He would run, he decided, until the pain was gone. If it took forever than that was just his destiny. His heart was broken-no shattered. If seemed as if it no longer beat in his chest. He would be no good to his family like this-his pack would argue but he knew. He hoped they were all right. He hoped they had forgiven him.

He hoped he could forgive himself.

Running was the only thing that saved him. He never seemed to tire. He was thankful that his four legs seemed to grow stronger every day. He rarely slept. Dreams were like torture, he was human then. They were on the beach. They were both so young...and pure. To see her lovely face was hard but to be reminded of his own was... unbearable. He didn't like to be reminded of the boy who had been so in love.

He couldn't imagine ever being that happy again...

So he ran harder.

He knew it had been a long time since he'd been home. The human parts of him faded every day. The pain and the anger only made the wolf stronger. Irony, he supposed. This heartache would've killed him as a two-legged but like this he could survive. So, he could thank the bloodsuckers for that... for turning him into this "dog"...but when he pictured that leech with his Bel---well, the growl that escaped probably scared children miles away.

He had not been Jacob Black for four years.