Summary: triple drabble (300 words) about Rei and Mamiya - "Rei wasn't much for idle conversation, not unless it amused him. And it was hard to predict what would amuse him."
Pairing: Rei + Mamiya
Spoilers: takes place after episode 57 of the TV series
Disclaimer: Hokuto no Ken is the creation of by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.

Nanto no Tamashii Moyu
"Hello, Rei."

No response. Then again, she didn't really expect one. Rei wasn't much for idle conversation, not unless it amused him. And it was hard to predict what would amuse him.

With a sigh, Mamiya sat down on the well worn stone flanking the pathway, leaning back a little. No one walking by thought anything of it, for everyone that frequented this sunkissed spot on the edge of town knew of her and Rei. Sometimes Rei's sister Airi joined her… they'd all have lunch together, right there beside the pathway. Sometimes the village elder came along. But more often than not, Mamiya came alone. And that was fine by her.

They'd sit companionably, she and Rei, and watch as the village children played in the sparse patches of grass until the sun dipped down in the sky, coloring it gold and violet and crimson. He'd whisper wordlessly like the wind in her ears; she'd feel his warm breath on her skin, like the kiss of a breeze.

But before she knew it, it would be dark. It would be time to go home.

"Well, good night," she said, brushing off the back of her trousers, knowing that Rei was unlikely to answer, especially on a still, warm summer night like this. But the skies were clear for once, so perhaps he would. "At least, if he was a decent man, he would," she murmured to herself as she began walking away.

Trudging down the familiar path back to her home, Mamiya looked up at the sky as she did every night, searching the Nanto Rokusei for the green tinted Gi-sei, the Justice Star… Rei's star. It was easy to find. After a moment, it winked at her once, then twice. She smiled.

Perhaps she had amused him after all.


Author's Notes:
- Title translates to "The Spirit of Nanto." And in case it's not clear since I don't say it outright, it's Rei's tombstone that Mamiya was visiting.
- I don't know why I wrote this... I just did. It's just not my cup of tea. But maybe someday I'll do something on Shin or Ryuuga or Toki if the mood strikes again.