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Spirits of destiny

Chapter 1

Darkness. It surrounded him. How long had he been here?

He didn't know. There was no night or day in this place, al he knew was that it felt like eternity.

He knew he was dead and he knew that this was hell. What else could it be?

As he walked through the void he thought about his life, his friends, his family, his love…

The memories of the day he lost all of these still lingered in his mind.

"I told you it would be fun."

"You're right Tai. It's nice to relax sometimes, to put down those books and enjoy life."

"Yeah and we've got something to celebrate to. It's been two years since the new digidestined defeated MaloMyotismon."

"Two years, I can't believe it's been so long." Joe said as he took off his glasses and cleaned them.

"As they say, time waits for no man. Let's go."

As both teens headed to the chosen location they didn't notice a being in the shadows watching them.

"You guys are late, as always!" Matt yelled as he saw them approach.

"Sorry, I had to get Joe away from his homework!" Tai yelled back.

As Tai and Joe were making their way to the rest of the group they were tackled by their partners.

"I'm glad to see you again Agumon." Tai said as he smiled at the dinosaur.

"Good to see you again Joe." Gomamon said as he shook Joe's hand.

"Enjoy it while you still can because the master is coming back." Tai and Joe turned around to see a ShadowWereGarurumon stepping out of the shadows.

"Great another digimon that wants to take over the world." Joe said as he rolled his eyes

"The master has instructed me to get rid of the digidestined before their return."

'Their return?'Tai thought. " Agumon digivolve!"


Agumon digivolves to…

"I don't think so." ShadowWereGarurumon said as he jumped over Agumon and went straight for Tai.

Tai stared right into the blood red eyes of the wolf man as he readied his claws.

Joe, Agumon, and Gomamon cried out Tai's name as the creature sunk his claws into his chest.

As Tai fell to the ground he heard people yelling his name. The last thing Tai saw was Agumon getting deleted as he charged the more powerful ultimate.

That's how he got here.

'It's strange, you'd think that after saving the world twice you'd be allowed into heaven.'

"You're not dead yet Taichi."

"Who's there?" Tai turned around looking for the source of the voice "Show yourself!!"

A strange light filled the dark area. Tai had to shield his eyes. As the light faded and he was able to open his eyes again he noticed a newcomer in his private hell.

"Who are you?" he asked as he walked over to the giant creature.

"I am AncientSphinxmon, legendary warrior of Darkness."

"Okay but what did you mean by that I'm not dead yet."

"The world still needs you. Your biggest task yet lies ahead of you"

"That's great but I'm kinda stuck in here so ask somebody else to do this task." Tai said sarcastically.

"Your destiny is about to unfold." The lion-like creature said as he faded away.

"Great I finally have someone to talk to in god knows how long and he disappears. And what is this crap about "destiny" again, I mean can't they get someone else to save the world."

Tai's head started to spin all of a sudden and he fainted.

Somewhere in the real world.

Kari just stared at the tombstone.

It was a black stone with golden words on it:

Here lies Taichi Kamiya, Hero, Leader, Friend

I won't die as long as someone remembers me

Only when I'm forgotten I'll be truly gone.

Tai's dead affected everyone: Izzy tried to hide behind his computer. He refused to talk to his friends or his parents about it.

TK became very quiet, a shadow of the person he used to be.

Joe actually changed for the better, he now took every chance he had to spend time with his friends.

Seeing Tai die made him realise life's to short for studying all the time.

Sora and Matt had been dating before Tai's death but now they were starting to drift apart, as if Tai was keeping them together

Mimi tried to stay strong for the others, but by doing so she hid away her feelings from everyone.

The new digidestined weren't affected that much by Tai's death. They were sad but most of them hardly knew him.

Except for Davis.

He changed a lot, he wasn't the careless comedian anymore. He became a true leader.

Just like Tai.

Kari placed the flowers she was holding onto the grave. "Tai, I know I ask this every time I come here but why did you leave us? Mom and Dad are breaking down and the gang is starting to drift apart."

She fell to her knees as tears filled her eyes. "Why…"

Somewhere in the Digital World

A motionless figure started to move.

Tai heard some birds chirping. Some very annoying birds.

"Stupid birds, can't a man suffer in peace?"

'Wait a minute.'

Tai opened his eyes. He couldn't believe what he saw.

He saw a blue sky. "I can't believe it. I'm finally out of that place!"

Tai quickly got up and drew in a breath of fresh air.

As he did he smelled the sweet scent of digital flowers.

'But how can I be here? I died, didn't I?

Tai noticed that his voice was different and his body felt strange to him.

Tai looked down at his body and nearly fainted. His entire body was covered in a black and golden armour. His hands were covered in black steel and his chest had a steel lion head on it.

The same was for his shoulders: two lion heads each with a crystal in their jaws.

Tai slammed his fist into a tree out of anger and confusion. The tree turned into a pile of splinters.

Tai fell to his knees in the pile of wood. "What the hell has happened to me!?!?!"

He yelled but it came out as a lion's roar.

"Ok, I have to stay calm" Tai said to himself.

He thought back about what AncientSphinxmon said.

"The world still needs you. Your biggest task yet lies ahead of you"

"Why can't destiny choose someone else to do its dirty work?" He asked no one in particular

Tai decided to go find some water. As he moved through the forest he noticed scents he didn't even know existed, he heard sounds he never heard before.

'Maybe being a digimon isn't that bad.' He thought as he found a small river running through the forest.

Tai took off his helmet and looked at his reflection on the water.

His own face looked back at him, the same brown eyes the same mop of hair. The only thing different were two black lines on his cheeks and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

"I should try to find someone I know." Tai picked up his helmet

" I wonder if they'll still recognize me."

"They won't after we're done with you." A voice suddenly said.

Tai took on a defensive stance. "Who's there!? Show yourself!"

Two vilemon came out of the forest.

"Sorry kitty, this is our river. You've got to pay us if you want to drink its water." One of them said.

Tai just stared at them. He remembered them from when he and the others defeated Piedmon.

"What's the matter kitty, are you broke? Don't worry we'll just take your data then." The other continued.

"Nightmare shocker!!" one yelled out, sending a wave of dark energy towards Tai.

Tai allowed his instincts to take over and jumped over the attack.

"Stand still kitty. It'll be a lot easier for the both of us. Nightmare shocker!!"

Again Tai dodged it and charged up his own attack.

"Shadow meteor!!" Tai yelled out as he fired a yellow and black ray of energy.

It hit the vilemon, destroying him in the process.

"So this kitty's got claws." The remaining vilemon said as he watched the data of his companion float away.

"You still have the chance to leave." Tai said as he stared at the demon.

"Demon Darts!!" The vilemon began throwing laser darts at him.

"I'll take that as a no." Tai said as he once again started to dodge the vilemon's attacks.

"Spear of Conviction!" Tai yelled as he summoned a purple cloud which formed into a spear.

Tai took aim and threw the spear.

The vilemon tried to dodge it but failed and was pinned against a tree.

Tai walked up to the evil digimon and took one of the red orbs on his shoulders.

He pointed it at the vilemon.

It gave off a white light which seemed to hurt the creature.

"Dark creature, misled by evil be purified by the power of good!!"

The vilemon's data was sucked into the orb and faded away. Tai was about to place it back as some of the data was released.

The data reformed into a small flying creature. Tai stared at the familiar digimon hovering in front of him.

"Hello." The digimon said. "I'm Patamon. Who are you?"

"Ehh, I'm Tai." Tai said as he looked at the Digimon. Was this the vilemon who tried to kill him? The one he just purified?

While he thought about it, how did he do that?

"Must be part of my destiny…" he said under his breath.

"What?" Patamon asked. "Nothing, nothing." Tai quickly said. "This might be a strange question but were you a Vilemon 5 minutes ago?"

"I don't know, was I?" the digimon stared at Tai with a confused look.

'So he doesn't remember it.' Tai thought.

"Will you be okay by yourself?" He asked.

Patamon looked down. "Well I was hoping I could stick with you for a while. I don't think i know anyone else.

Tai smiled. "Sure it'll be nice to have someone to talk to."

"Hooray!!" Patamon cheered as he flew up and landed on Tai's head. "Where to shall we travel my dear companion?"

Tai looked up to his new friend. "Wherever we're going you're going to have to fly there. I'm not carrying you."

Patamon jumped of his head. "It was worth a shot."

"Let's just get going, okay?" Tai said as he headed back into the forest.

"Wait for me!" Patamon yelled as he flew after the dark warrior.

Miles away from this scene inside a cave were no man dared to set foot, a cloaked creature was talking to a shadow trapped in a crystal prison.

"Get us out of here you fool!" a voice within the crystal said. "We've grown tired of this prison. We want to walk in the Digital World again so we can destroy it and rebuild it as we want to." A other voice said.

"Soon you will spread your mighty wings again and take this world master. But I need more time to find the key. The Warriors hid it very well."

"Then why are you still here!?!" The two voices yelled out at once. "Find it!"

"Yes master." The creature said as he turned around and ran out of the cave.

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