Morgead shrugged off his leather jacket and slumped onto his worn out, old sofa. He ran a shaky hand through his already tousled jet black hair. Another week of looking. Another week of coming back without her. Looking up, he glared at Val who was staring at him with an odd expression on his face.

"Well?" hissed Morgead. "I trust you can find your fucking way out by now!" A hesitant look came over Val's face, and then he sat down.

"Look, Morgead, I know you're hurting-"

"I am not hurting!" yelled Morgead, jumping up But his gem green eyes' showed no emotions besides hurt. No matter how much he tried to rid himself off the feeling, it consumed him, dragging him into its depths until he just broke down, crying out for her. Not in front of everyone. Just on his own, when he knew they wouldn't interrupt anytime soon.

"Yes you are! You're hurt!" yelled Val, jumping up too, and this time, he glared at Morgead. "You're hurt becuse she said she'd never leave you! You're hurt becasue she broke that promise and left you! You're hurt becasue she did exactly what your mum and dad did to you- she walked out on you! And you're hurt because...because you love her." Morgead sharply let out a breath and looked at Val through his long, glossy lashes. They boy wasn't as stupid as he looked, then.

"How did you know?"

"Oh, come on, Morgead," said Val, looking angry now. "We could all see it. They way you always avoided her. The way you always stood a little in front of her when there was something bad out there. When you let her win when you were trying to beat each other up." Morgead inevitably smirked.

"I didn't let her. She won by herself."

"Yeah, she was a good fighter," said Val. Morgead turned to look at him sharply.

"She is a good fighter."

"Whatever, man," sighed Val, plonking onto the couch and switching on the TV.

"I'm going to get some rest, and then we'll call the others and search around more thoroughly," said Morgead, heading towards his bedroom to turn in.

"Morgead?" came Val's voice from behind him. Morgead turned around to meet Val's blue eyes' boring into his own.


"You're not going to give up, are you?" he asked. Morgead did not hesitate to answer.

"No. Never."