Note: This is a sequel of It Was a Girl. It's basically a couple episodes of Supernatural with Buffy added to the mix mostly from her POV. The first chapter starts out at the end of Devil's trap and goes through In My Time of Dying.

Don't own Supernatural or Buffy.

Dean felt numb. The pain was leaving. He was smart enough to know that that was not a good thing. That he might be going into shock. He looked to the front seat with half closed eyes. He caught his brother looking at him in the review mirror. As the numbness took hold, though, he thought of her. Wondered what she was doing right now. He'd talked to her, of course. Just the other night, in fact. He never told her the specifics of the hunts he went on. She'd just worry. Of course, she never told him the specifics of what was going on in Sunnydale. He wished he could talk to her. He hadn't called her when he was dying last time. He'd put it off. And then Sam had gotten in his head to take him to that faith healer. But that didn't matter. The fact was he'd wanted to go to her after that, but he couldn't. Being away from her was hard, but he couldn't put Sam in danger. He let out a ragged breath. He guessed it didn't matter now.

He saw it coming. The blinding light that meant death. He heard the metal crunch and then nothing.


Buffy raced down the hall of the hospital. It had taken way to long to get here. She'd raced out of the house as soon as Sam called. She tried to keep the tears from her eyes as she looked for his room number. She came to the door and stopped short at the sight before her. He was lying in bed, a tube running down his throat, breathing for him. Wires ran from the machines around him to his body. She felt a tear fall as she walked into the room and stopped beside the bed. Sam had said it was bad, but she still wasn't prepared for this. She sat on the bed and took his hand in hers.

"Hey, babe. I'm here." She lent forward and ran her hands through his hair lightly. "You can't leave me. Not like this. I love you." Buffy sat back up when she felt something. She looked around the room. What the hell? But it sort of felt like him. Like he had answered.


Buffy stood outside of the door, stealing herself. She looked down at her wedding ring, and then back up gathering her courage and knocked on the door before opening it.

"Mr. Winchester." She said, stepping up to the bed and holding out a hand. "I'm Buffy." She said. He looked up at her and took her hand.

"Nice to meet you." He said a little gruffly. She nodded. "I suppose Sammy called you."

"Yeah. Where is he?"

"Sent him to get some stuff." He said. "For protection." He elaborated when she frowned.

"Oh." She sighed. "Look, I know we've never met before, and I really wish this could be under different circumstances."

"Yeah, me too." She opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted when Sam stormed into the room. She could see fury smoldering in his dark eyes, but it died some when his eyes landed on her.

"Buffy, I'm glad your here." He said, coming over and hugging her. She returned the embrace and pulled back, looking him over. His face was pretty bruised up but other than that he looked fine.

"I'm glad you're okay." She said. He gave her a smile. When he turned back to his dad, though, she saw him tense up.

"Sammy." John said. "You got what I asked for?" The fury returned to Sam's eyes and he slammed the bag he was carrying down on John's legs.

"Yeah, I got it."

"What's the problem, Sammy?"

"You think I wouldn't find out?!" Sam seethed. "That stuff. You don't use it to ward off a demon. You use it to summon one!" Buffy's eyes widened, and she looked at John in disbelief. She heard Sam continue, heard John yelling right back, and the things he was saying was making her sick. Her eyes were diverted, however to something else. Something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. And then the glass of water on the table flew off silencing John and Sam and she could have sworn she, that wasn't possible. There was a commotion going on outside and she saw something again. A flickering image on the other side of John's bed. She blinked and it was gone, and then she was racing down the hallway after Sam to see her worst nightmare. There was Dean, his shirt open and the doctors trying to shock his heart back to life. She heard it on the third try. Someone yelling. She looked up at Sam and knew he'd heard it too. She breathed out a sigh of relief when the doctors revived Dean.


"You think it's my psychic thing?" Sam asked John later. "I mean, you think Dean could really be here somewhere? Like his spirit?"

"Anything's possible."

"But why am I seeing him?" Buffy asked. "I mean like you said, your the psychic here. I don't have that power."

"Maybe it's got something to do with what power you do have." John said.

"And the bond you and Dean have." Sam said. She looked up at him. "You guys are married, Buffy. In love. It's gotta make it stronger." Sam got up.

"Were are you going?" John asked.

"I'm going to pick up something."


Buffy sat beside Dean on his hospital bed, waiting for Sam to get back. She sighed and looked around the room.

"I saw you, babe." She said, taking his hand again. Sam finally came back carrying a paper sack. He grinned a little sheepishly at her.

"I think I know a way for us to talk to him." He said, pulling out a Ouija board. She stared at him for a full minute then smiled.

"You know he's probably making fun of you right now." Sam smiled back at her.

"Yeah, I know." She got down on her knees to watch Sam. She watched Sam as he set the board and asked a question. She sat back and looked up at Sam when a reply came. He laughed in relief. She stared at the spot that Dean was supposed to be sitting in, wishing she could see him again. After everything that had happened today, she wasn't all that surprised when his image flickered before her. She drew in a breath and wished she could reach out and touch him. She was drawn back to the board, though when he said that a reaper was after him. Her heart stopped and she heard Sam mumbling to himself. She had never encountered one herself but Dean had told her about them so she knew what it meant. She stood when Sam did and followed him out of the room. He was mumbling about talking to his dad. She could barely hear him. Her heart had started again and was pounding in her ears. She raised her hands to her face and realized that a few tears had leaked out. Sam stopped suddenly and turned to her. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace that she returned gratefully.

"We'll find a way." He said, and she wanted to believe him. But Dean's words from so long ago were ringing in her ears when she'd asked about reapers. "You can't fight death."


Buffy knelt outside Dean's room, trying to compose herself. Sam was inside. She wanted to give him a few minutes alone, and she needed to get herself together before facing him again. Sam hadn't found anything in his dad's journal to help. John himself had been missing, and Buffy was a little nervous about where he'd gone. Losing Dean would likely break Sam. If John did something stupid and got himself killed on top of it, she didn't think Sam would survive. She'd only spent a few days with Sam when the boys had come to Sunnydale, but there had been this haunted look in his eyes that she knew was from losing Jess the way he had. It would be bad for her. Losing Dean would be like losing half her heart, but she had people she could go home to. She had Giles and Willow and Dawn and Xander. But Dean and John were the only ones Sam had. She stood up, and wiped the tears away. She didn't know if she could be strong enough for Sam if Dean didn't wake up, but she could at least be there for him.

"Hey." Sam said as she walked into the room and she could tell he was fighting his own tears.

"Hey." She said, walking up to stand beside him. They stood there a moment and then Buffy reached out and took his hand in hers.


They stood there like that for a while, in silence, hands linked. It wasn't Sam, or Buffy, however that broke the silence. It was Dean. One second he was just lying there, and the next he was choking on his respirator. Sam and Buffy stared for a full second before they realized what was going on, and then Sam turned towards the door and called for help.


Buffy sat on the bed next to Dean later. One of his arms was wrapped around her waste and one around his abdomen. Dean looked from Buffy to Sam after the doctor left.

"You said a reaper was after me?" Sam nodded. Buffy ran a hand through his hair.

"You really don't remember anything?" She asked.

"No." He said, frowning. "But something's wrong, I can feel it." Buffy opened her mouth to respond when John stepped into the room. Buffy smiled up at him, and then looked back at Dean.

"I'm going to leave you guys alone, I guess. I'll be back later." She said, leaning down to hug Dean. "I'm so glad your awake." She gave Sam a smile and left the room. She knelt again not far from the room. She couldn't force herself to go to far. She looked up when the door opened a couple of minutes later and Sam walked out.

"Hey." She said, smiling at him.

"Hey, you didn't go far."

"Yeah I know." She bit her lip. "I know it's crazy, but I feel like if I go to far that..." She bit her lip again, trailing off.

"That he wont be awake, that it would just be a dream?"

"Yeah." She nodded. He offered a hand and pulled her up.

"It's not crazy." They wondered towards the waiting room. "You know you didn't have to leave." Sam said.

"I wanted to give you guys a minute. You know, family time or whatever." Sam smiled at her.

"I know, but Buffy, you are family now." He said, putting an arm around her shoulders and giving her a half hug.

"Thanks." She said, as they reached the coffee machines and got a cup. She felt a swelling of happiness that Sam considered her family. When they passed the nurses station again, that happiness died. Sam saw it first. She looked up at him when he dropped his coffee cup and sprinted away from her. She looked to him and found him kneeling over his father who was on the ground, not moving. She stood there, frozen as Sam screamed for help and doctors and nurses ran past and Dean came out of his room. Time seamed to speed up and before she knew what hit her she was standing in between Sam and Dean watching the doctors try and revive their dad. She closed her eyes when the doctor stopped and spoke.

"Time of death 10:41 am."

Note: I really wanted to cement Buffy's bond with not only Dean, but Sam too. I like the thought of them bonding over their concern for Dean. And I like the idea that Buffy could feel Dean there as well as Sam.