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The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

The Novelization

A LinkXZelda Fanfiction by Zefie Kirasagi


Long Ago, there was a kingdom of mythology and lore, known as Hyrule. In this kingdom, a legend of an object of unbelievable power permeated the minds of those living there. Many sought the magic treasure, but eventually, it was found that the object was in it's own world, separate from Hyrule. When a door to this world was found, many entered. But none returned, and eventually evil began to spread from the door. The evil power was accompanied by ferocious monsters and soldiers, who threatened to bury Hyrule in an age of darkness. Only through the power and courage of the soldiers of Hyrule, and the sealing magic of seven wise sages was the door closed and the evil trapped in the other world.

But when these events became legend, and faded into the mist of history…


"Please…help me…"

"I am being held in the dungeon of the castle."

"The other girls are already gone…"

"I fear I am next…"

"Please…help me…"

"My name is Zelda."

Link bolted awake; sitting up in his bed, sweat pouring down his brow. What was that? A dream?


The sixteen year old turned. His uncle stood dressed in the old family armor, their old chipped sword at his side and the familiar blue shield strapped to his left arm.


"I am going out for a while. I should be back by morning. Don't leave the house until I return."

The old man slowly made his way out the front door of the small cottage they shared, into the raging…storm? Yes, the lightning was easily showing his uncle's silhouette outside. The door closed, and all that was left was the patter of rain on the roof. Link waited another moment, then slid out of bed. He moved to the window, looking out at the orchard outside. The trees were being blown around a bit, but the apples themselves did not look to be in danger. Link looked back inside. The candles were dying, just barely lighting the room.

"Please…help me…I am in the castle dungeon…"

Link looked around hurriedly, before hearing the voice again and realizing that it wasn't coming from the room. It was in his mind.

"My name is Zelda Please…help me…"

Link stood still for a moment.

Zelda? Dungeon? But…who are you? Can you hear me?

"Please…help me…"

Link waited no longer. He strode across the room towards his dresser, grabbing a green tunic and his usual matching cap, pulling them on over his leggings and nightshirt. Finally, grabbing a small knife from the table and lighting the family lamp with the last of the candles, he strode out the door, the cloak he had donned whipping around him.


"Fan out! That intruder must be here somewhere!"

For what felt like the hundredth time in the last ten minutes, Link ducked behind a bush, as the castle guards rushed past, searching for an intruder. As far as Link could tell, it wasn't him they were searching for. Link glanced at them, and beyond them, at the castle walls.

Zelda? Can you hear me? Am I going insane?

"Please…help me…I know there is a secret passage outside the castle that leads to the garden…please…"

Link thought.

Passage? To the inner garden?

He leaned back on the bush, thinking…

then let out a sharp yell as the bush gave way and he tumbled down through a hole in the ground the bush had been covering, coming to a halt a few meters down in a small pool of water. Link stood, shaking himself off and shivering a bit, before looking around. The lantern had gone out, so he raised it to a dim torch nearby, lighting it again, then holding it up to reveal a long stone passageway…and…


Link rushed forward, dropping to his knees next to the slumped form of his uncle. The old man looked up at him.

"Link…I…I told you to…stay at…home…you should have…stayed…at home…"

"But I heard a girl's voice, she needed help and…"

"Ah…yes…you have it then…just as I do…you will be…the last of us…the last of us…of the bloodline…of the knights."


"Link, you must…rescue the girl…she is Zelda…Princess Zelda of Hyrule…you must get to her, and…succeed where I have…failed…"

"What are you saying?"

"You must…" Link's uncle coughed horribly, and the faintest hint of blood showed on his lips. The boy now noticed the bloody stain on his uncle's punctured old armor. Link felt the warm tears staining his face, distinctly different from the cold rainwater. "Uncle?"

"You…must take the sword…take our family sword and shield…these last, old weapons…of our family of knights…take them…rescue the Princess…stop the wizard, Agunim…he…plans to do…unspeakable things…you must stop him…do what I could not…please Link…"

The old man fell silent, and slowly, his eyes softened until they stared off into nothingness. Link stared, then let out a short howl of pain and anguish.

There was a long silence.

"Please…help me…"

Link wiped his eyes, then grabbed up the sword and shield from his uncle's body. Strapping the shield to his arm and holding the sword firmly, he set off down the stone hallway.

If you can hear me Zelda…I'm coming.

"Please…help me…"


Pushing up on the wooden door above his head, Link peered out into the dark storm. Flowers were in front of him, confirming that he was indeed inside the garden. He could hear the sound of the rain hitting the trapdoor in a steady patter.

"Alright then…"

He stood, moving out of the hole and closing the door, sidling up against a wall right away. The guards pacing in front of the castle…their eyes…glowed? His uncle had spoken of Agunim…the wizard who had saved Hyrule from that drought a few months back…could he have really begun a coup? One of the soldier's eyes flashed yellow, then purple, and he changed his pattern of pacing. And suddenly, the question was no longer open to discussion. Link slid around the corner, staying out of the sight of those eyes as he found his way to the main castle doors, and slipped inside.

The light from inside hit him like a hammer to the face, making him squint until his eyes adjusted from the darkness outside. Link quickly made his way from behind statue after statue to the far door of the large room, watching the soldiers pacing and timing his movements.

"Please…help me…I am in the castle dungeon…"

I'm coming Zelda. Hold on.


Five rooms, one long staircase, and a particularly nasty first kill of a soldier later, Link cautiously unlocked the door to the next room with the key the soldier had dropped. The lock clicked open, and Link stepped through the door, staying just inside it so he was hidden from view. He could see a deep pit off to the left…in fact, there were several of these pits lining the lone corridor he had to travel. Hefting his sword, he stepped forward, then broke into a sprint down the long hall, the blackness on either side of him seemingly indefinite. Something loomed up at the end of the hall. Something big. Link brought his sword down in a mighty slash.


The sound echoed throughout the area, and Link silently cursed at his stupidity. The looming figure he had just thwacked was a metal soldier statue.

"Who's there?!"


Link moved into the shadow of the statue, well hidden as said shadow was unbelievably magnified by the darkness around it, and besides that, Link's dark black cloak was almost like a personal second shadow. Link heard clinking armor and fell silent. There was a long moment, then the armor clinked away from him, and Link let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"Please…help me…hurry…I can see a soldier approaching…please, help me…"


"Come on Princess, it's time for your ceremony."

"Let me go!"

Link rounded another corner, and suddenly found himself faced with a towering soldier, wielding a dangerously spiked mace, and dragging a young girl by her hair. The mace came down, and Link dived out of the way as the ball embedded itself in the floor, the young boy coming back around to slip the sword in between helmet and armor, hearing a sickening but certainly killing sound as the blade sunk into the man's neck. The soldier toppled forwards onto his spiked mace and lay there. Link retrieved his sword and looked back at the girl.

And his heart skipped a beat.

She was beautiful!

Even with her long blonde hair in total disarray, and her white and blue dress dirty and grungy, the girl had a seemingly subtle and yet obvious quality of life to her, which caused her to immediately, if unintentionally, catch Link's heart. Her shimmering blue eyes found his, and he broke himself from his reverie, falling to one knee, his cloak billowing out a bit on the floor, probably making him look much more heroic than he might have normally.


The girl gasped, then slowly moved to his side, pulling him up.

"Are you the knight who answered my call?"

"Heh, I'm no knight."

"You have fought your way through the castle soldiers to rescue me from a terrible fate. This is worthy of knighthood."

Her eyes brimmed up with tears, and her eyes began to stare into the floor.

"I…I thought no one would hear…no one would come…"

Link didn't really know what to do, so he took her hand in his, holding it up between them so she looked up at the hands and then at him.

"But someone did Princess."

"Yes…thank you. Were there any others who heeded the call?"

"…there was one other."

"A friend?"

"My uncle. He didn't make it."

"I…am sorry."

"It's alright. He has passed on to the world of fallen heroes. Now we have to get out of here so we don't join him prematurely."

"Yes. May I ask, sir knight, what is your name?"

"It's Link."

"Very well then sir Link."

"Heh, no, just Link if you please Princess."

"Then call me Zelda, please Link."

Link nodded, then set off back the way he had come, the princess' hand in his and her form rushing behind him.



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