Okay! Once again, I want to make another announcement. I seem to go through these phases, where I get the feeling like I want to write and write but then I get very judgmental with my own works so I get depressed and stop writing but then I want to write again and it goes back and forth and I don't make any progress, I've made it to chapter 2 so far, I had 3 but I axed one because I didn't like it. So anyway what I want is someone to look over the story so far. "Beta readers" as I would like to call it. I just need a couple people to read, tell me what you think, and tell me what you like what you dislike, some editing and some advice. If you don't like where I'm going with something or if you think I even have a shot with this story anything like that. So if you have some free time, and would be willing I would love to hear from you. Please PM me and I will email you a chapter and we can just work from there. I really want this story to be good so I would almost like a small group of advisors so I can ask you for advice, obviously you'll get chapters before anyone else, however it's open to change then. Not to mention I really don't have any guarantees about how soon it will be updated or how often or if it will ever be finished. If too many people want to I might decline a few, though I doubt that will be a problem. So yeah summing up, I need a few people to review, give advice and help me out from time to time. Anyway Thanks for reading!