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This is a NarutoXHinata Relationship, trust me.

Now this is my VERY FIRST attempt at fan fiction so be nice x


Chapter 1: Return

"FINALLY!" "We're finally back!" Shouted a tall blond spiky haired boy, he was glad to be back to Konoha. He had grown considerably since he was last here. He was now about Six feet and had much more muscle to him then when he was a kid. He wasn't overly muscular but he was defiantly toned well. He also got out of his bright orange jumpsuit into black pants and a half orange half black shirt. Naruto was so excited he was home, after being away for nearly 3 years with that perverted sage.

Though he had to admit a little bit rubbed off on him, but he wasn't a pervert but he really did want a girlfriend, someone to hold, kiss, and just love. Sakura! He remembered having a crush on her when he was younger. So he decided to see if maybe, just maybe she would go on a date with him, he started to sprint to Sakura's house before he was jerked backwards and fell to his butt.

He turned and stared at the old man holding his collar "What was that for?"

"Hold on spunky, we have to go visit Tsunade and as much as you want to visit your friends and talk about what they've been doing we still have to go talk to her first"

Naruto pouted and sat on the dirt, he was angry he couldn't go see his friends right away but he could after seeing Tsunade, and she was kind of a friend, but more like an older sister. So he could go see her before his friends. He still wasn't exactly trilled but he got up and started to follow the perverted old man.


"Tsunade-sama!" Naruto yelled flinging the doors open.

Tsunade looked up in surprise not quite sure what was happening, she was up all night doing paper work. She didn't get to see a face as a black and orange blur slammed into her with a tackle hug.

She didn't know what was happening so she did what came naturally to her, she punched him, sending him flying across the room.

When she finally got a good look at who it was she was surprised to see Naruto in his new black and orange uniform rubbing his head where she hit him.

"What did I do??" "I'm gone for three years and when I get back you punch me?" He complained, still rubbing his head.

"N-Naruto?" "Is that really you" She questioned

"Yes, it's really me!" Naruto stopped rubbing his head to stand and shout at her.

"Sorry Naruto I didn't get any sleep last night, and when you busted open the door and came and gave me that tackle hug I didn't really know what to do"

"Well you didn't have to hit me so hard" And went back to rubbing his head.

"Well, you do look a lot different then when I last saw you" Tsunade said trying to defend her actions.

"Are you two already fighting?" Jiraiya said calmly stepping into the room.

Tsunade didn't even bother answering the question, She simply held out a hand to the two seats in front of her desk and said "Have a seat". Both of them quickly took a seat as Tsunade asked them how their training went.

Naruto leaped out of his chair "I've gotten really strong and learned all kinds of new jutsu!" Naruto stopped to show off his muscles, "Even if Jiraiya is really perverted". Tsunade glared at Jiraiya.

"Oh come on Naruto stop goofing around, I wasn't that perverted"

"What about all that stuff about Tsunade?" Jiraiya didn't completely hear the comment Naruto was making but Tsunade's glare became angrier. "That stuff was really perverted" Naruto continued, "That one part about how much you wished Tsunade would L…" Jiraiya Quickly jumped up and clasped his hand over Naruto's mouth, reducing Naruto's words to muffles.

Tsunade had a glare that looked like she was looking right through you, and if she saw completely through you, you were as good as dead… if you were lucky. Jiraiya gulped.

Tsunade stood up about to yell at Jiraiya, when the doors flew open again reviling 3 girls, a pink haired girl, who had black gloves on, like she was ready to punch anyone who got in her way. She wore the same pink outfit with black short shorts on and she still had her hair cut short, Sakura had to admit she liked it short..

The next was a blond haired girl who was in a purple t-shirt and purple skirt. Her hair was long with a flip of hair in front of her face. That flip of hair was almost a trademark of Ino. Though she didn't look threatening, she could be scary if you get her mad.

The third girl was a brown eyed brown haired girl and did look scary, she had weapons everywhere. She had only ten weapons visible but she had about 1,000 hidden either by scrolls or she had them hidden in secret pockets of her outfit, which was now a white top with black pants. You didn't want to get any of these three mad.

Naruto quickly realized one girl was missing, a very beautiful, shy, soft lavender eyed girl. Naruto was taken back a little when he though of her as very beautiful. She was pretty when he last saw her; but then he suddenly realized he really wanted to see how see was looking now.

He ran to the girls and greeted them all with a big group hug, a small blush crept across all of their faces, he was better looking then they remembered him. He was already asking them how they were and what they have been doing, but before they could even answer he released them from his grip.

"Where is Hinata-chan?" They were a little surprised that he even remembered her, he never paid any attention to her when they were younger, except during the Chunnin exams.

"Hinata, she couldn't come she had to train, why do you want to know Naruto?" Sakura leaned closer curious to why he had asked.

"Uh… I just was hoping….. to...uh…. see my friends." Naruto stammered Sakura didn't believe him but she shook her head to show she took it as an answer. Naruto was glad he managed to dodge a bullet, but he still couldn't figure out why he was always thinking about Hinata. Maybe he should ask Tsunade when no one else is around.

While Naruto and the girls conversed on what they have been doing and how they were doing. Tsunade was glad to see he was still the same kid, and that Jiraiya hadn't rubbed off on him too much. She remembered that she got him a little gift for his return, but she would save that for when the girls left.

Jiraiya leaned over to Tsunade "Hey what are the chances of you and me going…"

"No" Tsunade snapped before he could even finish the sentence. "Which reminds me" Jiraiya realized he walked into a fire. "What was Naruto saying about those thoughts about me?" Jiraiya gulped and scrambled through his brain trying to find a good enough lie. Lucky for Jiraiya the girls had to leave so Naruto was back in the room talking to Tsunade. He sighed; he would have to buy that kid some ramen.

"I bet you're eager to see you friends huh?" Tsunade said focusing her attention back to Naruto

"You Bet I am!" Naruto shouted.

"Well you better get going"

"Really I can go?"

"Of course you idiot now get going"

Naruto turned to take off out the door before he realized he had to ask Tsunade that question. Naruto quickly spun back around and leaned over the desk to Tsunade.

"Hey Tsunade since I've been back I've been thinking about a certain girl lately, and I don't really know why, do you think you know?"

"In what way have you been thinking about her" She quickly glanced at Jiraiya who realized he was back into the fire.

"Not like pervy sage thoughts" Naruto shouted. Jiraiya was about ready to defend himself but thought he should not attract anymore attention from Tsunade.

"So you think you love her?" Tsunade inquired

"Is that it?" He said, he thought about it maybe that was it, no, it couldn't be he liked Sakura…. didn't he? "Thanks anyway Tsunade" as he turned and walked toward the door

"Oh here Naruto, it's my welcome back present" She threw a pair of keys at him, smacking him squarely in the back of the head. Naruto fell face first into the ground. 'Yeah he's still the same kid' She thought. Naruto got up and grabbed the keys, with so many thoughts going through his head he didn't care that she had hit him. He looked at the keys on the key ring there was an address. "It's your new house" Tsunade explained

"House!?!" Naruto was shocked she got him a house. "You didn't have to get me anything"

"Well I did, so take it and enjoy you're new home" He quickly thanked her and strode off. Jiraiya stood up and stared to walk out of the room as well. "Where do you think you're going?" Tsunade asked raising an eyebrow.

"Uh I have to go meet up with some f-friends and you know, that type of stuff" He stammered quickly, putting his hand behind his head.

"You never told me what those thoughts were" She looked out the window then back at Jiraiya, or where Jiraiya was supposed to be, but he was gone. 'Darn coward.'