Written because the world needs more ShikaTem love…inspired partly by an episode of Mind of Mencia, of all things. Rated for some suggestions of a sexual nature.

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Temari curses. Not because she's half naked and cold, or because she was losing yet another game of shougi. She curses because it's the role she plays. She pretends to hate Shikamaru's smirk, hate his suggestion of playing strip shougi, hate the fact that she was losing her clothing much faster than he was. But secretly she loves it, the little game they always play, and so does he.

Besides, it was an unusually cold winter day in Konoha, so what else was there to do?

She moves her rook, knowing it's lost. Sure enough, his knight captures it. Shikamaru adds the piece to the large stack he's already acquired. Lazily he looks up at her, his long hair hanging loose, brushing against his bare collarbone. With exaggerated frustration, Temari slowly pulls off her last fishnet stocking, throwing it in his face. Now left in just a fishnet shirt and panties, she thinks idly about running her fingers through his hair, catching an earlobe between her teeth.

Shikamaru catches her stocking easily, getting a whiff of her unique scent-hot sun and spices, with a touch of citrus. He looks at her long outstretched leg, the clean delineations between muscles. Reminds himself how nice it will be later when those legs are wrapped around his hips. Temari's eyes catch his gaze, with her carefully schooled look of annoyance. Then she shivers.

"Can't you turn up the heat or something?" she growls. "You know I'm not used to the winters here. It's even snowing."

Shikamaru doesn't seem cold, though he's just in his pants, having lost only his vest and undershirt to the game. He cocks an eyebrow at her, then shrugs and rises to his feet. Walking away he replies.

"You know the buildings here aren't insulated all that well. And you should be used to the winters by now." He comes back with a blanket and leans down to wrap it around her shoulders.

"How long have you been coming to Konoha?" His lips catch the shell of her ear, and she shivers again, though he doubts it's from the cold. Temari leans her head back so her mouth can attack the sensitive spot on the side of his neck. Shikamaru sighs, ever so slightly, and his fingers can't help but find one pert nipple. She slaps his hand away, and assumes her regal bearing again.

"Let's finish this damn game," she commands. "I'm tired of playing." Of course she isn't, she just wants to play another game, one much more fun.

"It's your move," he reminds her as he sits back down. She has no good moves to make, not in shougi anyway. She feints with a knight, trying to draw his attack away from her king. He sees through it easily, takes her piece, and slides his knight into place.


"You are such an ass," she whispers as she stands up and takes off her shirt, throwing it to the floor.

"You better make this up to me." She crosses her arms and cocks a hip. Waiting.

Shikamaru stands up and looks at her, all tan lines and faint scars, hard and then soft when you least expect it. He smirks again, and there's no need to hide the desire in his eyes anymore. He's thought of several ways to make it up to her. On his knees, or the bed, or on top of the nearby table. Maybe all three.

"Don't you know by now?" he remarks, moving close so he can murmur his reply against her lips.

"That was my plan the whole time."