Title: The Jacuzzi

Author: Ashley

Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls…I wish I owned the characters but I don't sadly

Rating: M

Summary: Rory and Tristan have some fun in the Jacuzzi

Timeline: This takes place after Dean confesses his love for Rory and Rory wasn't able to say it back. Dean hasn't come to Chilton yet and Tristan didn't see Rory confessing her love for Dean.

Note: I used the character Henry from the show the one that Lane liked but he is completely different in this story. He goes to Chilton and is best friends with Tristan. Just wanted to give people a visual of him.

This one-shot took me 4 days to write. I wrote it all in one sitting and then for days kept reading and re-reading it and adding things trying to make it the best I could. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Also...I NEED A BETA! If someone would like to become my beta I would really appreciate it!


I promised everyone a one-shot that involved water so here you have it. I hope it does not disappoint.

I hope you enjoy this!

Without further ado…

The Jacuzzi

"I still can't believe you talked me into coming," Rory groaned as the intensity of the music hit her full force, her eyes scrunching together watching in shock as sweaty bodies rubbed and grinded together, a display that could easily be categorized as publicly having sex.

Turning her head to the right, her eyes widened as a girl she didn't recognize climbed off a guy's lap that she recognized as Duncan. She caressed his thigh with a mischievous smile and he licked his lips in hunger leading him to a more secluded room down the hall. Rory shifted her weight crossing her arms in front of her, her cheeks turning a tinge of red, suddenly embarrassed by the implication.

She could never do something like that.

Be so seductive

"You know you could have said no," Lane answered, only half-paying attention as she leaned up on her tiptoes fully energized about her first Chilton party. "Clearly I had no idea what I was missing," she laughed, rubbing her hands together watching people drink and make out acting very wild. "This is definitely more my scene," she excitedly stated. "My mom's idea of a party is chanting followed by a quiet meal afterwards talking about boys and how they are the devil incarnated."

"Well I wouldn't say boys are the devil incarnated but at parties like these they come pretty close." Rory said honestly watching some guy break a glass vase and then smile before walking away.

Lane wiggled her eyebrows, smiling. "Exactly"

Rory laughed at her overly enthused friend. "Yeah and when people get drunk enough they start groping and puking out into the bushes outside."

Lane gasped. "Cool." Rory smiled. "It's just like being at a real concert, with you know, without the groupies, screaming fans and smashed instruments everywhere."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." No matter how uncomfortable she was about coming to a Chilton Party, she took comfort in the fact that it was not all in vain and she was making Lane happy.

Standing in the main entrance, she still couldn't comprehend how she was here. One minute she and Lane were in her room talking about music and the fact that Mrs. Kim whacked some boy over the head with a painting causing minimum physical, but she was sure maximum emotional damage, and still had to buy the painting because of damages, and the next… Lane finds a flier in her backpack inviting people to come to the party of the year.

Rory scoffed.

Ever party was the party of the year

She didn't even remember Louise giving her a flier to begin with, which was why she was so surprised when Lane whipped it out overly excited and begging her to go. Louise was smart so she figured she had slipped it into her backpack when she wasn't looking.

She was going to have to thank Louise later, she thought sarcastically

"I'm so glad you made it Rory." Rory half-smiled at the sight of Louise approaching in nothing but her strapless white bikini and with what looked like a martini with an olive in her hand. "Who's your friend?" She asked gesturing Lane's way with head while taking a sip of her drink.

"This is Lane, Rory half-shouted over the blaring of the music. "Your fliers said bring a friend right?"

"Right," Louise seductively drawled out, knowing that they had no idea what they were getting into. Louise smiled. "You guy's brought bathing suits… right?" Rory nodded, bringing the bag on her shoulder around showing her that she indeed did.

Louise smirked smiling at the fact. She couldn't help but feel smug about the knowledge that she had that Rory was so clueless about. She was going to need her bathing suit…if Tristan had anything to say about it. "Okay well get a drink…mingle," she said, starting to walk away. "I got a date with destiny."

Rory laughed as Louise winked and walked away disappearing into the sea of people.

"Date with whom?" Lane asked, turning her way, her eyes scrunching up in confusion.

"Just a random guy Louise thinks is hot," Rory said shaking her head. "That's all," Rory smiled. "Don't worry about its just typical Louise."

Lane nodded accepting her answer too engrossed in the scene before her to really care.

Rory smiled at the awe ness her friend was experiencing. She only wished she shared the same enthusiasm

Pushing their way through the sweaty bodies Rory couldn't help but feel silly about the outfit she wanted to wear tonight when what she was wearing now was still considered overly dressed. She wore a blue top with a low v-neck, nothing too low just enough to still seem modest and a pair of black jeans that hugged her curves nicely.

However, next to Lane who was wearing a black halter top and dark denim skirt she almost felt like a prude. Her first choice was to wear blue jeans with a black sweater and a blue hoodie to go over it. As soon as Lane saw what she was planning on wearing she immediately took action going as far as telling Lorelai what she was planning on wearing and both of them banding together making sure she wore nothing from her closet.

She sighed

Her own mother was against her. She couldn't believe how into it her mother got. It was just one big blur as Lane and Lorelai went through her mother's closet taking everything out from shirts to pants, colors of red and blue flying past her head in a blur, trying everything and anything on until she looked acceptable for a Chilton party.

Her mother of course, unlike some parents, said she was so proud of the fact that her baby was going to a Chilton party where people had sex, drank, and did who knows what.


Rory and Lane pushed there way down the hall heading to what appeared the kitchen.

"Heads up." some guy yelled. Rory watched a body slide down the wood-floored hall from where it appeared was the kitchen covered in soap and some oily substance making his skin shine. His shirt was off as he stood up, marking with a pencil where his head stopped against the wall.

"Beat that!" He yelled, cheering excitedly to another guy that she didn't recognize as he stripped down to almost nothing oiling himself up with the same substance.

"This is complete insanity," Rory and Lane turned, watching as an upset Paris pushed her way through the group of people that were groping each other. "I can't believe that civilized people act this way. I mean it is as if we still live back in caveman times and the leaders of this country and all their hard work meant nothing. Their work is completely being thrown out the window." Paris ranted gesturing with her hand.

Lane turned her head to Rory, slightly frightened by the slightly overly wound girl as Paris crossed her arms in front of her, tapping her foot rhythmically in a huff.

Rory couldn't help but smile at this.

Lane raised her eyebrows whispering in Rory's ear. "Paris?" Lane asked.

"How did you guess?" Rory asked with amusement dancing around in her eyes, as they both shared a laugh.

The truth was even though Lane didn't go to Chilton she could name almost ever person Rory introduced her to by the detailed stories she told to not only Lane but Dean and Luke as well.

"Who's your friend?" Paris motioned with her head as she looked her over and Rory new she was trying to form an opinion about her. Was she an airhead or was she worth her time?

"Paris I would like you to meet my best friend Lane." Rory introduced happily.

Lane waved giving a small smile.

"Nice to meet you," Paris muttered turning away. Lane and Rory shared a look shrugging their shoulders. "God I hate coming to these parties."

"Then why are you here?" Rory asked confused, crossing her arms in front of her.

"Because…My mother says I don't spend enough time with my classmates. I think it's a ridiculous idea to try and spend time with people when they are either to drunk or to horny to care." She sighed. "So like I said I hate coming to these parties."

Rory had to agree.

Chilton wasn't exactly Stars Hollow High that was why sometimes people got on her nerves so much that when she came home she couldn't help but vent to everyone around her. She tried very hard to keep her home and school life separate not wanting the hell that she experienced in Chilton to affect her in Star's Hollow but some days she just couldn't help herself.

Whether it was Paris…


Or even…

"Would you look at that," Paris asked exasperated, the slight rant now turning into a rant of anger at the impossible sight before her.

"God, nothing like this ever happens at parties in Star Hollow." Lane smiled excitedly rubbing her hands together, her eyes widening. Rory raised her eyes at Lane smiling, putting her hands on her hips looking her over curiously. Lane looked at Rory feeling as if she had been caught. "Not that I would know." Lane admitted softly bringing her head guiltily. Rory laughed rolling her eyes. You had to love her.

"I just saw them outside at the gazebo two minutes ago and now they decided to move it indoors. You would think people would have the decency to get a room." Paris continued whining in disgust

"What are you going on about Paris?" Rory followed Paris gaze and her eyes suddenly widened catching sight of the blond hair blue-eyed bane of her existence and his permanent sex accessory.

There against the wall, Summer's hands were held tightly over her head as Tristan smirked sucking and licking at Summer's lips and on ever occasion Summer would smile and gasp as she turned her head to the side letting Tristan suck on her neck.

"I still can't believe I let my mother talk me into coming here." Paris said slumping her shoulders, as she kept ranting wincing ever time Summer would gasp and moan in pleasure.

Rory didn't know why this was affecting her so much. She was standing there like an idiot just watching with curiosity and amazement. She felt her cheeks flush as she watched Tristan's hand travel down Summer's lean body, finally stopping at her core pressing his thumb against the thick jean material, slightly smiling when she moaned. She watched as Summer bit her bottom lip, her body moving to the beat of the music.

She suddenly felt her core becoming slightly damp when Summer was pulled up from the ground, her long legs now around Tristan's strong waist, his hips circling her core, moving in time with hers. Rory unconsciously shifted her legs together trying to ease out the ache that was forming.

"God it's like they are having sex," Paris gestured with her hand, complaining in disgust, wincing at the obscene gesture.

"I'm guessing that's Tristan." Lane looked at Rory and then back at the couple at hand knowing without a doubt it was indeed him. Lane remembered Rory mentioning he was blond however, she could barely tell because it was so dark only a soft lamp giving some light. She also remembered that he was a so-called "player" and at the sudden interest in Rory's expression, she knew she was right.

Rory didn't answer her friend…

She was just watching…

She didn't know what she was feeling…




Jealous of what she had to ask herself

She watched as Tristan changed their positions holding tightly on her ass so now he was the one against the wall while Summer was in front of him, digging her fingers into his shoulders, grabbing his shirt and shoulders finding anything to keep her steady.

Rory looked around shifting her weight from one foot to the other, suddenly feeling awkward watching them. She tried her hardest to keep her gaze on the floor. It was wrong to stand there and look.

She sighed; about to tell Lane that she thought they should leave when she felt a warm sensation go down her spine. Rory lifted her blue eyes and her stomach tightened seeing his eyes on her. She gasped as Tristan's black heated eyes lifted upwards catching hers in an intense gaze.

"Rory is he…" Lane started, but trailed off watching in curiosity.

Tristan felt Rory watching him.

He couldn't explain it when it happened but something came over him whenever he was near Rory. His stomach would turn and his heart would beat a little faster and no matter where he was or what he was doing, he just had pay attention to his body and he knew she was watching him. Tristan smirked dangerously as he went to suck on Summer's neck, placing his hands flat on her hips all the while keeping his cold but lustful eyes on hers.

He watched Rory bite her lip and it took everything in him not to push Summer away so he could take her in his arms and suck that plump red lip in between his teeth.

He wanted to taste her

He wanted to claim her

He imagined she tasted like sweet supple strawberries and whipped cream…his favorite…and he was suddenly very hungry.

Rory inhaled quickly as he stared at her, his blue piercing eyes connecting with hers. Rory felt helpless under the intense gaze of his eyes and wanted more then anything to close her own, or turn away but found it hopeless. Her heated body was telling her to turn away but it was as if his intense glare was keeping her in place, a tingling feeling running down her spine as he smirked in triumph.

It was almost as if his stare was mocking her. As if knowing, she couldn't turn away. Having a little fun with her he winked, smirking as he watched her turn beet red. He watched her avert her eyes away shyly before bringing it back to his. He chuckled deep in his throat before breaking the connection and looked away, going back to his task at hand.

Paris and Lane noticed their intense staring contest and looked on with interest at the seductive display before them. They shared a curious look. "What was that about?" Paris asked curiously, raising her eyebrows as she put her hands in her pocket glaring from Tristan to Rory several times before settling on Rory.

Rory took a second to reel her mind back in. She shrugged innocently. "I don't know," she played off, nervously smiling. "You know Tristan…always looking for a way to mess with my head."

Paris narrowed her eyes not thoroughly convinced there wasn't something deeper going on but decided to let it go. With another gasp echoing through the room, Paris closed her eyes giving up. "That's it! I am leaving and I don't care that its not even 11:00," Paris announced when Summer gasped. "If I have to stay here any longer I am seriously going to throw up." With that, Paris turned to leave in huff pushing her way through the crowd.

Lane smacked her lips, shifting her weight back and forth from her heels to her toes. "She seemed…pleasant" Lane said as politely as she could.

Rory laughed. "It's okay if you didn't like her. Paris can be very intense and she just takes some getting used to." She patted her shoulder. "She's really not that bad."

"I thought she was going to have a heart attack." Lane admitted, laughing at the thought.

Rory tried not to smile, feeling bad if she did, but she couldn't help it. She smiled at the thought as well and they both broke out into laughter.

Without knowing it, a pair of eyes was watching the two girls from across the room. He watched as the third one turned and left and then the other two who he assumed was Rory and her friend talk in deep conversation.

With his arms crossed in front of him, a smile played on his lips.

He had his orders

He needed to get Rory's friend out of the way so Rory was by herself. He glanced across the room, and with Summer in his arms, Tristan looked up and caught the sight of his good friend that he trusted, nodding his head giving him the clear so he could make his move.

Tristan watched his friend walk across the room and prayed this plan worked. He was seriously running out of ideas.

He had asked out Rory Gilmore numerous times and ever time he was shot down cold.

She always had an excuse whether she was busy or she had a boyfriend or just flat out refused to go out with him, insulting him in various ways, but tonight he made sure that nothing got in his way.

He cursed

It cost him 200 hundred bucks, a hundred to Louise for putting the flier in Rory's bag in the first place, and a hundred to Henry for giving up his Friday night to baby-sit Rory's friend. Tristan was not expecting Rory to bring a friend but when the object of his desire entered he cursed, she wasn't alone. He had to pull Henry away from two blondes that he had seduced and were willing to have sex with him. As soon as Louise found out Henry got paid, she demanded payment as well, or she was going to tell Rory everything.


He sighed. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

He was surprised she even showed up but now that she did… nothing was going to stop him.


Lane laughed at something Rory said which instantly faded seeing a guy an Korean guy that seemed like he was about 5'11 approach. He had spiked brown-hair and wore a tight black t-shirt with dark baddy jeans, with a leather jacket giving him a bad boy look.

Lane looked up turning her attention away from Rory as a he approached with a permanent warm smile edged on his face that made her heart melt. "Hi," he lowly greeted, looking over Rory's friend. He smiled when she smiled nervously at him and giggled when he looked over her tight fit body.

For a hundred bucks, she didn't look half-bad. He would have done this free. However, he wasn't going to tell Tristan that. "My name is Henry Wan and I couldn't help but notice you from across the room," he continued, offering his hand.

Lane smiled widely, looking down from his face to his hand several times, her breath hitching in her throat. "Hi," she weakly greeted back, before finally shaking his hand in anticipation.

He scanned her luscious body. "I love your outfit." Rory scoffed, rolling her eyes at this guy's lame attempt. "I was wondering if you would like to dance with me."

"Henry what do you think your doing?" Rory asked, looking him over curiously her eyes squinting dangerously at him. Henry Wan wasn't as notorious as Tristan in Chilton but he definitely had his reputation. She had seen him hang out with Tristan a couple of times and more than once she had seen a different girl on his arm almost ever other day.

"Well hello to you to Rory," Henry greeted nicely only half-paying attention making sure to keep his gaze on Lane. Rory gritted her teeth hating the way he was looking at Lane. She didn't trust Henry and she didn't like the fact that he was acting so nice. He was acting completely out of his nature. "Like I said I just wanted to know if this nice young lady would like to dance with me."

"We were actually planning on taking a dip in the pool," Rory quickly pointed out scowling, taking a hold of Lane's arm. "Isn't that right Lane?"

Lane quickly panicked. She didn't' go to Chilton so she didn't know the type of guys that went there. She looked at Rory and saw her studying her patiently. She should have trusted Rory's instincts but the fact that Henry seemed a bit more dangerous then most guys she was used to enticed her. Lane bit her lip knowing that Rory was going to hate her later for this. "Well… why don't you go ahead and I'll meet you out there later."

Rory groaned. "Lane," she drawled. "You can't leave me alone."

"I'm not," Lane said. "I promise I'll meet you in five, ten minutes tops."

Rory sighed seeing the excitement on Lane's face, and then scoffed seeing the amused expression on Henry's.

"Only if you're sure," Rory said, giving Henry another glace over. "I don't trust him."

"Five minutes tops." Lane yelled as she was being pulled through the sea of people.

Tristan smirked seeing Rory roll her eyes and smiled in triumph knowing that his plan was working. Tristan watched Rory sigh and walk away before Henry started leading Lane to a more secluded room but not before Henry glanced his way giving him a nod that Rory was indeed on her way to the pool.

He smirked

It was time to make his move


Rory had found a vacant bathroom upstairs and couldn't help but think that was bigger then her living room. She changed into her blue one-piece bathing suit, and made her way outside after she put her hair up into a tight fit ponytail, making sure to bring out a brush and towel with her.

Getting outside she gasped at the enormity of the land. She could fit her whole house on it. She had to admit it was bigger then her grandparents land…that was for sure.

Walking closer, she had ever intention of getting into the pool but it seemed like everyone in there was either making out or playing some sort of game. What did the guy say again? Dunk the drunk? She let out an exasperated sigh.

She was not going to put herself in that situation.

Seeing a dim light from the corner of her eye, she spotted the Jacuzzi and was surprised that no one was in it at the moment. She wasn't going to question it though because she really needed some relaxation time and decided that Lane would easily be able to see her from the back entrance.

She made her way over and placed her bag on a nearby black table with a white umbrella in the middle. The Jacuzzi was made with black marble and it looked simply breathtaking. Taking a breath, she looked down at the rapid bubbly water and smiled that the jets were on. She dipped her toe inside and relished the intense heat radiating from the water. She walked fully in, lowering herself to her neck, closing her eyes.

She sighed deeply in pleasure as the jets went to work massaging her lower back needing out the tension that has been growing since the day Dean confessed that he loved her and she wasn't able to say it back.

From that point on it seemed like everything had been getting on her nerves lately.

In addition, what exactly did come over her seeing Tristan earlier? She was used to seeing him with his many girls but…


She was not going to do this to herself. She just needed to get Tristan out of her mind and focus on the pressure from the jet needing and pumping getting out ever kink in her body.

"Mary, Mary." A deep sultry voice said above her.

No such luck

Rory opened her tired hooded eyes finding Tristan DuGrey standing above her in a white tank with blue jean shorts and a pair of black flip-flops to match, just staring at her. His hair was going in every direction and she couldn't help but admit he looked good.

When he caught her wide eyes looking him over, he smirked dangerously. "Enjoying the view?"

Even though she would never say it the full moon was shining brightly tonight and his features really shown through as the moonlight reflected off the water and onto his face.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that." She told him sharply looking directly into his two crystal blue eyes, as calmly as possible but consciously hid under the water hating his intense glare. The blue from the water really made his blue almost black color eyes shine. The waves and ripples reflected off his eyes and made it look like they were moving swiftly like the ocean and she suddenly wanted to dive into them, making her breathing hitch in her throat a bit.

He chuckled softly. "Aren't you though?" He asked crossing his arms in front of him making his muscles bulge. She never really noticed how built he truly was. His tank really defined his arms.

"No." she simply pointed out. God where was Lane. She wished that Lane would just get out here already.

"Well then he definitely didn't do it right." He muttered his voice dangerously low. He looked at her with desire and even though her body was hidden, he could tell she was wearing a tight blue one-piece through the reflection of the water. He would have preferred a bikini but he could tell that it hugged her curves nicely. It also matched her personality to the key. The suit was definitely something Rory would wear.

"Please leave." She retorted fast feeling small under his stare. She was in absolute disbelief at the nerve of him.

"Now you don't want that Mary," he whispered dangerously, squatting down in front of her. Rory felt like she could scream. "No I don't think you want me to." He laughed, shaking his head, looking at her blushing features.

"Shouldn't you go find Summer or something?" She bit out fast, tilting her head to the side feeling as if she wanted to smack him. "I mean you two looked pretty chummy earlier from what I could tell."

"Enjoyed the show did you?" He smiled watching Rory roll her eyes but noticed her cheeks turning a tinge of red and he knew that he was making her uncomfortable. He sighed, turning his head to the side. "Summer is probably under some guy getting fucked as we speak, so you have nothing to worry about." He winked smugly turning back to her.

"What? Didn't get the job done yourself the first time?" she insulted smiling. "That's disappointing. Are you sure you're the real king of Chilton?"

"I didn't fuck her." He laughed at her sharp tongue. "And if you are questioning my reputation I'd be more than happy to show you myself how I became the king." He said seductively wiggling his eyebrows playfully but his voice was laced with seriousness and control making her tremble and she didn't think it was from the cold night air.

It made her swallow hard

She held her tongue.

Did he always have a response?

"Wouldn't Summer get jealous?" she asked looking him over warily

He shrugged. "Summer and I have an understanding." Tristan lowered himself down completely, slid off his sandals, and put his feet into the water knowing it would make her feel uncomfortable watching her shift away from him. "We make each other feel good but there aren't any strings attached." He watched Rory's eyes rise listening intently. "It's win win."

"Well I don't think its right and now, if you will excuse me, my friend Lane is supposed to be meeting me and I don't want to subject her to the likes of you," Rory said. "Now please leave."

Tristan laughed amused by her sudden firmness. "Oh, I don't think your friend will be coming out anytime soon." He teased standing up, grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifted it off. Rory watched shocked.

What did he mean by that?

"What are you talking about?" she asked suddenly becoming nervous, her chest heaving up and down watching him unbuckle his jeans.

"Well," he smiled seductively. Rory hated that smirk. She wished she could slap it off. "As we speak, your friend Lane is enjoying the lovely company of my buddy Henry, and by now I'm sure they are onto well"…he smiled…"you know." He said raising his eyebrows

Rory gasped. Her eyes widened, her nerves turning from anticipation to anger. "I knew Henry coming over was suspicious. What is wrong with you? Why would you do something like that? I don't appreciate you hurting my friends just to get to me!" She snapped, scowling at him. Tristan couldn't help but find her rant slightly sexy. Her nose curled up when she was angry.

"Relax," Tristan drawled. "Henry won't try anything with your friend."

"Oh and how do you know?" Rory asked in a huff crossing her arms in front of her. "How do you know he won't hurt her?" She narrowed her heated eyes at him, visibly upset that he could do something like that.

Her eyes widened a bit. That was why Louise told her she was going to need her suit. She was in on it.

"Because," he bit out hard. "I said if he tried anything I'd kill him." Tristan said seriously. His eyes darkened tremendously and she could tell that he was telling the truth.

Kill him?

She wondered how much influence he really did have over the people at Chilton. Her stomach tightened tremendously.

Her mother did say that you can always tell about someone from the eyes. They can put on a smile and act prim and proper but you can only truly find out what kind of person they were from there eyes.

And Tristan's eyes told her he wasn't someone who should be messed with.

She scoffed. "Why would you care what happens to her?"

He shrugged. "Because," he admitted. "She's important to you."

Rory inwardly smiled and then took a sharp intake of breath as she watched him discard the last of his clothes leaving him in his black boxers only.

So, he was a boxer's man…

Dean always wore briefs and she had to admit she liked boxer's better-

What was she saying?

She shouldn't care what he was wearing but she had to admit his body was amazing.

He was tanned, had a tight eight-pack abs and she since she had only seen him in his Chilton Uniform she would have never guess he looked this…God like.

"What do you think your doing?" She nervously asked as she watched him lower himself into the Jacuzzi with a sigh.

He laughed letting the warmth of the water encompass him. "I thought that was obvious Mary."

The Jacuzzi was a fair size but not big enough for Rory. He lowered himself in completely, dunked his head under the water, and she watched the water droplets fall down his chiseled face dripping off his defined jaw.

Instantly his body turned a golden bronze and she was finding it hard to think. She also loved the fact that steam seemed like it was radiating off his body. The temperature outside was decent but combined with the heat of the water; steam visibly came off the water.

"I'm leaving," Rory said, using her small petite arms to push herself up and walked past him to get out of the Jacuzzi but before she knew it, she felt him grab her arm and twist her around so that he was now pressed up against her body, and her back was pressed up against one of the jets.

He looked down at her with a stern look, his face inches from hers. "Tristan…" she gritted out moving her body trying to get around him but she stopped sighing at the sudden pleasure she was experiencing. "What are you doing to me?" She regretfully asked shutting her heavy eyelids closed.

She felt like her body was going to explode. The vibration of the jet was hitting against her core, her breathing was shaky feeling his hot hard wet body up against hers, and she couldn't think when he stared at her as if he was staring right down into her soul.

He smirked seeing the pleasure on her face. "Like that do you?" He nodded, feeling pleased with himself when she let out an involuntary moan. "Do you want to know what I can't figure out Mary?" Tristan asked, bringing his hand up and pushing her loose strands of hair behind her cheek.

Rory swallowed. "What?"

"What a girl like you would be doing at a Party like this." He watched Rory close her eyes when he let out a deep breath, the warmth hitting her face. His breath smelled like alcohol and cherries.

A deadly combination

"I don't think that's any of your-," she stopped suddenly hearing someone cheer from the pool bringing her back to reality. She put her petite hands on his hard chest and pressed back with force but wasn't able to move him. "Tristan please…" she tried, "People will see." She cried, turning her head towards the voices.

He scoffed grabbing her chin making her look at him. "They are to drunk too even notice and even if they did notice I highly doubt they would even remember it in the morning." He pressed her body harder against the Jacuzzi wall rubbing himself against her and chuckles hearing her breathing increase immensely. His eyes became playful suddenly as she turned her head to the side. "I'm not scaring you…am I?" He teased, his voice was low, husky, and the scent that was Tristan was really playing with her hormones.

Rory swallowed hard at the scent of his cologne and tried getting her composure together. "No." She countered, trying to keep her voice strong. Tristan laughed breathily making her stomach flip. Bringing his hand up to her cheek, he slid it down to under her chin lifting it up to meet his eyes. "You should be." He whispered, his hot breath hitting against her flushed face.

He licked his lips, caressing her lips with his thumb and she parted them for him. He smiled, slipping his thumb inside and she sucked on it hesitantly, closing her eyes as the taste filled her body consciously thinking she never tasted anything this good before. Taking his thumb out he lowered his head down his smirk never fading. Rory held her breath when his lips were just centimeters away from hers. He kept his hooded black eyes connected with hers before his lips crashed down onto hers in a bruising kiss making her body tingle from her head to her core moaning at the sudden contact.

Ever thought and doubt…

Everything in her that told her that this was wrong flew out the window…

She could not think…

Could not breathe…

Her mind felt numb and all that she could feel was her body responding to him. She didn't understand this. She didn't understand this feeling. It was never like this with Dean. He had never made her feel these intense feelings and she wondered if maybe that was why she couldn't say she loved him.

Maybe she didn't love him.

Before she could stop him, his tongue darted fast into her mouth and he groaned tasting her for the first time. "Mmmmm," he groaned. "You taste exactly like I thought you would." He told her huskily her taste taking over him. "Strawberries and whipped cream." He said tasting her again.

He felt his cock twitch hearing her moan at his words.

He then placed big hands under the water and clamped it on her slim waist pressing his hands into her, caressing her smooth silky skin, bringing it forward against his cock. He caressed his hands on the lower part of her back and brought her as close as possible and kissed her deep until he had to pull away for much needed air.

"Fuck Mary." Tristan groaned deeply a growl escaping, pressing his forehead against hers making sure to breathe. The steam of the Jacuzzi was starting to fill his lungs and felt his body shake all over. "I have wanted you like this…" he swallowed hard stuttering closing his eyes, "For the longest time…" He trailed off hearing her whimper and he lowered his mouth back down to hers capturing her bottom lip in between his



Making it red and plump…

Memorizing everything that was Rory Gilmore

Tristan brought his hand from her hip to her hair consciously pulling out her brown hair tie throwing it off to the side. "You can't help it can you." He lowered his hand down her neck and brought it onto her thin bathing suit strap where he began inching it down her luscious skin. "You want me as much as I want you." He growled deeply.

Rory closed her eyes trying to gain some composure. She had to stop this before she did something she was going to regret.

"No." She firmly stated, and cursed herself when her voice came out shaky. She cleared her throat. "No I don't."

Tristan stopped, leaning back and inwardly smiled when he heard her whimper at the loss of contact. He clenched his jaw. She was so stubborn. He had to admit, that was part of her appeal. With a grunt, he lowered his hand to her pussy making sure to slip his fingers under the thin layer of her suit, playing with her pussy hairs before pushing her hard back against the jet and making sure to rub her cilt with his long skilled thumb, making her grunt in pleasure.

Rory groaned deeply swallowing hard as she tilted her head. She grabbed for his defined shoulders and whimpered as the pressure of his thumb and the jet filled her. "Gah," she gasped.

"Fuck Mary you're so wet for me," he groaned, rubbing her pussy with his hand feeling the pre-cum forming. Biting his lower lip he thrusted two fingers inside of her and her body just jumped, holding on tighter to him. "It's so obvious that you want me and yet you still deny it to yourself." Rory closed her eyes and leaned her head down against his shoulder as her mind and body fought for control. "You're fucking killing me Mary." He emphasized his statement by thrusting his very awake member against her core hoping to break her.

Rory's eyes widened at how bad he wanted her. "Fucking killing me." He whispered again in her ear. He brought his lips down and kissed her smooth neck sucking at her pulse point marking her as his.

She was his

"Tristan please," He heard her whimper as she tilted her head to the side. "I can't… I can't… control myself but I… oh god…I don't want to be one of your conquests."

Tristan's body stilled and Rory felt it. She was afraid that she said something wrong…something that was going to make him mad. In a way, she was glad that she had a moment to breathe but her body was craving him so much.

"Is that what you think you are?" he asked her, pulling back to look at her, his voice dangerously low almost a growl. "A fucking conquest?"

"Tristan…" She began, losing her words

Rory slightly flinched when Tristan grabbed her hand and brought it down to his throbbing cock. She gasped, her heart skipping a beat, feeling how hard and big it was. She used to be so shy and skittish with Dean but Tristan brought something animalistic out of her.

It was like chemical.

"This is how bad I fucking want you." He groaned feeling her fingers apply pressure. He wasn't sure she even knew what she was doing it. "No one has ever made me feel like this before." He lowered his forehead to hers. "No one" he firmly admitted. "That was why I had to get you alone. Why I had to try and show you…we belong together."

Rory felt overwhelmed by his confession. Tristan brought his hand to her breast, encompassed it around his hand squeezing it slightly, and then teased her nipple through the fabric of the suit. He squeezed when her nipple responded becoming hard and plump. He swallowed wanting to taste it. His body was tingling. "Fuck I need you so bad."

Rory didn't know why… but she believed him. Whether it was the look in his eyes or the fact that his voice was laced with plead she believed him. If she really admitted it to herself, she really did need him as much as he needed her.

It was like something from deep within her that was craving him and she knew she'd go crazy if she ignored it.

Without another thought, Rory glanced into his lustful black eyes before crashing her eager lips onto his own putting her hands through his blond spiky hair, pulling him the closest she possibly could. His tongue darted back into her mouth eagerly and they dueled both trying to get control. Without breaking the kiss, Rory brought her hands to his boxers digging her hands inside and she heard him take a low breathy moan. She peeled it off, grabbed it bringing it from underneath the water, and tossed it out of the water landing on the ground with a loud thump.

Rory turned her attention back to him, grabbed his hard-erected penis, which made him shudder, and brought it over her pussy and rubbed it against herself making him gasp, his eyes widening knowing he wasn't going to make it. "Hurry Rory." He pleaded closing his eyes.

He said her name

He said Rory

He never said her name unless he was serious

That was her undoing.

Feeling his hands go to the straps of her bathing suit she put her hands on his and helped him push the damp material off her body, peeling it off as fast as she could exposing herself.

She wasn't scared

She wasn't skittish

She was horny as hell and knew Tristan was the only one who could ever make her feel this good.

Stepping out of it she threw the wet suit over with his boxers and in an instant she wrapped her legs around his waist, the water making her light as a feather, and with her hand guiding him he thrusted himself inside of her in one long thrust.

They stilled for a moment and then Tristan crashed his lips down to hers swallowing her screams as well as his own. Rory pulled away and bit his lip as he came out and thrusted himself back inside of her. "Faster Tristan… please." She whispered pleading.

The water splashed around them and Rory thanked god that the Jacuzzi jets was loud enough to swallow up their moans.

As he thrusted, their hands went everywhere. Rory's hands went onto his chest as she bent down to lick off the water on his warm smooth neck. Tristan's hands went to her neck where he proceeded to move away the damp strands and sucked before bringing his hands to her ass to push himself deeper inside getting a better angle.

"Do you see Rory?" He groaned whispering in her ear before biting her earlobe pulling it in between his teeth. "I fit inside of you so perfectly." He whispered huskily. "Fuck Rory you feel so good."

They both gasped

They both moaned

Both of them feeling the most intense pleasure they have ever experienced

He thrusted in…Gasp




"How does that feel baby?" he demanded, grinding himself against her. Don't I make you feel good?"



"Tristan…" she whimpered, his voice sending waves of pleasure through veins.

Tristan twisted his head and looked at her pleasured flushed face. "Look at me Rory."

Rory whimpered opening her eyes looking into his now fully black ones. "Tell me I make you feel good."

Rory could only keep whimpering as his thrusts slowed just gently rocking her keeping her in place against the wall with his hips. His voice was so full of emotion.


"You make me feel good," she whispered fast putting her forehead against his. "God help me you make me feel so good." She said gripping his shoulders tighter.

Tristan smiled his heart racing a mile minute. He brought his head to the crook of her neck and closed his eyes as he began thrusting himself again, ever second a little faster and harder the water thrashing hard around them.

He didn't think he could hold on for much longer. Feeling himself about to come he brought his hands to either side of her and held on to the edge of the Jacuzzi forcing her to squeeze her legs tighter around him so she could keep her balance.

His arms were brushing the sides of her breasts as they bounced against him. "Fuck Rory I'm going to come." He groaned his knuckles turning white. "Hard"

"Tristan," she gasped when he brought his head down to suck on her nipples and then titled his head back when he felt the pressure above his cock and finally he came hard and fast spilling himself inside of her, his body jerking.

Feeling him explode inside of her it triggered her release, her walls clenching around him as she came, her arms going to his neck as she saw white.

He kept himself inside of her for a minute rocking her, trying to prolong the orgasm for as long as possible. Her whole body was spent and numb and it took a second for her spirit to come back to earth. She brought her face from his neck and looked at him realizing that he was staring at her with a serious look. Her stomach filled with warmth at the intense gaze he was giving her. "You're so fucking beautiful." He admitted softly making her blush before lowering his lips onto her for a tender kiss.

Easing himself out his legs grew weak so he lowered his body down into the water bringing her down with him. "I guess you're truly not a Mary anymore." He smirked

Rory laughed.

She had to agree.

Even though she has had sex before it was nothing compared to this. The first time was awkward but this time she finally found out why they called him the king of Chilton.

She thought she would regret this. Regret giving into her body instead of listening to her mind but didn't.

She felt Tristan kiss her on the forehead before pushing her back a bit and hoisted himself up, so he could get out. His ass came into view and Rory quickly averted her eyes down and blushed even more then before.

If that was even possible.

Tristan smiled and chuckled lightly at her shyness. "After everything you're blushing now." She shrugged her shoulders laughing at how absurd the thought was and allowed Tristan to take her hand and help her out of the water. "Here you go." He took the blue towel that was on the table, after he wrapped one around his waist and wrapped it around her body rubbing her arms to warm her up from the cool night air, bringing her close. Her heart sped up when his eyes went from playful to serious in a second flat, as he put his hands on her cheeks closing his eyes as he leaned his forehead against hers.

"Be with me Rory." She sighed at the intensity of his voice. "Fuck Rory I have to be with you."

She groaned. "But," she sighed "What about your reputation?" she asked. "And Summer?" she quickly added.

"I don't give a damn about my reputation or Summer." He bit out frustrated. He felt her jump and he closed his eyes and took deep calming breath. "I just want you." He groaned seriously knowing that this was his last chance.

He didn't just want sex but something more…he has never felt like this before and he couldn't let this get away. "Take a chance on me Rory."

Rory bit her lip contemplating. Her body was telling her yes, that she'd be a fool to let him go… but her head. How could she be with Tristan DuGrey Chilton extraordinaire? Tristan sighed when Rory leaned in putting her hands on his chest as she brought her lips to him and kissed him before snuggling her face into his neck.

"I want to go slow." She whispered in his ear. Tristan chuckled. "I mean I know that we already…you know had-"

"Sex." He finished for her laughing.

"Yes that…" she smiled feeling silly. "But I mean if I'm going to be with you I need to be able to trust you." She leaned her head up and looked into his eyes. "So…let's take it slow."

Tristan felt a huge weight lift from his chest while he nodded. "Wait…what about bagboy?"

Rory shrugged. "I don't think I could ever be with any man after what we just did." She lowered her head chuckling before bringing her head back up. "I uh…I think you ruined me."

"And you me." He said seriously with a playful smirk leaning in to kiss her. He pulled away and put his arm around her waist leading her in the pool house so they could get cleaned up.

She suddenly stopped, her eyes widening. "What?" Tristan asked furrowing his eyebrows at her sudden discomfort.

"Oh no…" She said looking around, bringing her hand to her forehead. " Lane!"

"What?" He asked watching her.

"I forgot about Lane."

Tristan chuckled bringing his head down while rubbing the back of his neck.

"What is so funny?" She asked not finding what was so amusing.

"Look." Tristan pointed to two black shadow figures at a secluded part of the pool. Rory raised her eyes and looked at Tristan's amused face. "I guess you both are the same." She looked at him curiously. "Having a thing for bad boys and all…knew you couldn't resist."

Rory scoffed. "In your dreams."

"Every night." He answered seriously kissing her on the lips quickly.

Tristan snaked his arm around her waist pecking her on her head as the made their way to the pool house.

He glanced at her

Taking it slow

It was something new for Tristan but if it meant being with Rory, he was willing to give it a chance.

Rory knew that being with Tristan wasn't going to be easy but now she knew why girls wanted to be with him so much. Now he wanted her… so she wasn't going to let this go. If she were truly in love with Dean, she would have told him she loved him. Now after being with Tristan she knew that no other man could have ever make her feel that much pleasure.

And she was okay with that.

She felt Tristan bring her closer pecking her on her temple.

Yes…she was definitely okay with it.

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