Hello! This is my first Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic and I no idea where it came from!

Anyway, this might turn into a series of one-shots, but then again, it might not. It depends on whether I get enough inspiration to write more.

No yaoi! Just parental!RoyEd and maybe EdWinry if I continue.

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The rain had started coming down harder and faster when he had left the graveyard. His golden hair stuck to the sides of his face but he paid then no heed as he made his way through the deserted streets.

Stopping to cross the road, Edward raised his head to look at the cloudy sky. Why? Why did this have to happen? With a sigh, he stepped out on to the road and was soon across and safely making his way down the other side of the pavement.


Where are you? Why aren't you back yet? Edward had stayed behind after the funeral and had yet to return. It had been nearly an hour and the boy had promised he would be back before the rain came.

Roy sighed as he stared out his office window at the hard rain that had started half an hour ago.

Making a sharp decision, the Colonel turned away from the glass and grabbed his coat before walking to the door.

"Where are you going, Sir?" The voice of Lieutenant Hawkeye reached his ears and he stopped, his hand resting on the door knob.

"I'm going to look for him." He replied without facing her. "Knowing him, he'll probably try something stupid." And with that he left.

Being in the rain wasn't something Roy enjoyed. Making sure his gloves were hidden safely in the inside pocket of his coat, he proceeded to walk down the many streets of Central.

Pulling his hood up over his head, Roy made sure to keep an eye out for a blonde head and a red coat. So far, he had seen a grand total of two people walking the rainy streets. Neither was blonde nor in red.

With another sigh, the Colonel was about to turn around and head back but when he saw a small figure in red approaching him slowly, he changed his mind and head towards them.


Edward had been walking for about an hour, with no real destination in mind. The rain hadn't give up on its mission to soak him to the bone and, with his mind on other matters, he hadn't seen the loose slab of concrete sticking out of the pavement until it was too late.

Falling forward, he didn't expect two strong hands to catch him, then again, nor did he expect the pavement to trip him.

"Ed?" A familiar voice asked. Looking up, Ed stared into charcoal eyes.

"Colonel…?" He whimpered and the tears returned. Without thinking, Edward flung his arms around the man's middle and let the dark fabric of Roy's uniform soak up his tears.

Mustang didn't know what to say, so he decided not to say anything. Instead, he wrapped his arms about the boy's shoulders and held him close. This is the only help I can give you now…


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