5) Pandowdy

Head propped up by his right hand; Zeke sleepily doodles on a sheet of notebook paper. His eyes are barely open. Their chemistry teacher, Mrs. Shepard, is assigning partners for a term project.

"Kelsi Nielson and Gabriella Montez."

He yawns and adds hands to the basketball player he's drawing.

"Zeke Baylor and Sharpay Evans."

Yanked out of his drowsy stupor, Zeke immediately drops his pen and sits up in shock. He hears an indignant "ugh!" from behind. He turns and glances at Sharpay, whose face is a mixture of shock, confusion and aggravation. For the first time she isn't being partnered with her brother.

Mrs. Shepard sends him a meaningful look.

Sitting back in his seat and biting back a smile, Zeke wonders if this had anything to do with the apple pandowdy he left on her desk.