at the loud noise, startled, and the glass vial dropped from his hand. The young scientist watched with dread as it shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces at his feet. The liquid content spilled out into a small pile of fine black powder that almost resembled ashes, steam rising from it from the contact.

But Ivan didn't even seem to see this. All he cared about was that his one chance at saving his wife was gone as the clock continued to chime. He stumbled back away from the table, tears coming to his eyes as he nearly fell over his own feet in his haste. All of his work, his carefully planned work, was destroyed. He turned away from the sight, unable to bear it.

As the clock struck the final stroke of midnight, something remarkable happened. The black ashes that the elixir of life had spilled into began to move across the stone floor and take form. Ivan slowly looked over his shoulder when he heard the slight movement, and he watched with mounting fear as the ashes took on the form of a human skeleton, bones appearing beneath the dust. The scientist turned completely around to watch as muscle and tissue stretched over the bones, skin appearing next and forming distinctive facial features.

Ivan stared in horror as the man that now stood before him pushed a stray strand of his long, dark hair behind his ear. The scientist had heard many tales, and he instantly recognized the pale complexion and the dark, lifeless eyes. "It's… it's not possible…" he stammered, inching back. "Count Drac- Dracula!"

"Ah, good. It seems that I need no introduction," Dracula muttered in his smooth tone, taking a few tentative steps forward as if walking for the first time. "At least you know who you are messing with. But who, may I ask, are you, and what are you doing in my castle?!"

Ivan only stared back at the undead man, the color draining from his face and strangely resembling the vampire's. His mouth was agape, all words failing him.

Count Vladislaus Dracula eyed the man curiously, and then his gaze shifted down to the liquid content that was still simmering on the stone bricks at his feet. He dropped to one knee and ran his index finger through it, bringing the chemical to his eyes to inspect it thoroughly. Amusement shone in his dark voids as he rose to his feet.

"The basic elixir of life," Dracula commented with a smirk. "Though I'm sure it was accidental, I must thank you for reviving me. Dying was something that was not in my game plan. For your act, I will make sure your death is quick and somewhat painless."

"No!" Ivan shouted as his voice returned, coming back to his senses as the count advanced toward him menacingly. "Please. My wife is dying. I have two young sons. Please, spare my life. I'll do anything!"

Dracula's fangs were bared as he grabbed onto the young scientist's arm, but when he heard the last part of the man's pleading statement, he paused thoughtfully. Ivan had revived him from nothingness, and he was intelligent enough to create a key to life. Maybe, just maybe, he would come in handy… The vampire's fangs shrunk back to normal, but he moved in closer so that his face was only a mere couple of inches away from the other man's.


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