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Bella's Lullaby

Bella's PoV:

"Edward, what's going on? And is the blindfold really necessary?" I whined. It was starting to get really itchy, and I don't even know if vampires can get itchy.

"Almost done, Bella," Edward replied.

I attempted to lift the blindfold up, just a little, just to take a little peek. A felt a very hard slap on my hand. "OW! What the f-?"

"Not yet, Bella, be patient!" Alice interrupted. I huffed loudly and waited for another ten years, it seemed.

"Okay, now you can take the blindfold off," Alice sighed. I could almost hear her eyes roll as she said this.

Carefully I lifted it off my eyes and gasped at what I saw. Blue streamers and balloons were everywhere around the room, covering pretty much everything. There were many shades of blue covering the walls and cardboard waves lined the bottom, and paintings of sea life hung on the walls. The room was beautiful.

Only two words snapped me out of my own little world: "Happy Birthday!"

It's my birthday? September 13th? Really? Well, me being, well, me, it's not that surprising that I forgot my own birthday. But still, it's my birthday?

I couldn't stop the smile from growing across my face.

Esme, Alice and Rosalie brought out a truck load of presents. I had to frown at that.

"Aww, you guys, I don't want any presents! Really!"

"You don't want it?" Alice asked. I nodded. "We didn't get you anything that you wanted." I stared at her in horror, but that didn't stop her from continuing. "You got you stuff that you needed. Come on! Open them!" She shoved a handful of wrapped presents into my hands.

I looked for the card that accompanied the present so I would know what to expect in the present.

To: Bella! With love: the girls! (Esme included)

I was horrified to find out what was inside. Slowly I opened the package and got exactly what I expected. A bucketful of make up and accessories. Pink eye shadow, blue eyeliner, white mascara, purple eye shadow, purple mascara, green eyeliner, blush, lip gloss, nail polish in different shades, gold necklace, silver bracelet, earrings, the list just goes on and on. You name it, I got it.

"Thank you guys!" I kissed all the girls' cheeks as I tried to hide my…um…fear. Who knows how many makeovers Alice and Rosalie would force me to do so I could use them. I sighed, and then unwillingly reached for the next present.

To: Bella Love: The Cullen family

This present wouldn't be so bad. After all, it is from Carlisle and Esme. I opened the present a little braver than I opened the last present. What's there to fear?

What I found was a small picture of the whole family. I had to laugh looking at the family.

The couples were next to each other, as always, and poor Edward was a little more off to the side. Emmett pretty much filled the picture and as I followed his arm, they stopped just on top of Edward's head, making bunny ears. Jasper was smirking, and Alice and Rosalie were standing in the center of the picture, doing the back-to-back-making-a-gun-with-their-hands pose.

"Thank you two so much, I choked out, trying to stop my giggles. I reached out for the next present.

To: Bella From: Emmett and Jasper

This could not be good. I looked over at Edward, but he looked at Emmett and Jasper with a confused expression.

I closed my eyes tightly and pulled at the ribbon. Nothing came out. I was surprised. Slowly I opened them…

BAM! I was suddenly covered in a banana cream pie. Emmett and Jasper were rolling on the floor, laughing their asses off as I wiped it off my face and gagged at the smell of the food. Edward stood up with a very murderous look on his face, but I pulled him back. I ran upstairs to clean up and ran back down in a minute.

"Ha ha, very funny, guys. Where's the real present?" I growled.

Emmett handed me another gift as he was still rolling on the floor. I looked at it for a very long time before finally opening it.

A stereo sat in the middle of the box. "Thanks, you guys, but you really didn't need to do this-"

Emmett grabbed it and ran out the door before I could finish talking. "Where did he go?"

"To install it into you truck," Jasper replied, still smirking. (Jasper smirks a lot, doesn't he?)

I grabbed another present and read the tag.

To my life, Bella

I didn't need anything else to know who this was from.

Before I could touch the wrapping Emmett bolted through the doors.

"Made it!" he exclaimed and then sat down at where he was before.

I turned back to the present.

I opened the present and gasped at what was inside. There sat a single silver necklace with a single charm hanging on it. Alice and Rosalie's jewels couldn't compare to this at all. I lifted it up and touched the charm. A silver dolphin circled around a light blue gem. It was beautiful. I couldn't say anything at all, but I put it around my neck and admired it in the mirror.

Finally I turned around and crushed Edward into a hug and smothered him in kisses saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" over and over again.

Alice pulled me away from him and dragged me up the stairs, while Rosalie followed…carrying my birthday present. Dammit.

Five minutes later

"Come on, Bella! You look beautiful!" Alice tried to comfort me. It wasn't helping.

"I look perfectly fine, thank you very much!" I argued.

"Done!" Rosalie exclaimed. She turned the chair around and it actually wasn't that bad. Only because it looked totally natural, thank God.

"What took so long then?" I wondered aloud.

"Oh, we just wanted to try the other shades and stuff on you so we know if it's the right shade for you. They all looked fine, by the way," Alice smiled.

I looked down at my nails and they looked really pretty. They had the ocean theme and then animals were flawless. "Thank you guys, for this." I smiled. I actually meant it, because…well…I didn't really have tons of noticeable make up caked onto my face.

I stood up and quietly walked downstairs. As I got closer, I could hear a soft melody playing throughout the room. I followed the noise into a room where Edward sat, playing the piano. He didn't seem to notice me enter.

Finally the music ended, changing into a more melancholy sound. "It's beautiful." Edward turned around, startled. I walked over to sit next to him, "Did you write this?"

He just nodded.

"What inspired you?" I couldn't help myself from asking.

He hesitated before answering, "You."

"Awwww! How sweet!" a low voice interrupted. We both turned around and we weren't surprised to find Emmett standing at the doorway.

"Go away, Emmett," Edward and I growled. He rolled his eyes and finally left.

"Why?" Where are all these questions coming from?

Edward stared at me, "Because I love you." I smiled before leaning in and kissed him softly on the lips.

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