A/N- An almost-drabble, Skorpy's POV at the end of the movie


Something was wrong.

Skorponok came out of stasis lock feeling drained and sore. No power came through the recharge interface from Blackout.

Skorponok shifted against the big mech's back. Was Blackout injured? Massive damage could cause the copper's systems to shut down to conserve energy, keeping Skorponok from recharging until Blackout woke up again.

But something was wrong…

Skorponok disengaged from the locking clamps, pulling himself on top of Blackout's still form. He reached out and ran a digging claw down one of the smooth, elegant rotors.

Blackout didn't move. Skorponok clicked in distress.

Something was wrong, and he didn't know what to do, or how to fix Blackout.

He scurried up Blackout's shoulder, chirring anxiously. He touched the still face, watching the dark optics for any reaction, any flicker of life. He tried his radio, hoping for some return signal…

Skorponok knew dead. Autobots died, after all. He'd seen countless Decepticons dead as well. But Blackout couldn't be dead. He was too strong, too powerful!

Blackout was immortal.

So he couldn't be dead. The thought sent a wash of relief through Skorponok. Blackout was just hurt. He would get better. Skorponok just had to keep watch until he woke up.

Just like Blackout took care of him, patched up his injured tail, he'd take care of Blackout until his master could fly again.

He settled down to guard, draped across Blackout's rotor assembly, his tail wrapped the blades.

Blackout would wake up. He had to.

Skorponok just had to wait.