I don't know exactly what it is, but something feels so wrong about this last chapter. Maybe it's the fact that it's too short :S Thank you very much for all of your reviews and I hope there will be more in the near future :D

Val's fangs grazed the girl's soft neck as she writhed under the steel strong grip of his arms. At this point, a small scream emitted from the girl's mouth and a small hiss came from one of the three teenagers sitting on a very worn out sofa in front of a telly that was now showing a programme called Charmed.

"Don't play with your food, Val. Eat it," rang out Morgead's voice, half his attention on on the TV, half on Val's antics. Pierce snorted with disdain.

"No fair," moaned Val. "We had to wait around half an hour for you while you drained four girls."

"That's a different case altogether. Now shut up." Val shot Morgead an exasperated look and went back to the girl. She screamed once again.

"Shut her up," snapped Raven from her place on the sofa. Her attention was fixed on the telly where three girls' seemed to be fighting a hideous three- eyed demon, its skin the colour of bath soap that had turned gray.

"God, no wonder Jez left," muttered Val under his breath. Before he knew it, the girl had been knocked out of his arms and he was slammed against the wall. Looking up, he almost trembled with fear at the look on Morgead's face. His emerald eyes' had darkened with anger. The colour seemed to have become regular these past few months.

"Don't say that again," he whispered dangerously, every word almost an individual warning. Val gulped and then nodded.

Morgead released his hold on him and walked back to the sofa. Raven, Thistle and Pierce hadn't even bothered to turn around and see what was happening. It was beginning to become a regular occurence, anyway.

Six months and Jez still hadn't returned. They had stopped looking, of course. But they never lost hope that Jez might still return, red tumbling locks, blue silver eyes' full of secrets, ready to take charge of the situation once again, as she had done many times before when they had found themselves in a spot of trouble.

But till that day, they would wait in silence.