Chapter 6: Crimson Chin to the Rescue

The likes of the Toiletnator was quite gleeful over his victory against his arch-nemeses of Sector V, but more importantly he had nearly completed his mission for the likes of Father after managing to capture the likes of Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, really Timmy Turner in disguise.

"Soon I will not just receive respect with the villains in the Crimson Chin comic book universe" boasted the Toiletnator, "but also with the likes of Father and his fellow villains back in my universe!"

"I don't believe how the Toiletnator could have defeated us in that manner" sighed Number 1 as he shook his head.

"Face it, you Kids Next Door allies of Cleft can not stop the likes of me the Nega-Chin from taking over the Crimson Chin's universe and why not maybe the Toiletnator's boss Father may also help boast my career to make kids like you miserable everywhere" laughed the Nega-Chin.

"Not while I am around!" cried a familiar voice to Cleft and also to the other villains.

The Crimson Chin busted right into the hideout with his super strength and went right at the likes of the Bronze-Knee Cap and other villains who were with him knocking each one of them unconscious.

"It's the Crimson Chin!" shouted Timmy with such excitement.

"Well it's about time" replied Number 4.

"I'm going to need a little help getting rid of these villains" said the Crimson Chin as he rushed over to the likes of where the Kids Next Door were being held and used his Chin vision to free them.

"So you think you can still stop me?" asked the Nega-Chin, "Toiletnator, why don't you take care of your enemies from your universe while I take on the Crimson Chin."

"With pleasure" replied the Toiletnator as he gave an evil grin and turned to Sector V.

"Numbers 4 and 3, free Cleft and also the two dogs" ordered Number 1 as he along with Numbers 2 and 5 concentrated their attention against the likes of the Toiletnator.

"Come on, we have to free them" said Number 4 as he along with Number 3 began to approach the likes of Timmy, Ace and Clefto.

"Let's free those doggies" suggested Number 3.

"You two are not freeing anyone" said the Bronze-Knee Cap who managed to recover from the attack, "because I the Bronze-Knee Cap shall be the one to stop the likes of you two."

"Number 3, duck!" cried Number 4 as he and Number 3 ducked to dodge the oncoming sharp-spiny balls from his knee cap to which only hit the Toiletnator as he attempted to make his move on Numbers 1, 2 and 5.

"Hey, I'm suppose to be on your side!" cried the Toiletnator as he turned to the Bronze-Knee Cap.

"Well excuse me!" replied the Bronze-Knee Cap, "At least I am don't use the toilet in effort for transportation like you do!"

"Oh, that is it!" cried the Toiletnator as his face grew quite red.

"Say evil version of myself" said the Crimson Chin as he was fighting the likes of the Nega-Chin and began to notice the Toiletnator making his move on the Bronze-Knee Cap, "isn't the new guy on your team about to fight with a veteran member of your team?"

"Say, you're right" replied the Nega-Chin as he turned around and noticed the Toiletnator about to fight the Bronze-Knee Cap, "Toiletnator, Bronze-Knee Cap I order you two to stop fighting!"

"Now's my chance" said the Crimson Chin as he used his Chin vision to be used against the spheres trapping Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda.

"What, no!" cried the Nega-Chin as he noticed that Timmy was freed by the likes of the Crimson Chin, he then turns his anger to the likes of the Toiletnator, "You! This is all your fault! If you haven't concentrated so much attention on your pathetic differences I might have won and you would have accomplished your mission but as a result of this I am going to make sure you'll spend the rest of all eternity in the comic universe!"

"W-w-what are you going to do to me?" asked the Toiletnator.

"Nothing, come on fellows let's get the heck out of here and find a new hideout" replied the Nega-Chin as he and members of his Villain League left the scene.

"Wow, that was quicker than I ever imagined" said the Crimson Chin.

"But what are we going to do about Father?" asked Timmy.

"Oh, I think we have some sort of a plan crafted up" replied Number 2.

Meanwhile back at the Delightful Children's mansion, Father was anxiously waiting on the return of the likes of the Toiletnator but also had other anti-kid plans in store thanks to the likes of Denziel Crocker.

"While I am waiting for the likes of the Toiletnator to come back, if he ever returns which would be an improvement just show us your invention on making kids miserable" said Father to Crocker.

"Fellow adults I have here placed on the table one of the world's most painful monitor devices, obviously something to which other members of the adult community refused to promote due to my belief of Fairy God Parents following every miserable child" replied Crocker.

"As long as it makes kids miserable, I don't really care about your theories about these Fairy God Parents" said Father, "invention approved."

"Not so fast Father!" shouted a deep heroic voice as there was a strange yellow light that appeared with the likes of Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, the Crimson Chin, Ace, Clefto and members of Sector V ready for battle.

"How did you Kids Next Door managed to get back from the universe of the Crimson Chin?" asked Crocker.

"We got some help from people the likes of the Crimson Chin knows" replied Number 5.

"Since you were going to ruin my reputation in effort to make kids everywhere miserable, I am going to ensure that you and your fellow villains won't ever do it again" said the Crimson Chin as he cracked his knuckles as he readied for battle.

"This is the part where we experience quite a lot of pain?" asked Crocker.

"I'm afraid so" replied the Crimson Chin as he leaped right into battle.

"Well, I'm pretty sure Father won't be doing this again anytime soon" said Number 1, "so it's safe to say that the reputation of the Crimson Chin is safe as it should be."

"Anytime you want to change things back to normal sport?" asked Wanda as she whispered to Timmy.

"Uh, not yet" replied Timmy as he enjoyed watching the fight between the Crimson Chin, Father and the rest of the villains.