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Bella's PoV:

"Hey, Bella?" Emmett asked all of a sudden. On the other side of the room I could hear Edward groan quietly.

"What do your marine animals taste like?" Speaking of that, I just realized that I haven't fed in at least two weeks. My eyes are probably close to being black right now.

"I don't know…I'm guessing how you think your animals taste like?" Yeah, that totally explains a lot. Truthfully, I have no idea how to describe it. "Maybe you should try it yourself."

"Ooh! Carlisle, can I? I wanna try seafood!"

"Actually, I think everyone needs to hunt right now," he replied, observing everyone's eyes. I looked around the room as well. Sure enough, everyone's eyes were very, very dark.

All of a sudden a big pale blur passed right by me. I jumped back at least a foot, startled, but then it-Emmett-stopped right in front of the door and yelled, "Alice! Jasper! Rose! We're all going to try some new food!"

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Rosalie grumbled, followed by Alice and Jasper.

"Oh, just go with him, Rosalie. It'll be great!" No doubt she already saw what is going to happen. Probably a tsunami by Emmett. Or a whirlpool if we're lucky.

"Just change into your swimsuits…then come down here," I instructed.

I sighed. This is going to be a very long night.

At the coast of the Pacific Ocean

"Wow, it's so…beautiful!" Emmett exclaimed. What the hell? It's the dead of the night. We can barely see anything even with our 100-20 vision.

Alice probably read my thoughts or something. "It's night, Emmett. All we can see now is black."

"Oh…well…then…Black is so pretty!"

I rolled my eyes. "Follow me," I directed. Now I'm feeling like some kind of tour guide. I led everyone to the pier.

Of course, Emmett was the first to jump in. "Wow, Bella! This is so cool! We should come here more often! Why haven't we come here before, Carlisle? Come on, guys, the water's fine!" Why did I even invite Emmett to come with me?

"Go on, you guys. Let's go before somebody sees us or something," I whispered. Everyone slid into the ocean quietly, unlike Emmett. I was the last person to enter. I changed into my mermaid form, so that I could be more comfortable in the water. "Now, let's go over to that buoy way over there." I pointed to a very faint shape far from the coastline. I could barely see it. It was only a shape that was darker than the rest of the world.

As soon as we arrived, of course, guess who was the first one to speak? Emmett. "Now will you teach us how to hunt underwater?"

"Yes, Emmett, okay? The easiest way to do it requires you to have to breathe underwater, but obviously, you guys can't do that. (Remember, vampires can hold their breath forever or something like that, they still can't breathe underwater, just to clarify.) So, I'll teach you the other way, but it's a little risky. It's easy, though. All you have to do once you spot your animal, is kill it, then bring it back up here to drink from it. Just…don't get very big ones like whales for now." I added the last part quickly, so that Emmett doesn't get into any mischief and reveals us or something like that. "You all got it?" I looked at Emmett worriedly when I said this. Of course, he was nodding. I looked at Jasper for support, to tell me if Emmett was telling the truth or not. Jasper nodded as well. That made me a whole lot better. "Ready? Let's go." I dove into the pool. I really need to feed right now, from all the stress or something, I don't know.

After I caught a couple fish (Let's just go with fish is like the water version of deer, and sharks and whales or something are the water versions of mountain lions and bears.), I surfaced just to check up on everyone. All I saw was Esme, Carlisle, and Edward.

"All the others are still underwater, right?" My God, if someone drowned…

"Yes, I just saw them before I came back up," Esme assured me. I breathed a sigh of relief. Just then, Emmett came up with a swordfish. (I have no idea what marine animal lives where, so I'll just put a bunch of random fish in the Pacific Ocean. Just bear with me.) Lucky! I haven't had a swordfish since…since…I came here! That is so unfair!

"This is my first catch!" Emmett exclaimed, and grinned at me.

"Good for you, Emmett," I complimented sarcastically. I gave him a thumb up to encourage him…just a little bit.

He quickly sank his teeth into the flesh of the rare swordfish. He just took a little sip, careful not to spill anything into the water. He smacked his lips. "It tastes like fish."

Well, no duh, Emmett. That's why it's called a swordfish.

"And...?" How was I supposed to know what he thought of fish? "Do you think fish tastes good?...bad?...okay?"

"It's okay, I guess. A little on the salty side, but I like it. It's thirst-quenching." I sighed, glad that my taste isn't as bizarre as every other vampire thought. Then again, it's Emmett we're talking about here. "But I still think a grizzly's better," he added with a chuckle.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Thank you," I said sarcastically.

Alice and Rosalie surfaced with a couple of fish. They took a bite out of them. "Not bad, not bad at all."

"I still like our diet better," Rosalie mumbled. "But this tastes fine, too!" she added quickly. Edward nodded. She was telling the truth.

"Okay, you all ready to go back home? We really need to get back," I called. We all jumped out of the pool and ran back home.

"That was amazing! Thanks, Bella!" Emmett exclaimed. "Maybe you should try some of our food, Bella!"

"That's not a bad idea." I have never tried land animals. They shouldn't be that bad. "Maybe next time."

Next time

"Okay, I'm ready," I called. I stumbled down the stairs, then I felt Edward's arm catch me before I could fall flat on my face.

"You're just an accident waiting to happen, aren't you?" he chuckled.

"Ha ha, very funny," I laughed humorlessly, "Can we go now?"

When we arrived at the "hunting grounds", I caught the scent of a herd of deer. (Is that the correct plural thingymabob for "deer"? I forgot…whatever.) They smelled differently from my marine animals, but they still smelled appetizing.

"You pretty much know what to do already. Except not underwater. You just snap the neck in half, and just…drink from it," Carlisle instructed.

I nodded and automatically flew to the nearest deer I could find. It tasted different from what I was used to. It's like I was being used to…meat…and then I tasted vegetables. It was different…but still very good. It's like adding lots of spices to an ordinary dish.

"So how was it?" a voice sounded from behind me. I whirled around and found Edward standing behind me.

"It's delicious! I don't know why I've never tried this before."

"Then help yourself," he smiled at me. I smelled a different animal far away. I guided myself towards the scent and found a mountain lion. I immediately jumped onto the animal and filled myself up. It tasted a little better than deer, with more flavor in it.

"Aw! You took my mountain lion!" that same voice is everywhere now.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see your name on it…" I replied, rolling my eyes, but I pushed it towards him anyways. "You like these?"

"They're my favorite."

"I can kind of see why…"

"What's yours?"

I thought about it for a second, "Swordfish." I smiled.

"Still going with the fish, are you?"

"Yep." I looked at the sky. It's getting dark. "I should probably go now. Charlie's probably wondering what I'm doing right now." I got up, gave him a quick peck on the lips, and then ran home.

Yeah, I'm not feeling so creative right now, so there's no fluff and the dialogue is straight forward, because I'm lazy right now. Now for the mini chapter! There's really no chapter name, and I'm not even going to bother thinking one up right now.

Mike's PoV:

Maybe I should just ask her out right now. Maybe she'll change her mind.

Then again, maybe she won't. Then that would suck.

I'll just take that chance, then.

"Hey, Bella?" I said shyly behind her. She turned around.

"Will you go to the movies with me this Saturday?"

"Yes." My heart just stopped.


"Nope." Dammit.

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