I have been for a while having this story idea run through my head for a long time since seeing Advent Children and played Dirge Of Cerberus.

I love the whole thing about how Vincent copes with his immortality and his differences but kinda got fed up with how long he dragged it out and although throughout the FF7 history, his character developed to loosen up and become more human again…I still think he needs a good kick up the bum to stop him from wallowing.

Which is where this story comes in. I had to get it out on paper and exorcise these thoughts that been cursing me since…well…forever !

I don't owe nor have anything to do with Square Enix's game FF7 – this is written purely for fun as a fan.

We Stand Alone

It had been two months since that day.

From the sky fell snowflakes of fragmented pieces of the life stream, drifting slowly to the ground where they disappeared to become one with the planet again.

She ignored the awed sounds coming from her men as they stood stock-still and watched the heavens where just moments before there was a battle between the almighty Omega which started to take flight and a tiny red streak of light. They watched as this streak plummeted downwards, head on towards Omega and what followed was a huge explosion as Omega disintegrated into the life stream from where is was created.

The planet was beginning it's long task of healing itself, and man-kind was left to pick the pieces from their own self destruction.

The wreckage of Midgar and several other cities was being pulled down, bodies being buried and lives slowly knitting back together to some former resemblance of normality.

Vincent Valentine, the man who brought down Deepground and the people within it was finally lured out of Lucrecia's cave by Shelke who was sent to him by the rest of Avalanche. He was no longer a broken man who harboured four demons; they perished the day Chaos was finally freed. He watched the four red pieces of life stream drift downwards from the heavens back to the planet, one for each cursed being he lived with for all those years.

His sins were atoned and his mind was now light from troubles as he was nearly the semblance of a normal man.

He was slowly changing to the man he once was, a man who could smile and joke with an upbeat heart. He had a long way to go but one mustn't rush progress and his friends were there to gently nudge him in the right direction.

Her radio crackled as Reeve's voice informed her that the threat of Omega was no more and that they were to rendezvous in the nearby square. She voiced her affirmative and was about to signal to her men to move out when something falling from the sky caught her attention. It landed nearby amongst the rubble and mess created by the past several days of war and fighting. Steam rose from it and as she drew closer, she saw what it is…..or what is once was.

He was now able to talk a bit more and was more inclined nowadays to answer his PHS rather than pull his gun on someone he couldn't tolerate, be it Yuffie or some creature of vile origins.

Not that he could pull his gun on anyone since he had lost it in the fight with Omega. He had taken it as a sign to update his weaponry arsenal with a more modern alternative though he couldn't bring himself to resign Death Penalty and Peace Maker to a well-earned retirement.

Pulling a handkerchief from her pocket, she bent down and carefully picked up the hot fragment of metal.

What caught her attention first was a small charm dangling from it, undamaged unlike the rest of it. She caught it between her fingers and admired the charm; it's three dog's heads atop of a large point and knew this piece of burnt metal was once a beloved weapon.

She looked at the burnt barrel and saw the engraved designs; splinters of wood still remained where the handle of the gun has burned away to reveal the metal that ran beneath it. She clicked the barrel out and saw there were three bullets still within their chamber, ready to be fired at any given moment.

Despite the devastation caused by Deepground, there came another and a more potentially dangerous problem that arose from the ashes of fallen cities.

Due to poverty and the poor quality of living in the former metropolises of the big, chaotic cities, Gangs have started rising from the slums, each trying to reign a hold over the other, taking advance of the fallen state the country was in to pillage, destroy and hoard essentials and sell them on at a back-breaking fee. One way in which to do this was to search the ruins for valuables.

And valuables they did find, in the form of deadly weapons and an arsenal of knowledge in the forms of data from the vaults and laboratories of former Shinra occupation and destroyed WRO and Deepground bases.

There was no law and authority on the streets, the WRO was spread thin as it was over numerous cities and many criminals took advantage of it, orphans and those made homeless were kidnapped by pimps and sold as slaves in underground meetings where the few gathered with large amounts of money to invest in corrupt deeds.

There was very few people who miss those who disappear in the huge slave trafficking rings and even fewer tried to find them amongst the mazes of corruption beneath every major city in the continents.

From the wreckages of destroyed buildings came a new threat that was falling into the wrong hands. The possibility was as bad as Hojo or Seitheroth themselves being resurrected, another mad man could have destruction on his agenda with profit on his mind.

What other secrets did these ruins have to reveal?

From these charred remains, she knew its owner was a dedicated marksman and a good one at that to even consider processing such a fine weapon.

What are those forgotten vaults going to reveal?

Wrapping it in its handkerchief, she shoved it in her backpack and pulled out a magazine clip to which she reloaded her gun

What sins will emerge that all will have to atone for?

She signalled with her hand to the men to move out and they carefully picked their way through the mess and debris that littered the streets of Midgar.

But one has to remember that where there's darkness, there is hope.

It's a dark night Vinnie so what is it you're looking at?

Can't be the stars for they and the moon are hidden tonight behind those thick inky clouds.

I know you can't see me.

Perhaps you can smell my fragrance and wondering who the scent belongs to?

No, you seem lost despite where you are.

Does the chill of the night not make your skin tremble?

It now never bothers me.

Your window is wide open and you're sitting on your bed that lies beneath it. One arm rest on the still where you lay your head, soft black hair dancing in the breeze as your red eyes look out into the night.

You sigh.

What's the matter?

Something makes you stand up, you wiggle your left hand out of the gloved claw and flex those long, pale fingers.

You reach up and unbuckle your cape then let it slid to the floor like some crimson stain. Your boots thud against the floor as you pull them off.

You slowly unbutton your shirt, stretching yourself out of it and chucking it to the floor where it joins the rest of your clothes.

Even in the darkness I can see the faint silvery lines on your ghostly white body.

What had happened all those years ago when I couldn't save you?

What had scarred you deeper than the scars on your skin?

You unbutton the top button on your leather trousers but you don't pull the zipper down, you stretch out on the bed, flexing like a cat welcoming sleep.

Your eyes stare at the ceiling for a long time till eventually they close, weighted by the heaviness of sleep.

You've forgotten the close the window again.

You'll catch your death if you're not careful.

Then again, I don't think you nor me needs to worry about that no more.

Someone should place that blanket on the end of the bed over you.

Good night Vincent.