Note: This is set after Ellen shows up at Bobby's. And this is my last chapter. It's kind of short, though.

Buffy watched them talking. She sat close to Dean. Dean and Sam had filled her in on what had been going on so far. She was a little shell shocked, and still reeling a little bit from what Dean did to bring his brother back. She had promised Dean not to tell Sam. She was pretty sure that Bobby had had a go with Dean too. She was brought out of her thoughts suddenly at something Bobby said. She tuned back into the conversation and stared at the map that Ellen had brought out. She heard what they all said. About the giant devils trap and what Sam knew of the demons plan.

"So, what's in the center?" Dean asked. Buffy paled and looked up at Sam. He'd come to the same realization as her.

"The mouth of Hell." She breathed, repeating the words that Giles had said to her nearly eight years ago. Dean stood up.

"You gotta be fuckin' kidding me." He said. Bobby was nodding.

"It's got to be that." Buffy sat heavily.

"Man, how many of these things are there?"

"But the demon can't get in. I mean, none of them can, right?" Dean said, wrapping an arm around her.

"No." Sam said. "But I know someone who can."


Buffy, Ellen and Bobby strained to close the gateway again. Dean and Sam weren't there. Buffy noticed this, but she couldn't move. She was the strongest person there. And they had to close the gateway. Finally they got the doors shut. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief and looked around for the boys. When she saw them her, Ellen and Bobby all stopped and stared. There was a figure standing close to Dean, and it wasn't a demon. She watched from afar as John Winchester faded away and soon after Dean and Sam walked off a little. She wanted to give them a moment alone. They had won. Beaten their demon. They deserved a moment to themselves. Plus she was pretty sure Sam had figured everything out. Buffy walked towards the Impala after a few minutes and caught the last of their conversation.

"I guess now I have to save you." She heard Sam say as she walked up. Sam looked at her.

"We'll save you." Buffy amended, wrapping an arm around Dean's waist. Bobby and Ellen walked up to them.

"Lot of demons got let out tonight." Bobby said. "The war just started. You guys ready?"

Dean looked to her and she smiled a little, and nodded.

Buffy stood at the trunk of the Impala, in between Dean and Sam.

"Alright." Dean said He looked over at them before throwing in the empty colt. "We got work to do."

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