Danny Phantom: A Ghostly Holiday

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom (if I did, it would still be on the air) he belongs to Nickelodeon and Billionfold Inc and I do not own the Nightmare Before Christmas that belongs to the genius that is Tim Burton.

Author's Notes: Halloween is approaching, (the stores in my area already starting to get the costumes out) so I figured what a better way to celebrate it's coming than with writing a Danny Phantom fic, this one crosses over The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter I: Vlad's Terrible Toccata


Many people get time off during holidays that is most people except for me, it seems every holiday (no matter what holiday it is) the ghosts of the Ghost Zone act up (maybe they like the fact that there are so many people to scare) and I have to clean up after them and this one is no exception.

I was walking home from school, when my ghost sense went off, "what now," I moaned as I went to a corner and changed into Danny Phantom and took off to see what was going on.

I saw Plasmius running out of a forest and that can only mean that Fruit Loop is up to no good and I had to put end to end it.

"Doing a little community service, Plasmius?" I asked as I flew in front of him and blasted him to the ground.

"I was wondering when I would see you, my little badger," he said as he got to his feet and smiled, "Shall we dance, Daniel?" he said as he blasted me with an ecto-blast but I dodged it.

"What are you up to Vlad?" I asked as I blasted him from behind and flew up a tree to avoid his attacks.

"Wouldn't you like to know Daniel," he said as he messaged his temples as if he was weary, "I grow tired of these skirmishes, boy," he said wearily as he looked up at me, "why don't you realize I only wish to help you," he told me (I know what type of 'help' he has in mind and I am not going to become like him).

"Forget it Vlad, I'm not interested!" I yelled as he flew down and blasted him off his feet, it was then I noticed he some sort of pendant around his neck, "What's with jewelry Vlad?" I asked as I went to attack but he countered it.

"Wouldn't you like to know, boy," he spat as he grabbed me by the neck, "You're overworked Daniel, you need a holiday, somewhere far away," he said with a smile as I tried to break free of his grip.

Suddenly, Vlad took to the air and headed back to the forest, "What are you going to do, Fruit Loop?" I managed to gasp out as I looked around, I had been in the Amity Park forest before but for some reason it looked different.

The trees were bare as if winter had already come and on some of the trees had strange markings on them like a Jack O Lantern, a turkey, a Christmas tree, a Shamrock and so forth, "what is this place Vlad?" I asked as tried to break free again, but Vlad's grip was like a vice.

"I'm doing you a favor, my boy, I'm giving you a holiday," he said as he approached the door with the Jack O Lantern on it, "You deserve one after protecting Amity for so long, so Happy Halloween Daniel," the man laughed as he opened the door and threw me in the tree.

The last thing I heard was Vlad's laughter then everything went black.

Jack Skellington

"This is bad, very, very bad," I said as I paced the floors of my house nervously, how could something like this happen it was the worst news ever to hit Halloween in years, the Pumpkin Pendant was missing.

"We searched everywhere, Jack and still no sign of it, I'm calling an emergency meeting, who knows what it could do in the wrong hands," The mayor aid showing his worried face, "This could be the end of the world as we know it, you know what happened the last time someone had it, it was bad news," the mayor said nervously.

Who could forget that dark time when the ghosts found the pedant and took over, for 75,000 years the town was under the yoke of tyrannical spirit calling himself Pariah Dark and his servant the Fright Knight. It was during that dark time that world discovered Halloween and in order to keep peace in the world made a deal with the ghosts that every October 31 they would worship the spirits of the deceased if they would promise not to harm any humans.

Pariah was a monster and it until wasn't the people rebelled and stopped Pariah by banishing him to the Realm of the Dead that we breathed easy. We still kept the Halloween celebration, but it became more about fun and a good scare than a deal to keep evil spirits away. Since then the pendant has been guarded kept away from prying eyes but now someone has stolen it.

"Do we know what the thief looked like, maybe he hasn't left Halloween Town yet," I asked the mayor hoping we still had a chance to retrieve it before damage can be done.

"All we know is that he has blue skin and fangs," he said producing a rough sketch of the thief.

"It looks like a vampire, but why would they steal the pendant, they've had no desire to rule Halloween Town since before Vlad Tepes, their king went into the world and took over Walachia," I said remembering the peace treaty signed between Halloween Town and the vampires.

"I don't know, but I think we should call a meeting," the mayor said again as he raced out to his car to announce the meeting.

"I wonder," I said as I went out to the balcony and think, while I was looking out into the sky Sally, who was now my wife, came into the room.

"What's wrong Jack," she asked as he put her hand on my shoulder, I turned into looked into her eyes and saw that she worried about me.

"The Pumpkin Pendant has been stolen and we need to get it back before it falls into the wrong hands," I told her as turned back out to the sky, "This could be bad news if it is not found," I told as I walked back inside, my skull is filled with worried for the fate of Halloween Town and the world.


"Plasmius, you evil genius, you've done it again," I said to myself as I left the forest, smiling that I was rid of Danny Phantom, "With any luck, my partner should find him, then I hate to see the odds of Daniel coming out alive," I cackled as I flew back to my lab.

When I arrived, I decided to celebrate my victory, not only had I rid myself of Daniel, but I also have acquired another piece to my plan, the Pumpkin Pendant.

"Let see, I have the Emerald Easter Egg, the Jade Shamrock, the Golden Star, and Turquoise Turkey, the Pumpkin Pendant, and the Amber Arrows of Cupid, soon I will rule all Holidays," I told myself thinking of how impressed Maddie will be and will come back to me.

However, my thoughts soon turned to Daniel, he was resourceful and could escape, ruining my plans, "I think I better send a welcoming committee for Daniel," I said as went to my computer and contacted my associates, "Lock, Shock, Barrel, I have mission for you," I said as the images of three children two boys and a girl dressed as a devil, witch, and Skeleton appeared on the screen.

"You called Mr. Plasmius," the oldest boy, Lock, said with a smile as the other two fought for control of the communicator.

"Yes, my dears, I have mission for you three, one that only you three can fulfill," I told them with a smile, "it seems that a certain young man has entered your town, I would like you to make sure, he arrives at your employer's place. Do whatever needs to be done, I ask only one thing that you do not kill him, I want him alive and if I find out he's a corpse I will have a friend mine hunt you down, I think there's handsome reward out for you three for all the pranks you have done," I threatened as I flashed a smile, "oh and one other thing, make sure you use the ghost weapons I supplied you with or else he'll escape, have fun Trick-or-Treating," I told them as I signed off and sat down, thinking of at last Daniel will fall.


My whole body aches, like I fell out a building, but at least I have feeling and didn't break my back.

I slowly open my spinning eyes, "where am I?" I ask my vision clears up and I see am in a strange place, "well I am definitely not in Amity Park anymore," I told myself as slowly got up and surveyed my surroundings, it look liked something out of silent horror movie with twisted buildings rusted gates and the like.

I'm racked with severe chills, my ghost sense must be going crazy, "I need to get warm," I told myself as I wrapped my arms around me to get warm, "wherever I am it's not the Ghost Zone," I said as I looked around, the only clue I had was that I was in a cemetery, "Well that's a…," I said before my ghost sense went off and went invisible.

"Did you hear the news?" a voice said as two ghosts came floating into the cemetery.

"What about the Pendant, terrible isn't," the other one answered his friend, these ghosts are unlike any I have seen and they seem to be content and hurting anyone.

"I know, but I heard something else, there are rumors that the Halfa has been spotted in town," the first continued (how could know about me being here).

"Really, that is quite an honor, I've heard from friends who live in the Ghost Zone that he even defeated Lord Pariah and is friends with the ghost Clockwork, I think we should tell Jack, I think he would be pleased to meet the Halfa," the first said as the went back to their tombs.

It seems I'm known here and famous (well those ghosts said they knew someone in the Ghost Zone and they must have told them about me) and that someone named Jack wants to meet me, but for now I think it's best if I stay low, this could be trick by Plasmius, and if I'm caught this is bad news.