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Spirits of destiny


"He's gone. Again." Mimi stated with a soft voice. "Why does he keep doing that?"

"The two of them must have used to much energy to destroy Legionmon." Gennai said. "Don't worry to much, Tai and Machinedramon will show up sooner or later in the Primary Village."

"You're right! Lets' get going then!" Mimi said and hurried to the exit of the crystal.

"Hold your horses. It may take a long time before Tai even gets there and possibly even more before he hatches." Gennai said, causing the girl to stop in her tracks.

"Don't worry Mimi." Kari said as she put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Tai will come back. He always comes back."

Mimi just had a sad smile on her face.

"She's right Mimi." TK said as he joined in on the conversation. "I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Goggle-head."

Both Mimi and Kari slapped him playfully.

"Hey that hurt!"

"It's all over mon!" Veemon yelled. He and Wormmon had just split up again and he danced around in joy.

"So Angewomon, how about a kiss for one of the heroes?" Veemon asked eagerly.

"Sure." Said the angelic women as she walked towards Veemon. And then past him towards MagnaAngemon.

"WHAT?" Veemon exclaimed as Angewomon pressed her lips onto those of the other, a bit more surprised angel.

"At least this time you didn't faint." She said as she broke away from MagnaAngemon.


"No." MagnaAngemon said." But he did." He pointed at an unconscious Veemon.

"He'll get over it." Angewomon laughed.

"So now we're down one team member again." Joe sighed. "Two actually. Don't forget BlackAgumon." Izzy added.

"Great, just great." Joe said.

"Oh relax Joe. They'll be back." Gomamon said, after dedigivolving.

"Yeah, yeah I know." Joe said as he jumped out of the cracked orb and landed on soft, normal ground.

Two figures stood where Legionmon had been before he was defeated.

"Just take it Susanoomon." AncientSphinxmon said as he pointed at the orb floating in front of them. "Else you'll probably detonate."

Susanoomon sighed and grabbed the orb. Immediately he felt the power of light being suppressed, restoring the balance once more.

"You sure that wasn't Tai's bit?" The warrior asked again.

"Positive. Tai's part was deleted with him and will be reborn with him. Legionmon could never hold this power for long." AncientSphinxmon sighed. He had lost a son today. Okay, so maybe that son didn't really like him but still…

"So what are we going to do with this crystal thingy?" Davis asked once they were outside again.

"The fact is that my place was destroyed." The Ancient of darkness pointed at the smashed mountain. "So I'm moving in there." He now pointed at the crystal. "House warming party tomorrow!" He yelled out, oblivious to the fact that AncientVolcamon stood behind him.

"Dead ahead Volca." AncientGreymon whispered into AncientVolcamon's ear.

Said Ancient flexed his right leg a few times and then…

"Aaaaaghhhhhhhh!!" AncientSphinxmon was launched. "Going, going, going, gone!!" AncientGreymon yelled out as the Ancient of darkness flew into his new place. After a few seconds a 'thump' was heard.

"I warned him, didn't I?" AncientVolcamon laughed.

"So now we can finally go on with our lives." Sora said. "For a month or two at least." Matt chuckled a bit at that joke.

"I have to turn what happened here into lyrics." Matt said. "The rest of the band has been bugging for them anyway."

Sora smiled. "You think Tai will come back?"

"Off course he will." Matt scowled. "He's to damn stubborn to stay dead, remember?"

Meanwhile somewhere else on File Island.

"Not again!" Elecmon sighed as he looked at the huge pile of Digi-eggs. "This is going to take forever."

"I need an assistent. Or two, maybe three." He mumbled.

Elecmon stared at the pile again and sighed. "Well, no time like the present." He picked up a random egg and rubbed it.

It moved around a bit before bursting into a cloud of smoke.

"Welcome back to the Digital World…Wait a minute…" Elecmon looked at the tiny Puyomon. "You still owe me five Digi-dollars!"

Puyomon just jumped out of Elecmon's grasp and made a run for it. "Get back here Ogremon!"

The newly reconfigured Ogremon hopped away even faster.

At the same time two Digi-eggs waited, at the bottom of the pile. One white with a few specks of orange and one as black as the night.

The end…for now.

(Imagine 'Exitlude' from the Killers playing in the back-ground)

Well people. It's all over. I hope you had as much fun reading this story as I did writing it. I'd like to thank each and every one of my reviewers and readers.

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