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Chapter VIII: Snake Eyes and Deuces

Jack Skellington

We were almost to Oogie's parlor when I heard a voice, "I've waited a long time for this Skellington," it said coldly.

I turned around and saw my ancient foe, the Fright Knight standing of me, "Fright Knight, what are you doing here," I asked him, "you and your master are supposed to be in exile for your crimes," I told him as I rolled to avoid his sword.

"I have been freed and now I will reclaim Halloween Town for it's rightful owner, Pariah Dark, King of Ghosts," he taunted as he tried to strike me.

"Rightful owner, Pariah was a butcher and he will never be king again, I will make sure of that," I sneered, there was no way I would let Pariah Dark gain control and hurt innocent people again, "You're through Fright Knight", I taunted as I picked it and used it to attack him with it.

"You dare to attack me with my own weapon," he said as he tried to grab it but I stopped him and kicked him in the face.

The battle continued for awhile until I decided to end it, "now you will know why I'm called the Pumpkin King," I told him as I picked up a pumpkin I had brought with me and chanted, "To cease the storm, to end the fear, the sword must sheathe in pumpkin near!" and plunged the sword into the pumpkin. I watched as a vortex opened and sucked the Fright Knight back to the Realm of the Dead, "now for Oogie," I said I went to deal with him and Plasmius.


"Soon, Maddie will see my genius and dump Jack," I said as I gazed at my treasures and smiled, I am a genius not only have rid myself of Daniel but soon Maddie as well, "No one can stop me!" I declared triumphantly.

"that's what you think, I hereby place you under arrest Plasmius for theft of Pumpkin Pendant and the other symbols," I heard a voice say, I turned and saw Clockwork, Manson, Foley, and Skellington standing at the door.

"Why is it that everyone who irritates me is named Jack," I seethed as I got up and blasted them, "Have you forget about my friend, " I said, "oh Oogie, we have guests," I said but no reply came, "Oh Fudge Crackers!" I hissed as I noticed that Daniel had been freed and fighting Oogie, "It looks like I will have to finish this myself," I said as I prepared to fight these intruders!


"Is that the best you got, Danny Man," Oogie taunted as he sprung some of more of his traps at me, "You can't beat me at my own game," he said laughing as threw a lever as the center of roulette wheel opened up revealing a nasty chemical and the floor sprung up sending me sliding towards the chemical.

"It will take a lot more than a funhouse trick to do Danny Phantom in," I said as I flew up and blasted him, "It's time we play my game, and I never lose," I told him as I punched him.

"Insolent boy, I have house advantage," he said as he pressed a lever, "take a look at your girl, Danny Boy," he said pointing to Sam whose feet were now strapped to the wheel, "now lets see your poker face, Danny Man," he said as he pulled another lever and a buzz saw came racing towards Sam.

"SAM!" I shouted as I flew up to save but Oogie had his Slot Shooters fire at me, stalling me, "Hang on Sam!" I said but I couldn't stop the blade and it cut Sam's arm, "You'll pay for that you sack of slime!" I yelled as I blasted him with ecto-blasts mercilessly until hit the floor.

"You think you can beat me, little boy," he taunted as he tried to attack me but I was too fast for him.

"You better believe it," I said as I used my ice powers to freeze him, "chill out, Boogeyman," I said as I flew off to tackle Plasmius.


"Pathetic, you are no match for Vlad Plasmius," I hissed as I blasted my foes to the ground, "this almost too easy," I said as I duplicated and attacked each of my enemies individually, "I would think this battle would be more of a challenge with me facing the Master of Time and the Pumpkin King, but I guess I was wrong," I said as I noticed Clockwork's staff flew from his hands, "Looks like time is up," I said as I picked it up only be sent flying across the room.

"For you anyway, Plasmius," I heard Daniel said as he blasted me again, "your luck and time are up Vlad," he said with a smile as he punched me in the face.

"You can't win Daniel," I sneered as I grabbed his arm and sent him flying, "When will you learn that you will never win," I told him as saw Oogie's electric device sitting nearby, "maybe some more shock therapy is what the doctor ordered," I told him as turned it on and charged at him.

"I beg to differ," he said as he took the device from and attacked me with it.

"AHHHHHH!," I screamed as electricity flowed through my body. I could feel myself power down to Vlad Masters, "No!" I yelled as I made my escape.

"I don't think so," Daniel said he froze me to wall so I couldn't escape.


The battle was over both Vlad and Oogie Boogie were defeated, "now to see what you have up your sleeve," I said as I removed the pendant from his neck and the bag with other symbols. "I believe this belongs to you Mr. Skellington," I said as I gave him the pendant.

"Thank you Danny, now we have to decide what to do with these two," he said pointing to our two foes.

"I shall take Oogie with me, until I can I find a place to send him to where there is no fear and dread to energize him and as for Plasmius it is not his time, so he will escape but Danny will be able to take care of anything he dishes out. I will also return the symbols to their proper place as well," Clockwork said as he opened a portal and took me, Sam, Tucker, and Vlad home.

"Bye, Jack thanks for everything," I said as I left through portal to go back to Amity Park, boy, Jazz will not believe this story in a million years and If I didn't live thorough it I wouldn't either.

The End.