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"Ooohiie!!" Alice squealed, clapping her hands excitedly, her eyes sparkling as they usually did when she had something 'exciting' to tell me. I sighed wearily, rubbing my temples with the tip of my fingers. I had just stepped into the Cullen's house for two seconds, and of course she was here in no time at all.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked her, not bothering to fake enthusiasm, knowing full well that it wouldn't faze her in the least whether I did or not. She linked arms with me, smiling radiantly. "I have a surpriiiiiiiise for yoouuuuuuuuu!!" she sang gleefully, winking knowingly at me. I sighed, and limply let her whisk me upstairs to her bedroom. She was, once again, 'babysitting' me when the boys went out to hunt, Edward smiling very happily about something he found funny as he left me in the clutches of Alice.

"Soooo," Alice started, bouncing around her room, too keyed up to sit. I slumped down on her pink couch, twisting my hands together and bracing myself. Looking up at her through my eyelashes, I waited patiently for her to continue. She bounced back over to me at a dizzying speed that would have made any other human being get a migraine.

"Edward and I were talking, and we had an idea that will make you FLIP OUT!" she screamed in my face, positively busting with that insane energy. As much as I love Alice, I really don't have a clue where the energy comes from. "Alice, tell me the honest truth," I said, narrowing my eyes suspiciously at her. "Yes? YES?!" she squealed, tilting her head and encouraging me on.

I raised one eyebrow, hoping to look challenging. "Did Edward really have anything to do with this plan of yours?"

She bobbed her head around, animatedly bouncing on her heels. "Surprisingly, yes he did!! I didn't even force him into one thing!!" She laughed her tinkling laugh, taking apparent pleasure in the fact that she bosses people around-especially me- with her guilt trips. I started to ease out a bit. If Edward didn't mind, then it couldn't be that bad.

"Okay, okay okay!" she started again, repeating herself in her anticipation. "So I was thinking that you might need a break from all of your wedding planning, and Edward fully agrees, so I set up a little one-week beach house getaway for you two!!!" Her smile still shone radiantly, practically blinding me in their whiteness. My face relaxed slowly, taking it in.

Yes, it was that time. The extravagant wedding that Alice had been insisting that we do. She was the one who really did all of the work, but it really was still tiring to look through endless papers, signing contracts and flipping through magazines for random things like silverware. I love Edward with all my heart, but really, this whole thing was insane.

"Is it…okay if I'm gone for a little while?" I questioned her slowly, silently still processing this information. A getaway, hmm? An involuntary smile curved on my lips. It wasn't a bad idea, really, my time alone with Edward. Recently, we barely had real alone time, seeing as there was so much to do.

Alice noticed my smile gleefully, ignoring my first question. "Yes…" she started, her voice rising as my smile slowly expanded. "Yes…Yesss...YES, YES!!!" she screamed, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet, prancing around the room with me. I happily danced along with her, feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was going on a getaway with the love of my life, away from it all. What could be better?

"Bella!! Omigosh!!" Alice squealed, grabbing another glamorous dress off of the rack and holding it up onto my body, examining it enthusiastically. I laughed, shaking my head exasperatedly. Normally, I would have absolutely HATED going shopping with Alice, seeing as she usually picked out girly crap that drained me of all energy. But this-this was special. For some reason, I didn't have to fake my enthusiasm. I felt genuinely happy, and giddy.

Anyways, Alice had dragged me up out of bed this morning so we could go shopping for my getaway. At first I protested-"I do have clothes Alice!"-but why argue with her? I was getting beautiful clothes to use for my time with Edward, and what else really mattered?

"Oh, I was right, I was right!!" she said gleefully, ignoring the curious gazes of the onlookers. "Wine red looks amazing with your skin tone!!" She laughed good-naturedly, and slung that dress into the bag. "Um, Alice?" I asked her, smiling a bit. "Shouldn't I try it on first?"

She threw her head back and laughed her tinkling laugh. "Oh, Bella, I know that it will fit you! I can see you wearing it now, so don't worry!" she added in an undertone, winking at me. I rolled my eyes. "Of course. How silly of me." I responded dryly, fingering through materials idily. She watched me for a second, and then got bored. "Okay, my little prisoner, time to go look for shoes!" she cackled, taking my upper arm in her steely little grip, and hauling me off to go fawn over the stilettos.