Author's Note- Hey! This is my second FanFic. I haven't actually finished my first Clique story. I'm kinda stuck on my story…. So to take up my time, and keep myself busy, I decided to start the ninth Clique book. Which takes place after the eighth book. I'm writing this story based on what happened in MY version of Sealed with a Diss. You can go to my page, and see my first story. I will do another ninth Clique book, but then it's based on what happened in the REAL eight Clique book. It's gonna be about what I think is going to happen in the ninth book, before it actually comes out.

This whole note might have been confusing for you. Sorry if it is confusing for you. But, just READ and REVIEW! Enjoy it!

Welcome to the summer of all summers, where 5 girls go on exclusive trips across the world and fall in love.

Massie Block- After a whole long school year of breaking up with boys and having wars, Massie is glad that summer has arrived. She can't wait to go to Hawaii and relax the whole time. While she is there, she meets a boy named David, and starts to fall in love with him. But when she finds out that he lives halfway across the country away from her, she's heartbroken. Will a long distance relationship work out between them? Or will Massie go back to being boyless?

Kristen Gregory- With her and Kyle not working out, Kirsten is psyched that summer has come. Though, her family can't afford to go to places across the world like the other girls. However, Kristen's parents do send her to a camp called Camp Heartland. She expects that her whole 9 weeks there will be totally boring and pointless. She doesn't even know what it's going to be about. But, she's in for a surprise. Something that she never would have expected.

Alicia Rivera- After finding out about Claire and Josh, Alicia has just about given up on boys. That is, until she meets a total hottie in Mexico. For the summer, Alicia goes to Mexico to live with her cousins for 8 weeks. Not only is the boy a total hottie, he's also older than her. Alicia forgets about the whole Claire and Josh thing for a while. Until she finds out a secret that could ruin her whole summer in Mexico.

Dylan Marvil- Totally past her dieting obsession, Dylan is now focusing on getting a boyfriend during the summer. She and her family go to the Caribbean Islands for 10 weeks. Spending all her time at the hotel, swimming and sun bathing, she hasn't met any cute boys. So, she decides to go out and explore the town. While exploring, she too meets a cutie in a restaurant. It seems like nothing can go wrong and ruin her summer…

Claire Lyons- After Alicia found out about her and Josh, her relationship becomes rocky with him. She doesn't really know whether to break up with Josh or not. Her dad has recently gotten a raise in his job, so then, as a treat, the whole family goes to Italy for the summer. Claire isn't having a great time there. But then, she meets a boy named Adam who lives in Italy. They start to hang out with each other, and Claire finds herself slowly falling in love with him. She knows she can't be with Adam just yet, because technically, Claire was still with Josh. She thought Josh was the perfect guy for her. But now, she's not so sure…

The Clique… the only thing harder than getting in, is staying in.