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Chapter 1

"Naruto let's go!" Sasuke yelled.

Naruto packed his things to leave. The mission was a success and they were headed back to Konoha.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked.

"Uh nothing Sakura! I was just...uh...daydreaming. Yeah daydreaming." Naruto said trying to sound convincing.

"Naruto. You've been acting strange ever since the preliminaries during the Chunin Exams." Kakashi stated.

"I've just had alot on my mind." Naruto said.

"Understandable since we know you'll never become a Chunin it's understandable that you would want to come up with a strategy to lose in pride." Sasuke said.

"Oh yeah! We'll see who loses Sasuke! I hope I fight you, shut your punk Uchiha Clan ass up! I will win, BELIEVE IT!!!"

"What about Neji Hyuga?" Kakashi stated.

"Oh yeah...I almost forgot." Naruto said.


Naruto dips his hand into the blood of Hinata. Holding his hand out at Neji.

I won't let him get away with it! He tried to kill her!

"I vow...TO WIN!!!!" Naruto yelled.

End of Flashback

The rest of the journey went on uneventfully. As soon as they entered the village Naruto told the gang that he was going straight home.

"Don't you want some Ramen? My treat." Kakashi said.

"Not today sensei." Naruto said.

This must be serious! Naruto never lets a free meal down. Especially Ramen! Kakashi thought.

Feeling pretty sure noone was following him Naruto ran towards the Hyuga Hospital. Upon entering Naruto noticed Hiashi, Hinata's father. Swallowing the fear that was overcoming him with a large gulp Naruto approached Hiashi.

For Hinata!

"Excuse me s..sir." Naruto stammered.

Hiashi turned around to see the voice. Realizing who it was Hiashi smiled.

"May I see her?" Naruto asked.

"I think it'd be rude if you didn't." He joked.

Hiashi led Naruto to her room. Afterwards he said his goodbyes and left Naruto. Naruto watched Hinata sleep, he noticed that when she turned a little her wounds would open up and start to bleed again and again so (after much convincing) he poured some of his demon chakra into her, healing her wounds instantly. As Naruto finished the last wound he heard Hinata, at first he thought it was just a dream and that he was hearing things, but he knew, once she touched his hand that she had awoken from her slumber.

"Na...Naruto? Is that you?" She whispered.

"Yeah Hinata...it's me."

"How long...have I been out?"

"About three days."

Upon saying this Naruto felt sorry for Hinata but at the same time he was filled with anger that Neji would do something like this to his own blood.

Fucking Hyuga! Him and his fuckin' destiny! I will pulverize him!


Hinata broke him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah Hinata."

"Something wrong?"

"No...It's nothing Hinata. How you feeling?"

"A little lightheaded but i'll be ok."

"Good, well, I gotta go but i'll be back."


"Bye Hinata."

"Bye, and thanks for stopping by."

"Sure thing, think nothing of it."

With that Naruto left later finding a spot in the woods to train for his battle. With memories of Neji and the beat up Hinata fresh in memory Naruto trained for three days straight.

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