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It wasn't what you could call a traditional wedding. But Jackie Burkhart soon to be Hyde was never one to be traditional. For one, it wasn't in June, it was in October. She thought that October would be a better month than June, since the summer of the previous year had a lot of tumultuous memories. Secondly, her father didn't walk her down the aisle. Jack was still in prison, and didn't get out in time to see his only daughter marry the man of her dreams. Instead, Red Forman had the honor of walking down one of his many 'basement babies', as his wife called the brood in the basement.

But the most glaring deviance of tradition was the Maid of Honor, who wasn't a 'maid' at all. It was not only a man, it was a man that Jackie had been married to for two whole weeks. And his fiancée was another of the bridesmaids. There was even an agreement that Jackie was going to be the best man at his upcoming February nuptials. Along with Jude and Sarah were Brooke and Donna, Jackie's old friends converging with the new ones. Hyde's groomsmen were the usual suspects, Eric, Kelso, Fez, and then Leo.

As Jackie walked down the aisle, she looked at her soon to be husband. He was smiling at her, his eyes only on her, and she was smiling right back. There was no Elvis impersonator, no gift of complimentary chips, and she was going to remember EVERYTHING in the morning. In fact, the only parallel there was to her previous wedding (that now, legally, never officially happened), was the fact that Jude was there. And even he wasn't in the same position. This time he was just her best friend.

"Are you ready for this, Jacks?" Hyde whispered, and she nodded.

"Are you?" she whispered back.

"Oh yeah."

As the ceremony went on, Jackie's bridesmaids all had their own thoughts in their heads. Donna was happy that they had found their way back to each other, and while they would never had what they once did, what they did have was enough. And besides, there as a certain groomsman who had come back from Africa across the aisle, smiling at her boldly.

Brooke looked at her boyfriend, who was also across the aisle, and he waved at her not so subtly. They were going to go home to Chicago that night after the reception, their daughter the flower girl in tow, and settle back into comfortable life that would, perhaps someday, lead to their own journey of this kind. For now, they were taking it slow. And it was working out perfectly.

And the Man of Honor smiled at his bridesmaid, whose Bambi eyes were jumping from the ceremony to him. She was damned sure that she was going to catch that bouquet, not that it mattered, as she already had a ring on her finger. Jude winked at her, and then looked at the couple as they were exchanging the rings. On Monday he'd go back to work at the record store, and revel in the fact that he'd be able to run it by himself for a week while his partner was on his Honeymoon in Oahu. And then at night, he and his band would go to Green Bay for a gig, which were becoming more and more of a routine than he'd ever expected.

As the bride and groom kissed, marrying the people they should have been marrying all along, the guests burst into applause, as if to say 'finally it's happened!' But that didn't matter. All that mattered to them was that they were finally happy. Both of them. Their path, though it had taken many twists and turns, and sometimes split, was finally converging, and would stay converged until they left this Earth.

They were never going to let the path split again.