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001 : Cake Batter

Rating : PG

Theme : 003. Cake Batter

September 19, 2007

Stirring the mix with as much force as he could, he attempted to get the little clumps of flour to soften and smooth in the batter. It was a task in itself to cook in general, but when this boy was determined, he was determined. With black frosting, gummy bats, and purple sprinkles at his disposal, he felt like a bullet-proof hero. He knew she would adore the effort he put in one of her favorite desserts, and he would definitely be back on her good side again (he hoped with every ounce of his being).

Dipping a finger into the vanilla mix, he scooped up a small amount of batter and stuck a finger in his mouth to lick off the sweet tasting substance. "Mmm," he murmured, resisting the urge to dip his finger in yet again for another taste. Continuing to stir, he made sure to check the temperature of the oven, give a once-over to all of the ingredients he had laid out on the counter, and smiled. Those cooking lessons his mother gave him were working out in his favor, now.

After pouring the batter into the pan and placing the cupcakes in the oven, he leaned forward and rested his weight against the counter top, reveling in the brilliance of his plan. If he knew anything about his girlfriend, it was that she had a secret sweet tooth, especially when it came to cupcakes with black frosting, gummy bats, and sprinkles of the violet kind. Oh yeah, he had it made now.

"Ahem," a voice rang out in the silence of the kitchen, snapping Danny from his thoughts.

Turning around, he met those violet eyes he knew more than his own baby blues.

"Oh," he inhaled sharply, trying not to glance nervously around the kitchen; he wondered what he looked like, covered in flower and powder, standing in a kitchen full of baking supplies.

"Look, I came over here to–" her eyes darted around his form, then around the kitchen, taking in everything he was doing. "Are you baking?" She asked in awe, walking over to the counter where she spied the black frosting and other various assorted goodies. "You're making me something?" Glancing over to the oven, she saw that it was on and something was inside.

"Y-Yeah," he stammered, smiling weakly. "I wasn't expecting you to come over... I thought you were still mad at me, so I just was going to make cupcakes for you and leave them for you, hoping that I could be forgiven just a little bit." He winced at the word 'forgiven,' but kept a straight face throughout the rest.

"I came over here to apologize for being so moody lately," she said softly, glancing over at him with a timid smile. "If I didn't snap at you, then you wouldn't have snapped back, and somehow I took offense to that right then and there, without thinking rationally. So," she paused, "truce?"

Smiling, he looked down at her and rubbed noses with her, smudging some flour onto it. "Truce."

Moving on tip-toe, she pressed her lips against his softly. After pulling backwards slightly, she licked her lips, commenting, "You taste like cake batter," and dove in to kiss his lips once again.

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