Reign of Fallen Angels

June 20, 2010

Matt woke up, still groggy from the fall before. He glanced around his surroundings and froze. He had no clue where he was. From what he could tell, he was in a small apartment. He was in the living room. On the back corner of the room there was the kitchen seperating it from the living room was a counter. There were two doors on the other side of the room Matt deduced that one was the bedroom and one was the bathroom. He stood up from the couch, the room swirled around for a couple of seconds before straitening itself again. He knew for a fact that L didn't bring him here, to this forign place. But who did? Where they still here? Matt decided he didn't want to hang around long enough to find out. He made his way to the front door and was about to open the door when a voice stopped him.

"Leaving already?" Matt turned around to see that it was Matsuda and he was leaning against the door frame of his bedroom. "I didn't know weather yo would be ready to leave this early after the blow you took to the head. Are you alright?"

"Fine." Matt muttered.

"Would you at least like something to eat before you leave? You slept through diner and breakfast. I was worried you wouldn't wake up in time for lunch."

Matt furrowed his brows. "It's already the twentieth?" L was probably worried that something happened to him.

"Yes. Twelve sixteen to be exact." Matsuda said looking at his watch.

"I need to go." Matt said.

"If you need to call someone you can use my phone."

"No thank you. And I have my reasons for not wanting to, don't pester me about it."

"Alright." Matsuda said pleasantly.

Another figure appeared behind Matsuda buttoning up his shirt the rest of the way. "Is he finally awake Matsuda?"

Matt's eyes widened for a fraction of a second as he realized who he had just been talking to. Matsda was one of L's suspects. But who was this guy? He was in the park the other day, but he would have never guessed the man was a friend of Matsuda's. He had never seen the two together while he was watching Matsuda in the past. But then again he didn't have Matsuda on twenty-four seven survaliance, yet.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for lunch?" Matsuda asked again.

"You know what, I think I will." Matt said as he slowly began to devise a plan. If L could get close to the enemy, then so could he.

Matsuda ended up making sweet and sour chicken with white rice and green tea for a beverage.

"You out did yourself Matsu." Teru said. "That reminds me, what's your name?"

Matt thought about this for a second. If he remembered correctly, Teru had the eyes. Which meant that if he lied, then Teru would know. He had no other choice but to tell them his real name. "Mail Jeevas. What about you? Dose tall, dark, and nerdy have a name?"

"Are you still sour about yesterday?" Teru said rolling his eyes. "My name is Renji."

"You insulted me, I have every right to be 'sour'. Speaking of yesterday, where is my game system?"

"Ah, you might not like what I have to say." Teru said.

"What did you do to it?" Matt said slightly annoyed.

"It's not what I did to it. You did it while you were falling." Teru produced the game with the cracked screen to Matt.

Teru thought Matt would be mad, but what he got was an opposite reaction to what he was expecting. Matt chuckled. "This is what you were worried about? This is fixable." He paused and shook the hand held next to his ear. "I have a few extra screens for this reason, and I'l need to re-attack some of the wires, but that's nothing my sodering gun won't fix."

"I take it that means you're good with electronics." Teru said.

"You could say that." Matt said. An itching sensation started it Matt's stomach, nothing serious, but it told him it was about time he lit up again, it had far too long since he had a cigarette. "What did you do with my... other stuff?"

"If you're talking about those cigarettes that were in your pocket, they're in my room. I don't want you smoking in my house." Matsuda said. "I'll give them back to you when you leave."

Matt frowned. No one ever with held cigarettes from him, not even L. "You might as well go get them then, I'm leaving as soon as I'm done eating." Matt said and poped a peice of chicken in his mouth.

Matsuda chuckled lightly. Suddenly a series of beeps coming from Matsuda's room distracted Matsuda. "Excuse me, I have an important message to take." Matsuda left the table and went to his room, shutting the door behind him. Fortunatily it didn't close all the way, making it so that if Matt strained he could hear what was going on.

"I'm here Near." Matsuda's voice came, making Matt's ears perk up in attention.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I am L now. Call me L." Came the scrambled voice of Near.

"Sorry... L. It's just weird calling you that since I knew the real L." Matsuda let out a sigh. "So what do you want?"

"It's regarding Misa Amane, the second Kira."

"I thought that we cleared her months ago. She lost her memories. Light was using her."

"I still think she is dangerous. And it was a unanamomous decision to send you to spy on her. You were close to her were you not?"

"I was but what does that have to do with anything?"

"She is holding a concert next month, and you're going. I'll give you a pass so you can get access to her backstage. I want you to work undercover as her manager. Make up whatever excuse you want for doing it. I'll enlist you as employed at her agency."

"Why are you doing this? Why now?"

"I have a feeling that things will unfold like they did last time and she will be at the center of it all. I'm just exersizing caution. I want someone in there in case she takes up the name of Kira once again."

"Damn it Near... L... I don't like this." Matsuda said with a raised voice, but then lowered itto its normal tone. "But you are my boss so I have no choice but to follow what you say."

"That's right." Near said calmly. "Since you now understand the situation, this conversation is over. You will receive a package in the mail in the next few days, it will contain everything you need for your assignment." And with that Near ended the message.

"Damn it!" Matsuda said and the sound of something being thrown against the wall was heard.

When Matsuda walked out of the room his hair looked a little frazzled and he had a look of pure annoyance on his face. "What's up Matsu?" Teru asked.

"My boss, that's what. He wants me to investigate Misa Amane again for that case i was on about five months ago. He still refuses to believe that she is innocent. So out of everyone he could have chosen, he chose me. And he knows how I feel about her. Do you know how hard this is going to be on me?"

Teru had narrowed his eyes at the thought that Near was still being a paranoied twit. He relaxed his face and took Matsuda in his arms. "It's alright Matsu."

"Wasn't Misa Amane the idol that was investigated for being the second Kira a while back?" Matt asked.

Matsuda looked at Matt with a look of partial supprise. "Yes. how did you know that, it was a few years ago."

"Me and a couple of friends were obsessed with the Kira case for quite some time. I didn't know that you were one of the officers that was working on the case. Were you just talking to L?"

"I shouldn't be telling you this, but yes I was." Matusda said.

"Why is he wanting you to investigate Misa Amane again?"

"I think it's paranoia." Matsuda said.

"And you'll be going to her concert next month correct?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I won a couple of backstage passes in a raffle at work. I guess I'll be seeing you there."

"So what am I supposes to do while you're out at the concert next month Matsu?" Teru complained. "That concert has been sold out for months." And Misa refuses to give me one unless i tell her where Light's been going. He added mentally.

Although his outward expression had the look of bordom plastered across it, inwardly he was grinning like a cheshire cat. "You can have one of mine. I have no one else to give it to."

"Are you serious? I could have sworn that we wern't getting along so well earlier."

"Sorry, I'm not too pleasant in the morning, and the other day you were interrupting me during a good game. Not to mention I haven't smoked in a while now. Think of it as an apology or a thank you for fixing me up if you want." Matt said trying to get on Teru's good side. After all it's true what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemy's closer. Hell, L practically lives by that philosophy.

"That reminds me... I'll be right back." Matsuda ran into his room, grabbed something, and gave it to Matt. It was his cigarettes and lighter. "I might as well give these back to you."

"Thanks. Well, uh... I'd better get going, I'm sure that my friend is worried about me."

They said their goodbyes and watched as Matt left. Matsuda walked to the other side of the apartment and glanced out the window to see Matt lighting up and crossing the street.

"He's a nice kid." Matsuda said.

"There's something about him that bothers me." Teru admitted.

"How so?"

"It's just a feeling that I have."

"I'm sure it will pass. If not there will be several chances for you to interrogate him. He's giving you one of his passes after all.."

"Yeah. I can't wait to rub that in Misa's face. It'll teach her to try and keep me from one of her concerts."

"Why do you want to go so much? Aren't you always making fun of her 'horrible singing voice'?"

"I just say that to annoy her. She isn't half bad. Besides i don't like the idea of her being there alone. She doesn't realize how much danger she puts herself in doing these concerts. Her eye's are valuble to Light, and without her it's going to make my workload much bigger when Ryuk returns with the Death Note."

"If she heard you she'd never let you live it down."

"Live what down?"

"You're worried about her."

"Yeah right." Teru said rolling his eyes. "And if you say any thing about this then I'm going to kill you."

"No you won't." Matsuda grinned slyly. "You love me to much."

Teru wrapped his arms around Matsuda's waist and rested his chin on his shoulder. "Maybe."


L sat alone in his apartment terrified that something terrible happened to Matt. When the front door of the apartment opened and the familiar scent of nicotine wafted through the room, a wave of relief washed over L.

"Sorry I'm late." Matt called into the room.

"That's an understatement." L said not betraying any emotion.

"Aw, you were worried weren't you?"

"Don't be so presumptious."

"If it makes you feel better, I know who on the taskforce is helping Kira."

That perked L up right away. "Who?"


"Are you positive?"

"He was with Dante's pal Renji. and they seemed to be very close."

"How so?"

"He kept calling Matusda, Matsu."

"How did you find all of this out?" L asked, the suspicion very clear in his voice.

"A series of events happened in which I ended up unconcious. I woke up in Matsuda's apartment and ate lunch with them." Matt said. "And I'm sorry, I won't be taking you with me to misa's concert. I offered my tickets up to Teru."

"What? What have you been planning? And why didn't you consult me on this?"

"I'm not going to come to you with everything. You know that right? I saw an opening. so I took it. And I plan on seeing them more often in case you were wondering what i was planning next."

"What name did you use?"

"My real name." Matt answered. L gave him a what were you thinking stare. "Teru has the eyes so I thought it would be unwise to lie to him."

L gave an approving nod. "I understand, but not pointlessly endanger yourself."

"Stop nagging me. I swear if I had a mother would probably be comparing you to her right now. I know what I'm doing." Matt said. "If you'll excuse me I need to fix my game system." matt said crossing the room and entering his room. before he closed the door he buttered something to L. "Thanks for worring about me."

L smiled to himself and went back to his lap top. He tried as much as he possibly could, but he could no longer resist the urge to put his brain to use. Using an American alias he began the first stages of becoming the worlds greatest detective once again. This time instead of Danavu, Coil, or L, he would be Sebastian. After all, couldn't stop at just 3,500 cases solved. He was still in his prime.

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Matt's real name really is Mail Jeevas. His first name is said like 'Mile' not 'Male' (that's what i thought it was at frist).and kept being vague on what kind of 'game system' matt had cause I have no clue what kind of new gadgets they'll have out by 2010. I keep imagining it as something similar to a DS though.

3,500 cases solved. According to Mello's Notes in the Death Note novel the has solved this many cases (maybe more).

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