Reign of Fallen Angels


Mu. Nothingness. Where everyone goes when they die. There is no heaven or hell. No matter what a person dose in life, all those who die go to the same place. Because in death, all humans are equal.


A single floating soul in the nothingness heard this call but made no attempt to seek out the voice.

L Lawliet…

L opened his eyes and stared into the abyss. There was nothing for as far as he could see. Then there was something, a glimmer of light that slowly began to take form as it neared him. Il looked like a butterfly formed out of pure light. It was the most intriguing thing that L had ever seen in his life, and in his death.

L Lawliet. The judges of life and death wish to return you to the realm of the living. You are to be given a second chance to set things right. The butterfly said as it fluttered in front of L.

"A second chance." L's soul voiced.

Yes. However you must tread carefully when you return. Keep to the shadows and find help but do not get involved until you are absolutely needed. We will send you a sign when the time comes. You may have a long wait ahead of you, so don't try to make a name for yourself. Try to live a normal life for a while.

"What year is it?" L asked.

2010. Kira is greater than ever, most countries have already submitted to him. Your protégées are closing in on him, however they are only managing by a thread. The final showdown will begin soon.

"I've been dead for six years?" L questioned.

Yes. Remember even though you will be returning now do not come out until I call on you, which depending on what happens next may take years. I am returning you now, because there is something that will happen on this day that you need to stumble across if you plan on surviving. I will now send you off L Lawliet.

The butterfly touched L's forehead and L could feel warmth spread through him. His body began to reconstruct itself and was transported to the realm of the living.

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