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I Know That You Sleep With My Boyfriend


Summary: What happens when you realize that everything you thought was true turned out to be a lie? When you realize that the love that meant the world to you was never really there? How do you find your way back when you realize that you still need him? And who will be there to pull you out when you get in over your head?


Chapter I: the woes of perfection


Slow demands come 'round
Squeeze the air and keep the rest out
It helps to write it down
Even when you then cross it out

But Always Love… Hate will get you every time
Always Love… Even when you want to fight

-"Always Love" by Nada Surf



Week I


"Oh come on Lily, you totally do!" Alice exclaimed.

"She's right Lily, you do," Elle agreed.

"No I don't, seriously, my life is far from perfect," Lily adamantly defended, still unsure as to how the conversation had begun in the first place.

"Oh please! You're fucking hot as hell, there's no girl in school that can even compete with you, and if I didn't know you so well I'd probably hate you," Alice told her.

"It's true, I kind of do at times," Elle chimed in.

"And you're smart-"

"Head girl smart," Elle added.


"Helping out people who call you a mudblood nice."

An exasperated Alice turned to Elle, "must you always do that?"

"I wanted to see how long it would take for you to finally get fed up and pissed enough to ask me that," Elle told her with a slight smirk.

"You have no life."

"You two are a riot," Lily laughed at her two bickering friends.

"Hey love, how are you this fine day?" a deep voice asked from behind her, before turning her around to face him so he could properly greet her.

"Benjy, not here," Lily told him as he tried to deepen the kiss, "not in public, you know that it makes me uncomfortable."

"Can't blame a guy for trying, can you?" he asked her with a wink.

"You're incorrigible!" she exclaimed.


Well it's a minor altercation
Despite your hesitation
And apart the contrary and impending accusation
Cinematography that you're willing but happy to see
A scene that stars you and a girl, you're both on top of me

-"Illegal Tender" by Louis XIV


"So prongs, what lady will it be this week? If I do say so myself Evans is looking rather lovely in that short little skirt of hers," Sirius commented as he blatantly checked the red head out.

"First of all she has a boyfriend-"

"And when has that ever stopped you before?" Sirius asked skeptically.

"And she's a bloody hag, unbelievably annoying and boring, the girl's never broken a single rule in her life. Anyway, why are you so adamant about the two of us getting together?"

"Well, you know how all those good little girls are tigers in the sack. It's like they compensate for being such Mary's in real life by letting loose, and showing their Magdalena in the bedroom."

"Then why don't you go after her?"

"I'm trying to be nice here. Throw you a bone, you know, that kind of thing."

"You tried and she turned you down, didn't she?" James asked with a knowing smile.

"Yeah, but you probably have a better chance, you're head boy, that's got to be a turn on for her."

"Not interested."

Sirius looked at him as if he had grown another head, "why not?" he asked incredulously. "Not even for a quickie?"

"Like I said: she's annoying. Bloody hag really."

"Mate, with those legs no one can be a hag."

"Well then she's achieved the impossible, kudos to her."

"You're retarded, you know that?"

"This is coming from the guy that's delusional enough to think that one day McGonagall will let you throw a party in the Great Hall."

"It's all a matter of how you present it to her," Sirius defended.

"And how's that going for you?" James asked with an amused smile.

"The woman's bloody impossible to get through to."


Black widow on a mission
can't stand what she's missing
Black widow on a mission
she don't know who to believe in
Black widow on a mission
can't stand what she's missing
Black widow on a mission
she don't know who she's killing

-"My Black Widow" by People in Planes


"Do you have to go?" Lily asked Benjy.

"Yeah, I don't want to, but Cromwell needs to go over some plays with me. He said that it can't wait."

"But I thought that as captain you decide when to meet. Come on, reschedule. I'm bored," Lily pouted.

"Lils, I have to go over them for out match against Hufflepuff next week, I'm sorry, but it can't wait."

"Go Ravenclaw," she monotonously cheered. "I get it, go. Wouldn't want you to lose."

"You're an angel," he told her as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips before heading of.

Lily walked towards the lake to meet up with her friends, "where's Rachel?" she asked Alice.

"Why would I care where that bloody slag is?" Alice asked, never hiding her distaste for the girl. "Honestly, I don't understand how you can be so close with her, that girl has absolutely no scruples."

"Oh come on, she's a good mate to me."

"She's bloody jealous of you is what she is."

"Don't say that, she's not."

"She totally is- Lily, she's not who you think she is-"

"Stop Alice. That's my mate, if she said something about you; I wouldn't let her just like I'm not going to let you now. Please, just respect that."

"Okay," Alice conceded with a sigh. "But I still don't trust her."

Lily smiled at her mate's stubbornness, "I promise that I won't invite her to one of your girls' nights out, deal?"

"Fine," Elle overdramatically exclaimed with a slight smile.

"Well if it isn't Ms. Perfect and Ms. Potty-Mouth," Elle greeted them as she came up to them.

"I love you for using that nickname for Lily," Alice laughed.

"Hey! You do realize that she also mocked you as well, don't you?" Lily exclaimed.

"Yeah, but everyone knows I have the biggest 'Potty mouth' known to man," Alice said nonchalantly. "But you, on the other hand, won't admit tom the fact that you're about as perfect as they get."

"She's right," Elle quipped in. "we should head back though, I heard about this part on the seventh floor somewhere in the west wing hallway."

"How'd they manage that one? And at two," Lily asked.

"I don't know, but it sounds fun, so let's go," Elle said as she grabbed Lily and Alice and pulled the two back towards the castle.


It's wild the way you tease me
It's wild the way you free me
It's wild the way you reach me
Wrapped me up in your wire from the start

-"Bad Boyfriend" by Garbage


"I still don't understand why you think I'm perfect," Lily whined as they walked up the stairs.

Alice sighed, turning to Lily, "look Lils, you have it all. A loving family-"

Lily scoffed at that comment, "hardly."

"Well you have your dad and that man has got to be the coolest father ever," Elle commented.

"Plus, you're rich. Smart. Hottest girl in school-" Alice listed.

"I am not!"

"Lils, no need to be modest, I'm one of the most conceited girls in our school and even I can admit to that fact," Elle told her before pointing to the left, "we have to go that way."

"Anyway," Alice said, "you also have the perfect boyfriend-"

All of a sudden they heard a moan coming from a near by deserted class room. Lily turned to Alice with a small smirk on her face, "want to really piss some one off?"

Alice returned the smile, "you're not thinking what I think you are, are you? Because if you are, you're officially a God as far as I'm concerned."

"Lily, Alice! That's a total invasion privacy," Elle chastised them.

Lily and Alice quietly neared the door, "on the count of three, okay Lils? - one… two… three," they opened the door, but a word didn't come out of their mouths once they saw the couple. Lily in a state of shock, void of any emotion, took Alice by the arm and pulled her out, before grabbing Elle and pulling them both to the other side of the hallway.

"What's wrong?" Elle asked.

"That was Benjy Fucking-Wanker shagging another girl," Alice told her, voice full of spite and anger. She turned to Lily who was leaning against the wall for support. "Why didn't you let me give him a piece of my mind? How can you just walk away like a bloody cunt after he did that to you? Don't you have any-"

"Alice shut up!" Lily growled at her friend, finally reaching her wits end after the string of insults sent her way.

Alice's face softened with regret, finally noticing how hurtful her angry words had come off as, "Lils I'm sorry, you know how I get, my temper gets the best of me-"

"It's not that," Lily said, her voice still devoid of any emotion.

"Then what is it love?" Elle asked.

"That was Rachel with him."


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