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025: Pizza

Rating: PG

Theme: 025. Pizza (Writer's Choice)

May 30, 2009


It was the only food they could ever agree on without compromising. They usually had a lot to compromise on when it came to anything involving the three of them.

Cheese, just plain cheese, was their favorite.

Tucker, as would be expected of him, craved the Meat Lover's pizza, and usually had a whole pizza to himself when the time came. Danny was satisfied with anything but pineapple or anything relatively similar. ("It's just unnatural to have fruit on a pizza!" he would say with an unusual amount of gusto.) Sam, even though she would tolerate vegetables on her pizza, just liked the taste that plain cheese gave to her. Nothing to get in the way of her taste buds, nothing to distract her.


Some days when they ordered out after a movie or video game marathoning session, the pizza would be less than desirable. Food, being food, to starving teenagers, was good enough for them. Though some days... those golden days... when the pizza tasted like it came from heaven–that was when it all was worthwhile.

"Can't we order something other than pizza for once?" Tucker complained, flopping back on the couch in Sam's basement.

Sam furrowed her eyebrows at him. He was going to through off the balance? The tradition?

"No," she replied, throwing the remote at him. He would complain until he got to watch what he wanted, anyway. Might as well shut him up a little earlier than scheduled. "Why?"

"It's boring," he frowned, flipping through the channels.

"You're boring," she countered. "Pick something that's not dumb and stick with it."

"Yes, Queen," he droned, continuing to click through the channels at an abnormal speed.

As she rolled her eyes at her friend, she couldn't help but wonder where the third member of their trio was. He had texted her saying that he would be a bit late, but that was about an hour ago. Did he run into trouble? She could've helped! He always wanted to do things his own way on his own–

"Sorry I'm late, guys, I had to go pick this up," he came down with two large pizzas balancing on one hand and a two-liter of soda held in the other.

"Ha! You can't argue with food in front of you!" she cheered victoriously at Tucker who just chuckled and got up from the couch in order to help Danny with his load.

"That... is true," he conceded, not finding it childish to stick his tongue out at her.

"Did I miss a fight or something while I was gone?"

"Oh, no, just the usual," Sam responded, grabbing the soda from his hand.

"I'll go grab plates," Tucker said, feeling as comfortable as Sam was in her own house where finding things (including what was in her fridge) and retrieving them.

When he walked out, Danny grinned at her and backed her up against the nearby wall.

"Miss me?" he said softly before capturing her lips with his. They were tame around Tucker, but whenever he managed to leave for two seconds, it always turned out this way. Tucker always managed to wise-crack about 'what would you guys do without me?' but didn't know that they were at the stage in their relationship that they had plenty of things to do to keep each other occupied while he wasn't around. Even so, they weren't the type of couple that would ostracize friends from their group in order to be alone with one another. That was what midnight rendezvous were for.

Hearing the footsteps coming back down the stairs after a couple minutes of making out, Sam broke the kiss and ran a hand through his hair tenderly before pulling away. "Yes. As a matter of fact, I did."

Danny grinned as he licked his lips while reaching for a pizza. "Mmm, delicious."

Sam knew he wasn't talking about the pizza, but she let Tucker think so as he shouted, "Very true!"